Chapter 436 : The First Song of Qin (9)

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Qin Ge really didn’t harass her any more. And Shi Sheng had no time to go harass him—she needed to cultivate.

Shi Sheng only appeared during the end-of-semester tests held right before the winter break.

These types of tests were very easy for her. After she finished, Shi Sheng packed up to go into the mountains; spirit energy was richer there.

She had to hurry up and cultivate so she could return to seduce her man.

After packing everything into her space, Shi Sheng made for the school gates without carrying anything.

It was currently the rush period where the holidays had finally come, so the school gates were crowded with parents and guardians who were here to pick up their kids. All sorts of cars were parked outside.

Shi Sheng caught sight of Qin Ge with one glance because he stood out from the crowd.

He was standing together with Qiao Qian’qian. The two appeared to exchange a few sentences before she interlocked an arm with his.


Shi Sheng, “!!!”

‘WTF?! What happened?! FL-sama, let go of the villain! Let me at him!’

Shi Sheng rushed forward a few steps before halting.

Wouldn’t she lose face if she simply went over there like this? That wouldn’t do.

‘Even if he’s Feng Ci, I’m(lz) not going to make a fool of myself(lz).’

Besides, she didn’t have any basis to go over.

Shi Sheng stood a bit further back from the entrance and watched Qiao Qian’qian and Qin Ge.

Soon, she saw Tang Jinchen drive a sweet car over to Qiao Qian’qian. Seeing the two with arms interlocked, Tang Jinchen’s expression clearly darkened.

Qiao Qian’qian said something to Tang Jinchen that caused him to drive off in anger.

After he left, she released Qin Ge.

He turned to walk back to the school, whereupon he caught sight of Shi Sheng and paused.

Shi Sheng blinked. She didn’t have time to ponder whether to greet him or not.

Qin Ge had already left as if he didn’t see her.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Shit shit shit.’

That same night, she took a cab to a remote little town.

Shi Sheng had done some research online. The people here tended to have long lives. The girls were pretty and the guys were handsome—it was a great place to settle down. Places like these tended to be rich in spirit energy.

The town was built on the side of a mountain. The path up and down the mountain was filled with twists and turns. It was as though the car would fall off as soon as the driver wasn’t paying attention.

When she got out of the car, Shi Sheng could feel the overwhelming spirit energy that greeted her. Staying here for a few months should be enough for her to confirm whether Qin Ge was Feng Ci.

The town was far away from any cities and boasted beautiful scenery, so many people came here as tourists, expanding its tourism industry.

Shi Sheng rented a room here.

Shi Sheng spent most of her time on the mountain. She occasionally left, but only at night, so she rarely ran into anyone.

It snowed easily on mountains. But Shi Sheng found that the spirit energy grew denser when it snowed, so she ended up staying there longer than she’d originally planned to.

Only after school had been open for a month already did Shi Sheng return.

Had she not left a message behind for Chen Xi before leaving, he probably would’ve filed a missing person report with the police already.

As for her family, Shi Sheng had already come up with an excuse to fool Qiao-fu. Qiao-mu was completely unresponsive—probably unwilling to see her rebellious daughter.

Some mothers could be even worse than stepmothers.


Qin Ge conducted roll call before every lesson, but every time he called Qiao Chu, no one answered.

He heard she hadn’t even reported in yet…

There was a strange feeling in his heart. Not even he could name it. It was just an odd feeling of being unable to control his thoughts.

“Zhao Jing.”


“Lu Po.”


“Qiao Chu.”

“Zhou Wu.” Qin Ge didn’t pause before continuing to read the next name, but this time, two voices answered him.

He frowned. “The person who helped someone else answer, stand up.”

The student called Zhou Wu was very innocent—he hadn’t been helping someone else answer.

Shi Sheng was seated towards the back. Chen Xi was beside her, struggling to contain his laughter. ‘Professor always just continues to the next name whenever he reads hers, because he knows she won’t come. Yet, now she suddenly shows up!’

