Chapter 362 : Green Plum Meets Wine (13)

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That night, Shi Sheng was still dragged along to the event.

There were quite a few young men and women. If you merely looked at the backgrounds of the attendees, it certainly did seem like a pretty important event. However, this was seemingly at odds with the fact that most of them appeared rather young.

Shi Sheng allowed herself to be pulled along by Yao Qin, as she went through the original setting in her mind.

Only after stepping onto the dance floor did Shi Sheng remember that the FL would become the disciple of a magnate in the stone-gambling world.

But he was, shall we say…not a good person by any means.

Those who had heard the news sent their children here in the hope that they’d be chosen by this magnate.

If they could become his disciple, then their statuses would rise drastically.

Of course, all of them were merely there to serve as foils to the real star, the FL, and emphasise her already powerful background.

“There’s so many people.” Yao Qin scanned the crowd. “Strange…why don’t I see my dad? Hey, it’s Uncle Gu!”

Yao Qin pulled Shi Sheng along, as she squeezed through the crowd to get to Gu Yan. He was standing together with Yu Xingyun.

Since both men were handsome and didn’t have any female companionship, they couldn’t help but draw attention.

“Uncle Gu.” Yao Qin obediently called, before turning to Yu Xingyun. Since she didn’t know how to refer to him, she just called him ‘Uncle’.

“Oh, it’s Yao Qin.” Gu Yan had some impression of her. She had always been rather close to Sheng Xia. After the latter had entered her ‘rebellious phase’, Yao Qin was pretty much the only person he saw at her side consistently.

“Xiaoxia’s here too.” Yu Xingyun caught sight of Shi Sheng first. “If I’d known you were coming, I would’ve sent people to fetch you.”

“Uncle Yu. Uncle Gu.” Shi Sheng obediently called them.

In the past year, Gu Yan had roughly gotten an idea of what the ‘rebellious teen stage’ Shi Sheng was like.

If you gave her respect, she’d return it.

But if you dared to disrespect her even slightly, she was capable of raising all hell to get back at you.

Yao Qin released Shi Sheng and tactfully spoke, “Uncle Gu, I’ll go find my dad first. I’ll come back later.”

“Go on then.” Gu Yan nodded.

After Yao Qin left, Gu Yan began nagging like an old mom, causing Shi Sheng to look to Yu Xingyun for assistance.

Yu Xingyun laughed boisterously as he placed an arm around Gu Yan’s shoulder. “Don’t nag so much, the girl’s already all grown up! She knows what she’s doing!”

“I’m losing control of her already.” Gu Yan shook his head helplessly. Their conversation began derailing from there.

But Shi Sheng didn’t expect Gu Yan to suddenly address her again.

“Ah right, your Yu-gege’s arriving in a bit. Go outside and fetch him.”

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘I’m sorry? What did you say? I couldn’t hear you over the wind…

Why’d he come back… Back… Back…’

[Chain Quest 2: Go and welcome Yu Jiu.]

System’s guts had grown, so it began forcing her to complete this quest by blocking off every path but the one leading to the outside.


Shi Sheng made her way to the entrance with a dark expression, whereupon the attendants flanking it gave her a bow.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Which idiot trained these lot? Bowing so deeply… Are you attending a funeral?’

The outside world was still filled with brilliant lights. Shi Sheng was standing on top of the stairs, and was just about to descend them to run off, when she saw Shen Jiayin get off a car.

The one opening the door for her was Wen Jingxuan.

The two came face-to-face with Shi Sheng.

“Sheng Xia, you really came.” Shen Jiayin had an appropriate smile. Her exquisite make-up complemented her equally beautiful evening gown, making for a perfect combination.

Shi Sheng was standing on the stairs, and the sides were blocked off by those temporary velvet rope railings that were usually put up to help maintain order. If they wanted to enter, they would either have to circle around Shi Sheng, or wait for her to make way.

“Why can’t I be here if you are?” Shi Sheng’s words were prickly.

