Chapter 434 : The First Song of Qin (7)

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The sound of a phone ringing could be heard as a figure walked in.

Lo and behold, it was the person they were looking for.

“Why’d you call me?” Shi Sheng cancelled the call. “Have you guys finished everything you needed to today?”

“Chu-Chu, how come there’s an extra 200k in the card?” Chen Xi got straight to the point.

“Interest ah.” Shi Sheng replied matter-of-factly. “To thank you guys for loaning me capital.”


The group were completely dumbstruck by her words.

‘20% interest on loaning 1 million for half a month?! Does your family own a bank?!’

Chen Xi struggled to swallow down a mouthful of saliva. “Chu-Chu, are you some tycoon’s long lost daughter?”

Chen Xi knew what Qiao Chu’s family background was like—though they had some money, it was simply impossible for them to take out 200k as one-off interest.

Shi Sheng spoke with a serious expression, “I’m noveau rich.”

Everyone, “…” ‘No believability at all.’

Chen Xi was afraid Shi Sheng had gotten herself involved in something bad, so he pulled her aside to talk.

“Chu-Chu, just what’ve you been up to lately?” ‘She doesn’t attend classes. Sometimes she won’t even answer my calls, so I can’t find her.’

“Making money ah.” Shi Sheng pulled a chair to sit down.

“What money?” Chen Xi frowned. “Don’t do anything bad… Chu-Chu, tell me honestly, where’d you get this money?”

“It fell from the sky.”

“Chu-Chu!” Chen Xi couldn’t help but raise his voice. ‘That’s not 2k, or 20k, but 200k!’

Shi Sheng helplessly shrugged. “Don’t worry, that money’s clean; I didn’t do anything illegal. Even if I did, I wouldn’t implicate you.”

“…You really didn’t do anything bad?” Chen Xi clearly didn’t believe her. After all, what could possibly make her so much money in such a short amount of time?

“Really.” All her money had been made legally.

Shi Sheng was just here to deliver stuff that Chen Xi asked her to buy. His interrogation delayed her, so she only left two hours later.

But the moment she left, she saw someone she really didn’t want to.

Qin Ge.

That OCD professor.

He was on the phone. When he caught sight of her, he immediately hung up and walked towards her.

“Student Qiao Chu.”

Shi Sheng made to run, but Qin Ge sidestepped and easily blocked her way out.

“Professor Qin.” Shi Sheng took a deep breath. “I wasn’t willing to change my major; can’t you just let me off?”

“You’re my student now.” Qin Ge coldly told the truth.

“…It’s my freedom to decide whether to go to class.” ‘Plus, I(bbb) didn’t plan on becoming your student at all.’

Qin Ge gave her a look. “It’ll affect the attendance rate.”

‘Att— *flips table* What does my(lz) attendance rate have to do with you?!’

“Do you live by the sea[1]?” ‘Since you care about this so much. Learn from the other professors: it’s none of your business whether your students comes to class or not, since you’re not the one that’s going to fail the course!’

“I do have a villa there.” Qin Ge nodded. “I occasionally stay there.”

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Forget it, I’m(lz) not going to waste words with this OCD professor…’

“You blocked my number?” Qin Ge frowned and asked.

“Who told you to harass me?” ‘He harasses me with calls every time his class starts. What else was I to do?’

Qin Ge, “…”

Other girls wouldn’t be able to get his number even if they wanted to, yet she actually blocked him!

For some reason, Qin Ge felt unhappy.

His gaze swept to her phone and he grabbed it from her.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” Shi Sheng wanted to snatch her phone back, but Qin Ge’s height made sure it was kept out of her reach.

‘For fuck’s sake! This OCD professor is quite something, huh?! Where’s my(lz) sword?!’

Her sword was still levelling up…

Qin Ge tapped the screen a few times before quickly returning the phone to her. “Don’t block my number. Come to class tomorrow.”

When Shi Sheng got her phone back, the first thing she did was to add a fingerprint lock and then open up her contacts list to block his number again, right in front of him.

Qin Ge, “…”

“Whoever wants to go can go; I’m not going. Goodbye Professor Qin!”

While the two had been fighting over the phone, Qin Ge’s position had shifted to the side, so Shi Sheng was easily able to bypass him now.

After taking two steps, Shi Sheng turned. “If you dare to harass me again, I’ll tell the school you’re a beast in human clothing who tried to molest a female student.”

Qin Ge, “…”

Qin Ge pursued perfection in all things, so when a student didn’t come to class, he felt very uncomfortable. He’d only feel better once he got them to come to his class.

But this one…

She was like a wild horse that had broken free from its reins—completely uncontrollable.

Perfectionist Professor Qin expressed that he couldn’t believe this.


Shi Sheng felt like she hadn’t checked the almanac before leaving the house—she’d only just escaped from Prof OCD when she ran into Qiao-mu and the FL.

The FL was carrying many bags of differing sizes—the two had probably been shopping for clothes.

Shi Sheng had originally planned on waiting till Qiao-mu left before continuing onward, but who knew that the latter would be so sharp-eyed as to notice her.

“Qiao Chu.” When Qiao-mu saw Shi Sheng, it was as if she’d seen a debt collector. “Have you not been attending classes lately? Just look at you—how are you acting like a girl should? Do you plan on angering me to death?”

“Who told you to change my major like that?” Shi Sheng didn’t display any weakness as she glared back.

“Didn’t you say you didn’t want to learn painting anymore? What objection could you possibly have to me changing your major?”

“Why can’t I?”

“I’m your mother! Even if you have objections, you can keep them to yourself! Look at your sister—unlike you, she doesn’t anger me all day!”

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘She changed my major without even asking for my opinion—just who’s angering whom here?!’

Shi Sheng looked at Qiao Qian’qian. The latter’s head was lowered and she pretended she couldn’t see the two arguing.

Qiao Qian’qian would never get involved when Qiao Chu and her mother argued—she’d only stand at the side silently.

“Fine, I’m a disappointment. You can just deny I’m your kid from now on.” Shi Sheng circled around them and left without looking back.

“Qiao Chu!” Qiao-mu shouted from behind. Shi Sheng picked up her speed.

She only slowed down once she’d arrived at her dormitory building.

When she entered her dorm room, the senior was there for once. And she had an expression filled with gossip. “Junior Xiaochu, just now, someone called the dorm phone looking for you.”

Seeing the excited, gossip-hungry expression on the senior’s face, Shi Sheng fell silent, deciding to not ask her who it was.

But it wasn’t that easy to quench the fire of gossip in this senior’s heart—even if Shi Sheng didn’t ask, she still spoke, “It was Professor Qin. He called personally to look for you.”

She then waggled her eyebrows at Shi Sheng.

“I heard you haven’t been to class in ages. This method of attracting his attention is awesome!” The senior gave her a huge thumbs-up. “Do your best to take him down!”

‘Take down my ass! I don’t want to see that OCD professor at all!’

“Senior… You’re still not leaving?”

“Ah! I’m going to be late!” The senior grabbed the files on her bed and hurriedly ran towards the door. “Xiaochu, I’m cheering for you! Ganbatte!”

Shi Sheng, “…”

[1] There’s a phrase “heart as wide as the sea” which is used to describe someone who’s a busybody or is just really chill about a lot of stuff. I’m pretty sure the former is being used here.

Author’s note:

Little Fairy: Please vote ah!

Little Angels: If you want votes, then beg us!

Little Fairy: No, I’m a little fairy with dignity.

Little Angels: Then forget it. No more votes.

Little Fairy: I’m begging you.

Little Angels: …What happened to dignity?

Little Fairy: *crunch* Tastes like chicken.

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