Chapter 40 : Patron, Please Keep Me (20)

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#Top Actress Injured, Was It Deliberate?#

#The Goddess’ Shameful Past#

#Xia Xuan’s Indecent Photos & Drug Taking#

The results for most searched posts on Weibo had pretty much been dominated by Xia Xuan. She was a Top Actress who had indecent photos of her exposed after receiving an injury, would the number of people paying attention to this be few?

The hospital Xia Xuan was staying in had been completely surrounded by reporters. Occasionally, a few reporters managed to sneak in, causing quite a ruckus. This fiasco allowed the negative news about Shi Sheng to lose some of the attention.

“This time you got lucky! Though I don’t know who it was that started this matter, without it, do you know what you’d be facing right now?! You clearly knew she was doing it on purpose, so why did you still decide to go with her?! Even if the programme required you to be together with her, couldn’t you have stood further away? The programme crew didn’t force you guys to be Siamese twins1!!!”

Tang Yin continued to shout into the phone; He had long since disposed of the thing called ‘calm’. Ah youth, once it’s gone, it’s just a thing of the past.

Shi Sheng’s lips twitched as black lines appeared on her head. She spoke, “When someone has it out for you, they’ve got a million {I exaggerated… by a factor of 10,000} ways to do so. Do you think I’d be able to guard against them all?”

“I suppose that’s true.” Tang Yin had probably finished venting as he let out a torpid breath before regaining his calm. “Although Xia Xuan’s like this now, those pictures aren’t a big deal; The attention will die down after a few days. But your matter is different, they keep saying they have proof. At that time…”

“Tang-ge, you don’t have worry about this. She won’t have the chance.” Shi Sheng interrupted Tang Yin. Since she had started moving, then she would not leave any chance for Xia Xuan to turn this around.

It was silent on Tang Yin’s end for a long while before he spoke in a low voice, “This was your doing?”

“Tang-ge, when have you ever seen me let an enemy of mine live carefreely while doing nothing at all?”

“Fine, then I won’t worry about your matter.”

‘This woman would immediately take revenge whenever she could. If she can’t, then she’ll lie in wait for a chance and when you’ve climbed to the peak, she’ll pull you down.’

This wasn’t the first time Tang Yin felt relieved he was on her side and not opposing her.

Once she hung up, Shi Sheng’s lips curved up in a slight smile. That smile was full of ruthlessness and mockery. ‘Xia Xuan, now it’s time for you to experience all that Jiang Wan experienced back then.’


Although the programme was influenced by Xia Xuan, they couldn’t just stop filming it so Shi Sheng continued to star on the show.

The people in the crew were clearly very curious as to the truth of how Xia Xuan got injured. However, even the cameraman didn’t know what happened since by the time he had snapped out of his thoughts, Xia Xuan was already rolling downhill. Shi Sheng had just stood there, as if she had really pushed her down like it showed in the footage.

The majority of the crew rather liked Xia Xuan so Shi Sheng was inconvenienced. Even Director Lin, who was usually happy with her, had distanced himself from her; If it wasn’t necessary, he wouldn’t go looking for her.

Shi Sheng didn’t mind though. If she had the time to debate with inconsequential people about this matter, she might as well use it to be earning money.

“Wan-jie, have you had lunch yet?” Once filming was over, Han Ling brought the other three ‘juicy’ youths over to Shi Sheng.

“I haven’t.” Shi Sheng’s hair had been casually tied up. It was already July2 and with the sun shining down so brightly

“I knew it!” Han Ling was furious as she handed Shi Sheng a drink. “Just now when we went to get lunch for you, they actually told us you had already eaten! They’re simply intolerable!”

“Wan-jie, have a snack first while we go buy lunch for you.” Jiang Ming dug out the snacks from his bag and pushed them towards Shi Sheng.

‘This is why foodies are good to have around. They always bring snacks with them.’

Fang Jinyu was a bit upset too. “The people at the programme are getting more and more out of line. The one who’s dealing with nasty rumours right now is Xia Xuan, yet they’re taking it out on Wan-jie!”

