Chapter 461 : The First Song of Qin (End)

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Because of this, Tang Jinchen gave Qiao Qian’qian a stern warning and even bought over her company, despite her attempts to stop him.

However, Qiao-mu was like a parasite that constantly bothered Qiao Qian’qian for money.

As the amount she gambled grew, so did what she asked from Qiao Qian’qian.

But now that the company was no longer hers, Qiao Qian’qian didn’t have that much money on her. After being asked multiple times for money by Qiao-mu, Qiao Qian’qian finally had a falling out with her.

Without money, Qiao-mu would go harass Qiao Qian’qian, causing her relationship with Tang Jinchen to grow even more tense, what more when his wife and son occasionally got involved.

As the FL of a tormented love novel, Qiao Qian’qian was definitely the one being tormented. But her heart was also being gradually consumed by hatred.

And it seemed like Tang Jinchen was addicted to tormenting Qiao Qian’qian, as he kept coming up with various ways to do so.

Qiao Qian’qian only discovered by accident that Tang Jinchen’s Erjie and mother constantly spoke badly of her, sowing discord between them.

Qiao Qian’qian wanted to explain to Tang Jinchen, but then something happened before she could do so.

Tang Jinchen’s son went missing.

Tang Jinchen really treasured this son. Regardless of if it was for real or just for the sake of keeping up appearances in front of Qiao Qian’qian, this son was no doubt the treasure of the Tang Family. His disappearance caused everyone to panic.

After they made a police report, the police soon discovered who stole the kid.

When Qiao Qian’qian saw the person caught on tape, she felt blood rushing to her brain, unable to react for quite a while.


Qiao Qian’qian was utterly stunned by this slap.

Though Tang Jinchen would torment her emotionally or on the bed, he’d never hit her before.

“Qiao Qian’qian, if anything happens to my son, you’ll pay for it!” Tang Jinchen ferociously spat.

“This isn’t…” ‘…my fault. Qiao-mu was the one who took him; what does it have to do with me? Why should you put the blame on me?!’

The precious kid was still rescued in the end.

Ever since Qiao Qian’qian stopped giving Qiao-mu money, the latter had begun to borrow high interest loans. Her debt accumulated to the point where she couldn’t repay it, which was why she’d started having ideas about Tang Jinchen’s son.

But since she didn’t have any experience in kidnapping, it was to be expected that she’d be caught.

Qiao-mu ended up being sent to jail. Though Qiao Qian’qian wasn’t involved in this, she was still chased out by Tang Jinchen.

“Qiao Qian’qian, I was wrong about you.”

This was the last thing he said to her.

Qiao Qian’qian wasn’t willing to just accept this. Later on, she tried to kill Tang Jinchen’s wife and ended up being pushed in front of an oncoming car during their struggle. Though she didn’t die, she still lost a limb.

Probably having given up on Qiao Qian’qian, Tang Jinchen sued her for deliberate assault.

Now Qiao Qian’qian could only end up accompanying Qiao-mu. Though she hadn’t been locked up for life, by the time she got out, her luck had been pretty much exhausted, and the rest of her life was miserable as a result.

As for Tang Jinchen, he continued with his womanising ways, but never had another child. Since he already had a son, he didn’t care about having any more.

But in the end, he was told that the son wasn’t really his.

It was unknown what Tang Jinchen had realised from this, but he didn’t have another woman for the rest of his life, spending it alone.


The Qin Family had always been planning to cause trouble, but never found an opportune moment to strike.

Though Qin Ge said he didn’t care, he still felt some qualms about his father’s hard work. So if the Qin Family didn’t make a move, then he wouldn’t either.

Qin Ling tested the waters a couple of times, but Qin Ge resolved the issues easily. In the end, perhaps knowing he’d never get the chance, Qin Ling took the initiative to give up.

Shi Sheng heard that Qin Xin had been brought back, but the latter never appeared before Qin Ge.

Two months later, when Shi Sheng went to the clinic for a prenuptial check-up, she saw Qin Xin being escorted to the obstetrics clinic. With such a tight formation, it was as if they were afraid that Qin Xin would run off.

