Chapter 42 : Patron, Please Keep Me (22)

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In the spare time she had between recording sessions, Shi Sheng went to build a relationship with Grandpa Lu, making him very happy. By the time the programme had finished filming, Grandpa Lu had left the country. Before he left, he gave a necklace to Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng estimated that necklace’s value was around $50 million. ‘You just casually gave out a necklace worth a few tens of millions! How awesome is that?! I am so hugging Grandpa Lu’s big thigh1!’

“This necklace…” Lu Qingyun’s gaze congealed a bit when he saw the necklace Shi Sheng was fiddling around with. “Don’t lose it.”

Shi Sheng put the necklace back in the box before saying in a sweet voice, “Don’t worry boyfriend-sama. This one2 will definitely take good care of the family heirloom Grandpa Lu entrusted me with.”

“That necklace…” Lu Qingyun had an odd expression on his face as his mouth opened. But his voice was very low; Shi Sheng didn’t hear it clearly.

“What did you say?”

Lu Qingyun smiled brightly. “Nothing.”

Shi Sheng looked doubtfully at him. ‘Loonie!’

However, she quickly smiled. “Then can we go to buy stuff now?”

‘Aah I’m(bbb) so excited! I(bbb) can finally spend Lu Qingyun’s money! I’m(bbb) going to squander it all off then buy him back as a maid ahahaha!!!’

Lu Qingyun made a soundless sigh in his mind. ‘This woman is just as hard to deal with as Grandpa.’

After contenting herself with spending more than $10 million of Lu Qingyun’s money, Shi Sheng finally returned to her apartment. ‘This amount isn’t even enough for a tenth of requirements… How vexing! I need to spend $10 billion ah! And in US Dollars too…

Just how much stuff do I need to buy to finish this quest?!’

This thought caused Shi Sheng to become depressed. While having a vengeful mindset, Shi Sheng went to check on the heated arguments online about Xia Xuan.

‘Xia Xuan should have caused enough outrage these few days so this is a good opportunity.’ Shi Sheng began to get to work.

Of course, the most important reason was that because she wasn’t feeling happy, she would drag others down with her. ‘We have to share {difficulties}!’


Xia Xuan had already returned home. She hadn’t been that injured anyways, it was just a few blisters. It was just that she had pretended that her injury was more serious than it had actually been in order to make things harder for Shi Sheng.

However, she hadn’t expected this kind of thing to happen. There were many people watching her at the hospital and reporters could sneak in at any time so how would she dare continuing staying there?

Although Xia Xuan had a lot of fans, the Xia Xuan they liked was warm, gentle and kind- not like the filthy person in the pictures. Hence, Xia Xuan’s Weibo had long been bombarded to hell and back.

[Xia Xuan usually has such a lofty pretence on but I hadn’t expected her to be such a person in private. I misjudged her. Unfollowed.] [I was really blind. How is this woman fit to be a goddess? Who knows how many men she has slept with?] [To the commenter before me: Keep your mouth shut. Our Xuanxuan is definitely not that kind of person! Those photos must have been photoshopped. Xuanxuan, don’t be afraid, we’re supporting you!] [Photoshopped? Haven’t you seen that several famous verified accounts have authenticated it? Stop lying to yourself and others!] [Even if that’s true, so what? Who doesn’t have a past? Xuanxuan didn’t do anything overboard, what are you guys attacking her for? Xuanxuan, don’t be heartbroken, you still have us! We will never leave you!]

Many of such arguments could be seen. Xia Xuan didn’t want to look at them but she couldn’t help herself. She had gotten people to delete those photos before but no matter how many she hired, no one managed to delete them.

Xia Xuan’s grip on the mouse tightened. Green veins had already popped up on the back of her hand.

Suddenly, she flung the mouse away. It smashed into the wall and shattered into a few pieces, which fell to the ground.

It was at this moment that the monitor blacked out. Bright red words slowly appeared on the screen:

It is time to atone for the ones who have died. Are you ready?