Shen Jiayin’s expression remained unchanged. “Of course you can come. I never said you couldn’t.”

‘How come I never knew that she won’t give others any face when talking?’

In her previous life, they were already in university when Shen Jiayin first got to know Sheng Xia.

She had been your classic rich girl, with countless followers and admirers. She never saw anyone as her equal, always holding herself above others like she was a queen.

Shen Jiayin hadn’t expected the Sheng Xia in junior and senior high to be even more arrogant than she had been in university.

“Then what’re you spouting bullshit for?”

Shen Jiayin’s expression finally turned unsightly.

Wen Jingxuan made a timely intervention in a gentle and polite manner. “Miss, may I ask you to allow us to pass through?”


‘Wanna run away after getting me(lz) all fired up? What do you take me(lz) for? A piece of pottery?’

Wen Jingxuan was stunned. He probably never expected her to reject his request.

“There’s space over there, go that way!” Shi Sheng pointed to the other entrances to the side.

Wen Jingxuan, “…”

The entrances to the venue were clearly defined; the younger generation had to enter through this door, while their parents’ generation and those even older entered through the other entrances to either side.

The atmosphere was already rather tense when more people arrived. Seeing that their way was blocked, they couldn’t help but complain.

“What’s going on? Why’re you just standing on the stairs and blocking the way?”

“Oi, you guys in front, are you moving in or not? Even if you don’t want to go in, we do!”

One of the attendants who’d bowed to Shi Sheng earlier ran over and attempted to persuade her earnestly. “Miss, please don’t block the way. If you wish to wait for someone, you can wait up there.”

Shi Sheng looked at the attendant, who directed his somewhat beseeching gaze at her.

It was their duty to maintain order. Not only would their salaries be deducted if anything happened, there was also a possibility they’d be fired, so the consequences were very serious.

Shi Sheng curled her lips, but still turned around and climbed back up the stairs.

The attendant let out a sigh of relief. ‘Fortunately, this guest is understanding.’

Only now did Wen Jingxuan and Shen Jiayin climb the stairs.

“Mister, please go that way instead.”

“You dare to stop my Young Master?! Seeking death!”

A sudden commotion broke out on the other side, causing all the attendants to look over there.

Since they all had a vantage point by standing atop the stairs, they easily made out what was happening.

A young man and his bodyguard had been stopped from entering. The bodyguard had a large stature and was currently grabbing an attendant’s lapel, easily lifting the latter off the ground.

When Shen Jiayin saw the man, she stiffened, and her expression turned even more unsightly.

Yin Mo’s gaze turned to look in this direction too, and it met Shen Jiayin’s.

But at this time, a man wearing a tuxedo ran out and bowed towards Yin Mo.

From how deep his bow was…Shi Sheng had a pretty good idea of who trained those attendants…

“Mr Yin, my apologies. The new staff aren’t experienced enough, so please don’t be angry.”

Their manager’s careful attitude caused the other attendants to not even dare to breathe too loudly. Yin Mo retracted his gaze and ordered his bodyguard, “Release him.”

Hearing this, the bodyguard released the attendant, who was supported by others before he could slide to the ground weakly.

‘That scared the shit out of me! I thought I was gonna die!’

“Mr Yin, please enter.” The man bowed and scraped as he made an inviting gesture.

Yin Mo followed him up the stairs, and expressionlessly made his way inside. Meanwhile, all the observers were left with confused expressions. ‘Who’s that young man? He must’ve been a bigshot if the manager came out personally to welcome him!’

After Yin Mo and the other man had entered, a figure suddenly dashed over, making a beeline for the same entrance.

“Hey, Sir! You can’t enter from here!” Though he was still trying to calm down the lingering fear in his heart, the attendant still fulfilled his duties by stopping this person.

“En? Is this door not meant for humans?”

Attendant, “…” ‘How am I supposed to reply to that?’

Author’s note:

This door is for idiots only hahaha!!!

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