“Qin Ge…” Qin Xin’s eyes lit up when she saw Qin Ge. She probably wanted to make her way to him, but the people beside her dragged her into the birth clinic.

Qin Xin struggled fiercely and begged Qin Ge for help with her eyes.

‘What’s going on here?’ Shi Sheng gave a confused look to Qin Ge.

Qin Ge rubbed her head. “I’ve told you the Qin Family’s a mess.”

‘Whaddya mean?’

But Qin Ge wasn’t willing to elaborate.

Only once the two had finished their check-up, and were in the car on the way back home, did Qin Ge tell Shi Sheng.

“Qin Xin should be pregnant with Qin Ling’s child.”

Shi Sheng was completely dumbstruck.

‘What did you say? It was already enough when it was just cousins, but now you’re saying it’s father-daughter? Simply want to ascend the heavens ah!’

Even Show-off Sheng, who could accept interspecies romance, expressed that she was really unable to take this kind of setting.

She could still keep quiet about sibling incest. But father-daughter incest? That shit was too much!

Qin Ge stroked Shi Sheng’s head. “I didn’t want to tell you this, but you insisted.”

“Is there something wrong with Qin Ling?” ‘He doesn’t even spare his own daughter?’

“Probably.” Qin Ge’s voice darkened slightly. “He only has one daughter. If Qin Ling was to marry someone else, all the Qin Family’s properties would be inherited by someone with a different surname. He refuses to allow that. Which is why he allowed Qin Xin to harass me—I am surnamed Qin at least.”

After a good while, Shi Sheng finally muttered, “…And he’s not afraid of deformities?”

‘This world is too crazy. I need some calm.’

“From what I understand of Qin Ling, if Qin Xin really did give birth to a defective child, he’d definitely keep impregnating her till she has a healthy one.”

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Qin Ling, you’re impressive!’

Since this didn’t really matter to Shi Sheng, she soon tossed it out of her mind.

Shi Sheng and Qin Ge didn’t organise a wedding. After all, Show-off Sheng had already experienced various types of weddings.

Qin Ge had planned on organising a wedding for Shi Sheng. But since she didn’t want it (and adding to the fact that he didn’t like crowds), he naturally listened to her.

The two chose an auspicious day to go get their marriage certificate. They then invited people they were closer to for a meal and that was it.

There was also someone who’d rushed over from a long distance—Chen Xi.

Back then, after he graduated, he followed his goddess out of the city. And now that he had returned, he was already the father of an 8-month old kid.

Perhaps it was due to his lingering fear of Qin Ge from back in school, but Chen Xi couldn’t get his words straight whenever the latter was around.

In the end, it was only when Shi Sheng couldn’t watch any longer and chased Qin Ge off to work did the two finally manage to talk about what they’d been up to recently.

Chen Xi was doing pretty well—it was quite suitable to use the phrase “a harmonious family and successful career” to describe it.

“If you hadn’t left back then, you’d be the Chen-zong who makes 10 mil a year.” Shi Sheng made fun of him. “Do you regret it now?”

“For my goddess, not only 10 mil, even if it’s 100 mil…actually, I’d consider it.”

If he was making 100 million a year, wouldn’t he be able to bring his goddess here?

The two made some idle talk for a while. Chen Xi still had work to do, so he took the flight back that same night.

Outsiders thought their wedding would be a grand one, yet no word of it got out.

Some began to guess whether they weren’t planning on getting married after all. But from how they continued to show up and leave together, it didn’t seem like they had gotten into an argument.

Only when some of the more familiar ones went to ask did they know that the two had already gotten married.

‘Whaddya mean by marrying so secretly?!’

Author’s note:

End of arc 14.


Thanks to tycoons “Sera” and “Ming” for donating. Though the number of chapters might be a bit scarce…it’s the last of my stockpile! I haven’t even finished tomorrow’s chapters, so I hope you don’t find this too little for your tastes T^T

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: I have to say…why didn’t Qin Ling just find another woman to make a kid with? Also I haven’t finished arc 15 yet (due to my procrastination), but it shouldn’t be delayed since I’ve uploaded the chapters I have completed.

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