‘Atone… the ones who have died…’

“Aaaah!” Xia Xuan screamed as she tossed the computer beneath her bed. It crackled for a bit before the screen truly went black.

“Baby, what’s wrong? What’s wrong?” The door was opened and her mother rushed in to hug the screaming Xia Xuan. “Baby, did you have a nightmare? It’s okay now, there’s nothing to be afraid of, mommy’s here.”

“Mom…” Xia Xuan clutched the woman’s hand, her face twisting. “Mom, someone knows about that matter and is using it to threaten me… Mom, didn’t you say you had already dealt with it properly? Why is there still someone who found out?!”

“Xuanxuan, what are you talking about?” Xia Xuan’s mother looked at Xia Xuan with anxiety. “Xuanxuan, calm down. Tell mommy what happened.”

Her mother’s consolations slowly calmed her down, though those eyes remained filled with bloody lines. The hand she was using to clutch at her mother was already greenish-white from having used too much strength. Xia Xuan’s long fingernails sank into her mother’s skin.

Afraid of agitating Xia Xuan further, her mother could only stay silent.

“Mom, someone knows about that matter. He wants to destroy me.” Xia Xuan gritted her teeth as she stared off into space.

Her mother’s face changed drastically. “Impossible! I already made sure no traces were left.”

“No, those people haven’t died. There were so many people and they all knew, they knew. Why didn’t you kill them? Why?!” Xia Xuan suddenly shoved her mother. “If you had just killed them all back then, would I still be threatened now? Why didn’t you kill them…? *sobs* Why…”

Xia Xuan weakly collapsed onto the blanket and cried.

“Xuanxuan, don’t worry. Mommy will help you handle this. You’re my only daughter, I won’t let anything happen to you.” A hint of ruthlessness flashed on her well-maintained face. Although she had her mother’s promise, Xia Xuan didn’t feel safe so she headed towards Xi Mo’s house.

Seeing Xia Xuan who was severely covered up, Xi Mo furrowed his brows. With a somewhat dissatisfied tone, he spoke, “What did you come here for?”

There were currently nasty rumours surrounding her yet she had come to him. ‘Isn’t this just causing trouble for me?’

“Ah Mo, save me.” Xia Xuan lunged into Xi Mo’s arms and held him tightly.

Xia Xuan had applied some makeup on before she had left the house. Thanks to the wonderful art of makeup, she managed to make herself look very pitiful.

“Just find someone to delete the photos, why are you looking for me?” Xi Mo’s tone was a bit cold. Because Xia Xuan was his fiancée, Dongfang Entertainment had been affected by her matter. He didn’t want anything else to happen.

“Ah Mo, someone wants to destroy me. Those photos can’t be deleted.” Xia Xuan hugged Xi Mo as she sobbed in a small voice. “They don’t just want to destroy me, they want to drag down Dongfang Entertainment too. Ah Mo, helping me is helping you. Please help me.”

Xi Mo’s gaze hardened. He had discovered that someone had been drawing some flak onto Dongfang Entertainment. Fortunately, he had discovered it on time and hadn’t let it get out of hand.

‘Could it be that someone really wants to deal with Dongfang Entertainment? And that they’re just starting with Xia Xuan?’

Xia Xuan didn’t know about this and had just been rambling, hoping to get Xi Mo to help her.

Her luck was quite good though; A random sentence could land on the main topic. The Xia family didn’t have much of a presence in the entertainment circle, the only thing they could do was support her with funds but nothing else. Only Xi Mo and his Dongfang Entertainment could help her out.

“Stop crying. Go and clean up first.” Xi Mo pushed Xia Xuan away as he spoke impatiently.

Xia Xuan was smart as she didn’t continue to stick to Xi Mo. She followed his words and went to bathe.



Author’s note:

(=^▽^=) I’m so cute, aren’t you guys going to donate or vote?



  1. Used when someone wants to toady up to someone else. Imagine you hugging onto a person’s leg and saying “I’m not letting you go till you agree to let me be your lackey!” or something like that.
  2. She used a term here which implied she was his slave. Of course, she’s being sarcastic here.

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