Shi Sheng kicked Chen Xi under the table before standing up. “Professor Qin, I didn’t help anyone answer.”

Qin Ge thought he was seeing things. The ardent class skipper was actually attending his class?!

“Who’s this girl? How come I’ve never seen her before?”

“Who else could it be? Qiao Chu, the only one who dares to skip Professor Qin’s class.”

“I bow to this awesome person.”

These people had already learned first-hand just how scary Qin Ge could be—the slightest mistake could cause him to ask you to re-do an entire assignment.

He was simply a late-stage Virgo[1] if you asked them.

“Sit down.” Qin Ge continued conducting roll call. When he finished, he started teaching.

His gaze would occasionally sweep over Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng mostly had her down, looking at her phone. She hadn’t even brought her books, much less listen to his class.

‘She actually dares to not hand her phone over!’

Shi Sheng felt like attending class was truly a form of torture—time seemed to have been pinned down by someone, for it didn’t seem to budge at all.

After arduously enduring till the end of class, Qin Ge finally dismissed them. The students all rushed out of the classroom as fast as they could, as though they were afraid Qin Ge would call them back.

“C’mon, Chu-Chu.” Chen Xi packed up his things and called Shi Sheng, who was still in her seat.

“You go first. I have something I need to do.”

Chen Xi asked her curiously. “What?”

It was already a miracle that she’d come today, and he still hadn’t had the time to ask her why yet.

“I’ll tell you later. Go on without me.”

“Chen Xi, hurry up!” Someone outside the classroom called out to him.

“Okay, then. Remember to eat. I’ll be heading off now.”

The classroom soon emptied out. Qin Ge was still unhurriedly packing his stuff.

Shi Sheng got up and walked down the steps to him.

Qin Ge just happened to finish packing up and was blocked by Shi Sheng. She asked him with a smile, “Prof, you free?”

“No.” Qin Ge circled around her.

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘I just knew it! Feng Ci, you damned tsun! After what happened last time, I knew he definitely wouldn’t act nice to me!’

Shi Sheng chased him. “Prof, didn’t you say you wanted to gimme a 1-on-1 class? I’ve reconsidered it, and now I’m fine with it. What say you?”

Qin Ge’s expression remained unchanged as he replied, “With your grades, you don’t need it.”

Her grades last term barely scraped by. He specially went to check her answer script. She hadn’t filled out a lot of the questions. And as for the coding part, she used the simplest methods possible, without a single line of extraneous code.

So he just allowed her to fail.

“You don’t need to attend my classes. I have nothing to teach you.” Qin Ge said before walking off, quickly vanishing from Shi Sheng’s view.

Shi Sheng, “…”

As the saying goes, you don’t treasure what’s yours until you lose it. All humans were like that.

Show-off Sheng turned into Desperate Sheng.

Shi Sheng secretly pondered on how to court her beast—Pei!— Professor Qin back.


Shi Sheng looked up to see Qiao Qian’qian, who had appeared not far from her at some point.

Qiao Qian’qian made her way over in a few steps and spoke in a slightly distant tone, “Where’ve you been lately? Mum’s been worried about you. You should go home to visit her.”

Qiao Qian’qian was merely here to pass along the message, so she didn’t linger after she’d accomplished her task. “I have something to do, so I’ll be leaving first.”

Would Qiao-mu be worried about Qiao Chu? Maybe, maybe not.

[1] For those who don’t know, the Virgo sign is associated with perfectionist, OCD-like behaviour. Which is mostly bollocks since I’m a Virgo and I like to think I’m pretty chill.

Author’s note:

Don’t doubt it—there really are mothers out there who treat their own daughters as enemies!

If you love me, please vote!!!

The votes have really been shrinking lately. *heartbreak* Do you guys not love me anymore?

Translator’s Corner:

Sorry about the delay.

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