Chapter 442 : The First Song of Qin (15)

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Shi Sheng felt like the merchant had much foresight in giving her condoms as a lottery prize—there were a bunch of couples doing the dirty in the dark on the way from her dorms to the school gates.

Shi Sheng handed out condoms as she went. The once heavy box only had one left by the time she made it to the gate.

Shi Sheng checked her surroundings. She didn’t see anyone else she could give the last one to, so she could only put it back in her pocket.

She hailed a cab to go to Qin Ge’s apartment. She was planning on using her previous strategy of climbing the outer walls and then getting in through the window.

When she reached the back of the apartment, she saw the walls that were clearly higher than before, if not yet completely dry.

‘What the…fuck? The building managers are being a bit too professional!’

The wall was now also completely bare—the climbing vines from before were gone. Her current spirit energy levels weren’t sufficient for her to fly up there either.

Shi Sheng scratched the wall. ‘I can’t breathe… System, get out here. I wanna chat with you. Let’s talk about the stars.’

[……] ‘I’m innocent; why am I so unlucky, even when I didn’t do anything.’

Due to the height of the walls and lack of leverage points, the only way she was getting up would be if her sword was available.

But her sword…was still levelling up.

Shi Sheng squatted down next to the wall at the corner and went through the things in her space. Only after a good while did she find a ladder. The name of this ladder was quite something: Cloud-Scaling Ladder. It was rumoured to allow one to ascend even the heavens.

Whether this was true, Shi Sheng didn’t know. What she did know was that there was definitely no problem using it to scale a wall.

The Cloud-Scaling Ladder was the size of her thumb. It lay quietly in the palm of her hand.

‘How do I use this thing though? Do I insert spirit energy?’

Nothing happened.

‘Do I need an incantation or something?’

“Mami mami hong…”

“Big big big…”

The Cloud-Scaling Ladder showed no response whatsoever.

‘Do I need to become its master by giving it blood?’

Shi Sheng pulled a knife out from somewhere and pricked her fingertip, allowing a drop of blood to fall on the Cloud-Scaling Ladder.

Shi Sheng felt the spirit energy surging quickly in the air, most of it pouring into the Cloud-Scaling Ladder. But soon, all the spirit energy in the surroundings was sucked dry. The Cloud-Scaling Ladder still showed no change.

There wasn’t enough spirit energy…

‘*flips table*! This can’t change sizes as easily as my sword!’

“What are you doing?”

This sudden voice gave Shi Sheng a scare. She turned to look at the speaker. Qin Ge was standing nearby and staring at her oddly.

He’d witnessed her muttering and then cut her finger…

#I think my student might have a mental problem…#

“Professor Qin, long time no see.” Shi Sheng calmly put the trolling Cloud-Scaling Ladder away before greeting Qin Ge with a smile.

He ignored her and walked towards the gate to his apartment building.

“Prof, what’ve you been up to so late?” Shi Sheng chased after him.

‘How’s it any of your business what I went out for? You don’t even attend my class, and yet you want to stick your nose into my affairs? Hmph!’

“What are you doing out here so late?”

It was already nearing midnight.

‘Isn’t she afraid she’ll run into baddies by coming here?’

Professor Qin felt very unhappy.

“Waiting for you ah.”

Qin Ge, “…”

He suddenly felt a bit better.

When they reached the gate to his apartment building, Qin Ge swiped his card and entered. Since the entrance was only wide enough for one person, Shi Sheng ended up blocked outside.

So she used the card-swiping pillar as leverage to vault over.

The security guard stared with his mouth agape. ‘Girl, do you think I’m invisible or something? Girls nowadays are really bold in chasing good-looking guys…’

“Mr Qin.” The security guard hurriedly walked over and looked at Shi Sheng warily. “Do you require any assistance?”

Qin Ge really wanted to let him throw her out. But of course, he didn’t put it into action. He was afraid she’d climb in through his window again.

“She’s my student, it’s fine.”

“Oh, okay.” ‘As expected, professors have it good; such a pretty student delivered herself right to his door.’

The security guard kept turning around to look as he headed back to his post.

“I bet he must be thinking ‘professors have it good; such a pretty student delivered herself right to his door.’” Shi Sheng spoke.

