Chapter 372 : Green Plum Meets Wine (23)

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Shi Sheng didn’t know what Yu Jiu had been up to, and he also didn’t say anything to her. Ever since that day, he seemed to have forgotten what happened then and returned to being an obnoxious little hobby-horse.

Shi Sheng raised the matter which the foreigner had entrusted her with, as payment for telling her Yu Jiu’s identity.

As for how Yu Jiu would deal with it, that was none of her business.

In the third year of senior high, other than the occasional disappearance, Yu Jiu would usually arrive punctually to fetch Shi Sheng home from school. Sometimes he’d bring flowers or arrange something romantic.

The whole school knew their infamous bad student had an adorable boyfriend.

Plus, this bad student had some shady deal with the Principal. Why else would such a strict principal be so amicable towards her? And he even helped her skip classes without being marked down for it! It was simply an underhanded business dealing if they ever saw one!

Yao Qin, who was in the know, scoffed at this. ‘How could you mere mortals understand the world of a top student?’

“Xiao Yao Qin, still burning the midnight oil? C’mon, here’s something to rejuvenate you.” Shi Sheng placed a glass of lemon-flavoured drink in front of Yao Qin.

“Einstein[1], tutor me?” Yao Qin held onto Shi Sheng’s hand which the latter hadn’t withdrawn in time. Since the university entrance exams were coming up, everyone was busy studying. Only Shi Sheng…the dunce, could be so idle.

“Pfft— Yao Qin, have you gone dumb from reading too much? Actually calling her Einstein…” Cao Ke, who was seated behind Shen Jiayin, mocked. ‘Who doesn’t know that woman’s grades are always at the bottom?’

Having been raised to be an aloof queen by Shi Sheng, Yao Qin merely harrumphed coldly and refused to engage in an argument that was beneath her.

Shen Jiayin tugged Cao Ke. “Hurry up and revise.”

The university entrance exams were coming up, so Shen Jiayin had remained in school during this period.

‘University eh? FL’s all grown up and ready for slaughter.’

Shi Sheng swept a wicked look at Shen Jiayin, before patting Yao Qin on the head. “Come with me after school.”

“Einstein, my life is in your hands!” Yao Qin spoke earnestly.

After school, Yao Qin brought her books with her as she happily followed Shi Sheng home.

This was the first time Yao Qin had come to Shi Sheng’s house, so she looked around curiously. It was very tidy, as if it had been constantly cleaned.

Yao Qin then thought of Shi Sheng’s desk at school. ‘I’m always the one who helps clean up her desk, but it turns out this fellow’s actually so hardworking at home!’

“What d’you want to drink? There’s milk…” Shi Sheng searched the fridge but didn’t find any milk. ‘That idiot Yu Jiu’s drunk all the milk again! Why does someone who’s over 20 seem like he hasn’t been weaned yet?!’

In the end, she could only take out a carton of orange juice. “Looks like there’s only this.”

Yao Qin was fine with drinking anything. The only thing she wanted now was some tutelage! Otherwise she’d be screwed for her university entrance exams!

“C’mon, let’s study!”

Yao Qin found that those difficult-to-understand questions suddenly became easy after Shi Sheng explained them to her.

Yao Qin felt like the teachers in school were simply idiots. ‘This is what teachers should be like! If they were all like this, would my grades be this bad?’

Yao Qin was sorely lacking in the science and maths department, to the point Shi Sheng didn’t even want to look at her work.


Shi Sheng lifted her head in time to catch Gu Yan, who she hadn’t seen in a while, enter, followed by Yu Xingyun and Yu Jiu.

“Xiaoxia… Oh Yao Qin’s here too.” Gu Yan was surprised.

Yao Qin immediately turned a little more reserved. “Uncle Gu. Uncle Yu.”

“Ah great. It’s Xiaoxia’s birthday today, so we’ll all go out to eat later. Have you guys finished your homework?” Gu Yan smiled and nodded.

‘Birthday ah… Nearly forgot.’

Shi Sheng blinked and spoke, “Yep.”

“Uncle Gu, when have you ever seen Xiaoxia-meimei doing homework?” Yu Jiu shot down her pretence.

Yao Qin had eaten together with them several times over the past few years, so she was pretty familiar with them. Still, this was the first time she would be interacting with Yu Jiu at such close proximity.