Yan Ze, who was usually quite stoic, gave a short agreement. But his eyes couldn’t hide the worry he was feeling.

“Alright, enough.” Shi Sheng kept the snacks properly. “This matter is trivial. Come on, big sister here will take you guys out for good food.”

This was a holiday village, would there be nothing to eat here?

“Wan-jie, aren’t you upset?”

The four looked oddly at Shi Sheng. If any other artist had met this, would they have been able to be this peaceful?

“Do you think I’m so bored as to get angry with a group of inconsequential people? No matter where you go, this type of thing is very common. You guys will only meet darker things in the future.” Shi Sheng brought them towards the mountain village. “If you spend so much effort on every insignificant person, your achievements won’t be too great either.”

Though the four of them didn’t understand now, many years later, they were glad that Shi Sheng had told them this.


Su Yixiu was currently speaking to the young lady at the counter but upon seeing Shi Sheng, he immediately abandoned her and ran to Shi Sheng.

“Xiaowan’er3, Xiaowan’er, are you here to look for Lu Qingyun? Do you want me to go and call him for you?”

Shi Sheng was already immune to Su Yixiu’s way of addressing her. Ever since the last time when Lu Qingyun agreed to her ‘request’, Su Yixiu had stopped calling her Ms Jiang.

“I came to eat.” Shi Sheng rolled her eyes speechlessly. “President Su, may I ask, why are you so idle?”

‘He’s been here for how long again? Does he not want his company anymore???’

“Who else can it be for other than that Lu Qingyun?!” Su Yixiu nearly jumped from anger. “You don’t know how terrible the last few days have been for me. Xiaowan’er ah, you have to help me out. I feel like I’ve received a serious threat to my life and dignity *continues rambling*…”

The four-man team watched as this grown man enacted his own play as he changed faces.

‘Is this really a man? Why do we feel like he’s been possessed by Liqiu-jie?’

“Ya4! Little Meatball!” And speaking of the devil, Fang Liqiu came into the hotel from outside. Seeing Shi Sheng, it was as if she had seen a treasure as green light flashed from her eyes and she pounced towards Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng dodged to the side. Unable to stop herself in time, Fang Liqiu crashed into Su Yixiu.

“Who’s so shameless as to leap into this young master’s arms?” Su Yixiu quickly pushed Fang Liqiu away.

“Shameless? You’re the shameless…” Her voice suddenly cut off as Fang Liqiu examined the man doubtfully. A few seconds later, a dark, cold smile appeared on her face. “Su Yixiu, I finally found you5!”

“Fang… Liqiu?” Su Yixiu’s tone trembled a bit.

“You called me shameless just now, eh?”

Overbearing CEO Fang Liqiu has just logged on6.

Her tiny hand gripped onto Su Yixiu’s lapel as she tugged him towards her. “Look and me and tell me, did you or did you not, call me shameless just now?”

“No…” Su Yixiu spoke weakly.

“Then I heard wrongly? You mean to say that my hearing has problems?”

Su Yixiu “…” ‘I didn’t say anything though! Lu Qingyun, hurry up and save me!!!’



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Translator’s Corner:

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  1. A term for conjoined twins, people who are physically joined together at birth. I left it as this because if I put conjoined twins, it would sound too literal.
  2. For those who don’t experience the four seasons (like me), from all the books I’ve read, I’ve gathered that winter is around November to February, spring is around March to June and July falls in the summer season. It might change depending on where you are but this is like the rough outline I guess.
  3. This is yet another nickname for Jiang Wan, ‘小晚儿’. I decided to add a single apostrophe in front of the ‘er’ because otherwise people might start pronouncing it as wane-r.
  4. Sound of surprise.
  5. This was actually an idiom but I felt leaving it would make her sound rambly. It’s ‘踏破铁鞋无觅处得来全不费工夫’, meaning that one was unable to find what one was looking for despite wearing out even iron soles yet managing to obtain whatever it is completely without effort.
  6. I took a liberty here. But this will actually appear for real in the raws later. Only for someone else.

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