“If you’re going to blather nonsense, get out.” Qin Ge coldly glared at her.

Shi Sheng raised her hands in surrender.

Qin Ge’s house was kept very tidy. Shi Sheng hadn’t examined the place too closely the last time. This time, she checked the place out like an inspecting official.

Of course, she didn’t enter his bedroom. After all, that was a private area and they didn’t have any official relationship yet.

Qin Ge got changed into something more casual before entering the kitchen to whip up something to eat, not bothering as to what Shi Sheng was doing.

There were some people you trusted inexplicably—though you clearly weren’t all that familiar with them, you were still fine with letting down your guard around them.

Shi Sheng poked her head out from behind the door. “Prof, what’re you up to?”

Qin Ge didn’t reply.

“I haven’t eaten yet either. Haven’t eaten since afternoon. Gimme a big bowl.”

‘Do you think my place is a restaurant where you can order food?!’

Qin Ge frowned. ‘Though what could she have been up to, that she hasn’t eaten since afternoon?’

Shi Sheng watched Qin Ge carry over a small bowl of noodles and place it on the table. ‘Noodles, huh… But it’s not enough!’

She really hadn’t eaten anything since afternoon. Plus, she’d wasted so much time at the internet café with Chen Xi. How would she have had the time to eat?

“Just this much?” Seeing that Qin Ge wasn’t planning on heading back to the kitchen, she couldn’t help but ask.

“Eat or don’t eat, it’s up to you.” Qin Ge sat down, picked up his chopsticks, and started eating.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Who told you to offend him? Deserved it…’

Shi Sheng tried out the noodles and her eyes suddenly lit up. “Professor Qin, you’re a really good cook.”

Qin Ge acted like he hadn’t heard it and quietly ate his own noodles.

Shi Sheng slurped hers up quickly, though not loudly. Qin Ge lifted his head to examine her a bit.

There wasn’t much in the small bowl—Shi Sheng finished the noodles in a few minutes. Her stomach still felt empty after she was done, but at least it was better than before.

Qin Ge took the bowl from her. He washed and dried it before placing it back in the cupboard.

After he’d finished dealing with the bowl, Qin Ge turned off the fire under the boiling pot to the side. He then took out a fresh bowl and scooped the porridge in the pot out. He carried it out along with vegetables he’d heated up in the microwave.

Shi Sheng was still seated at the dining table. She held a decoration that had been on the display shelf in his living room and was currently examining it.

Qin Ge’s expression darkened, and he set down the bowl. “Not hungry anymore?”

Shi Sheng immediately put it down. “Hungry.”

It took longer to prepare porridge, so he had made a small bowl of noodles first to help her stave off the hunger.

“Professor Qin, you’re great.” Shi Sheng mumbled as she drank the porridge.

“And yet you still won’t attend my classes?” Qin Ge put the decoration back to its original spot. Seeing that she’d messed up the sofa at one point, he really wanted to toss her out.

‘All you talk about is attending class… Why would I wanna do that?’

“Prof, how about you gimme one-on-one remedial?”

Qin Ge, “…”

Shi Sheng was already imagining up all sorts of ‘scenarios’. A pity, she refused to go through with it. After all, she wasn’t certain if he was Feng Ci yet.

Qin Ge set everything out properly before saying, “We start tomorrow.”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘No wait, Prof, listen to me! I was just joking! As a professor, you can’t be like this! You’ll get exposed, I’m telling you!’

It was clear that Qin Ge wasn’t planning on listening to her though. Since she had delivered herself to his doorstep, then don’t blame him.

Shi Sheng thought Qin Ge would’ve rejected her like he did the last time. How could she have known she’d screw herself over by asking that?

‘Giving me remedial lessons…’

Just thinking of that made her want to facepalm. ‘I should just skip class tomorrow.’

“I’ll send you back.” By the time Shi Sheng finished eating, Qin Ge had already changed back into his previous clothes to head out.

“The dorms are closed now…”

It was almost to the wee hours of the morning—curfew had long fallen.

Although the Year 4 dorms didn’t need to be checked, returning in the middle of the night would still put a mark on one’s record.

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