So she couldn’t help but tug at Shi Sheng, giving her a waggle of the eyebrows.

Shi Sheng smacked her. “Hurry up. Otherwise we’re not bringing you.”

Yao Qin’s face fell. She continued solving questions.

Yu Jiu returned to his room and got changed. When Yao Qin caught his change of clothing out of the corner of her eye, her jaw dropped. “You guys…are cohabiting?”

Yu Jiu had been staying here for the past few years, while Gu Yan had rarely come back during this time. Shi Sheng glared at her, whereupon Yao Qin’s smile turned even more obscene.

“Xiaoxia, Yao Qin, you guys ready?” Gu Yan had changed into something more comfortable.

“Almost, Uncle Gu!” Yao Qin had to pull her mind away from gossip to hurriedly write down the last few steps before snapping the book shut.

They first went to a restaurant to eat before heading to a KTV lounge to sing karaoke. Since Shi Sheng was already 18 years old, Gu Yan no longer restricted her from drinking alcohol.

Yao Qin’s family was very strict, so she rarely had a chance to go wild like this. As a result, she dragged Shi Sheng into drinking quite a bit of wine. By the time they left, Yao Qin was already completely stoned.

The same went for Yu Xingyun.

Shi Sheng got Gu Yan to help her call Yao Qin’s parents to inform them that the latter would be staying over at her place for the night. Gu Yan then left to bring Yu Xingyun home, while Shi Sheng had to bring both Yu Jiu and Yao Qin back with her.

There were only three rooms in the house. One was Gu Yan’s, the other was Yu Jiu’s, and the last was hers, so Yao Qin could only sleep in her room for tonight.

By the time Shi Sheng had cleaned Yao Qin up and tossed her onto the bed, she was already covered by a layer of sweat.

“Sheng Xia.”

Shi Sheng looked at the ‘risen corpse’ Yao Qin with a bewildered expression. ‘Girl, the fuck did you just pull a zombie on me for?’

Yao Qin blearily clambered over to lean against Shi Sheng, as she whispered in her ear, “I wanna ask ya: have you ever done that with your little hobby-horse?”

“Which that? Get off me first. It’s too hot.” Shi Sheng pried Yao Qin off her.

“Hehe…” Yao Qin suddenly started laughing foolishly. She rolled over further into the bed and her breathing evened out soon after.

Shi Sheng set the air conditioner to a suitable temperature, before standing at the window and staring off into the brilliant nightscape.

Her fingers twitched, and strands of spirit energy swirled around their tips. After a long time, she turned to leave the room.

Yu Jiu was sitting in the living room. Only one light was on, it’s gentle light illuminating him. But he appeared rather lonely.

Since it was the first night of summer, it wasn’t too warm.

But Shi Sheng felt irritated and restless. She didn’t like to see him this way. She knocked on a shelf to get his attention.

Yu Jiu looked at her. Perhaps having drank too much, there was some befuddlement in his gaze.

“Let’s go into your room.” Shi Sheng spoke.

Yu Jiu didn’t question her as he obediently followed orders. He probably really had drunk too much, for even after he entered his room, his expression was still endearingly confused.

Shi Sheng shut the door and pulled Yu Jiu, who was still walking forward, back. Spirit energy immediately flowed into his body through his wrist.

Yu Jiu stared at her dumbly. A moment later, he suddenly closed in on her. “Xiaoxia-meimei.”

Hot lips brushed past her cheek before accurately landing on her own. Shi Sheng didn’t move as she continued to urge her spirit energy on.

She soon got the information she wanted.

Yu Jiu’s body stiffened for a few seconds as a sense of heart throbbing familiarity spread in his chest.

He sobered up a bit, his lips hovering over Shi Sheng’s. ‘Her taste is delicious. Don’t want to let go.

Shit shit shit! She’s going to pummel me!’

Just as he thought he was dead for sure, Shi Sheng took the initiative to kiss him. In that moment, Yu Jiu felt like countless fireworks burst in his mind, causing him to turn dizzy.

[1] Okay, so she didn’t really say that, but “Top Student” this “Top Student” that sounds so awkward in English.

Author’s note:

Must be elegant, not dirty! Please imagine it by yourselves~


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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