Chapter 477 : Proper Palace Intrigue (16)

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Yuwen Xun looked at Xu Kong and spoke in a deep voice, “If you are right, we(z) will promote you to Huang Gui Fei.”

‘Like I’d believe Zhuang Qiong has that kind of ability. Just what did she write on that paper she showed to Xu Kong? And his behaviour just now clearly shows that something was going on! Anyone with a bit of brains would have doubts!’

“Who’d care about that title? If I’m right, make me State Teacher and I will no longer be your concubine.”

“State Teacher? How could a woman be State Teacher? Is this Yun Jie Yu really not a devil?”

“I think even if she’s not, she must be possessed!”

“Exactly. How could a woman ever be State Teacher?”

Yuwen Xun clearly never expected for Shi Sheng to raise such a request.

The position of State Teacher had always been a lofty one that required actual ability behind it. However, it never held any actual authority, so it was basically just a fancy title with no practical purpose.

And a woman being State Teacher…was really unheard of. But the cards she’d revealed just now gave Yuwen Xun some pause.

“Very well, we(z) agree.” ‘I don’t believe this woman is truly that capable! I want to see what she’s planning.’

“Your Majesty, you mustn’t ah!”

“Your Majesty, how could you agree?! Yun Jie Yu is possessed ah!”

Your Majesty—”

“Enough! We will wait the 10 days.” Yuwen Xun declared loudly.

What had originally started as an investigation into his son’s poisoning had become something much more serious.

“Then… What to do with Shu Fei, Your Majesty?”

“Place her under house arrest till this matter is resolved.”

“Your Majesty, it wasn’t me(cq)! This devil is slandering me(cq)!” Shu Fei came back to her senses and clutched at Yuwen Xun’s arm. “Your Majesty, believe me(cq)! It really wasn’t me(cq)!”

Yuwen Xun brushed Shu Fei off. “Bring Shu Fei back to her palace.”

Xiao He was also brought away by guards; this matter couldn’t be resolved so easily.

“Send Yun Jie Yu back.” Yuwen Xun looked at Shi Sheng. “Yun Jie Yu is to remain in her palace for these 10 days.”

“That won’t do. I’m a devil; I gotta eat people.” Shi Sheng replied in all ‘seriousness’.

Yuwen Xun, “…” ‘Guards! Drag this woman out and execute her!

10 days. I just have to wait 10 more days, and then I can behead her! Who cares if she’s been replaced or possessed, just kill her and be done with it!’

Yuwen Xun had been angered to such a point that it was getting hard for him to think clearly. He brought his people with him as he stormed out of the chamber.

Ming Jin had already left before Yuwen Xun, but he’d given Shi Sheng a meaningful look before he left.

Lu Ruo dawdled, lagging behind the rest. Only once pretty much everyone had left did she approach Shi Sheng.

‘She didn’t say anything just now and now she’s coming over? I smell something fishy!’

Lu Ruo seemed afraid others would overhear her as she lowered her voice to speak to Shi Sheng, “You have a space, right?”

Shi Sheng raised her brow slightly. She hadn’t made any effort to conceal how she’d drawn her sword just now. Yuwen Xun had probably been angered to such a point that it hadn’t occurred to him how odd it was. Though of course, even if it did, it wasn’t certain that he’d actually understand what was going on.

As for the others, they naturally wouldn’t either. The only person who’d have any understanding of the concept of a space was the FL-sama who was from the modern era.

“How’s it any of your business?” Shi Sheng arrogantly harrumphed and left with her sword in tow.

Xu Kong, who hadn’t left this whole time, hurriedly followed her.

Lu Ruo frowned. ‘Does that mean she does have one? The spaces in stories were really amazing, I never thought there’d be a day when I’d encounter one myself!’

“System, can I have a space too?” Lu Ruo asked her system excitedly.

“No.” The system paused. “But if you can get me to level up enough, I can share the system space with you.”

Lu Ruo’s eyes lit up. “What level do I need?”

“At least the 5th.”

Lu Ruo’s face immediately turned black. She was only level 1 right now; who knows when she’d reach level 5? It wasn’t as if she could sleep with Yuwen Xun whenever she wanted.

“Is there no other way?” Lu Ruo didn’t wish to remain in this world at all. It was too scary. One could lose their head if they weren’t careful.

She had taken all care possible to not break the thin ice she was currently treading on, but still ended up breaking through it a few times.

Her system fell silent for a while. “There is also the option of devouring the power of others like me.”

‘“Others like me?”’

“You mean a system like you?”


Lu Ruo’s eyes turned. “What you mean to say is… Yun Jie Yu…?”

“I’m not certain, but she does have something on her that I can use to level up. I felt it just now.”


As Shi Sheng left the hall, Tao Qin went forward to receive her. Seeing Shi Sheng emerge perfectly fine, Tao Qin finally relaxed. “This one was scared to death! Did His Majesty do anything to you?”

“Would he dare to?” Shi Sheng’s gaze turned back from where she’d been staring off into the darkness. “Return to the palace.”

“Sir Ming told me to deliver this to you just now.” Tao Qin made use of helping Shi Sheng along to hand a silk pouch to the latter. Her face was a bit red, but it was concealed by the darkness of the night.

Shi Sheng pinched the pouch. Its contents appeared quite hard. She’d just been about to take it out to have a look when Xu Kong ran up to her from behind.

“Gui Fei-niangniang.”

“Master Xu Kong,” Tao Qin bowed slightly as she alerted Xu Kong of his error, “Don’t use the wrong address. Our Mistress is no longer Gui Fei.”

“Ah?” A surprised sound escaped from Xu Kong’s lips. Only after a good while did he recall that everyone else seemed to refer to her as Yun Jie Yu.

‘She got demoted? When was this?’

Xu Kong was rather dumbfounded. He hadn’t been in the capital recently, so he had yet to catch up with what had happened lately. Besides, it wasn’t as if he could’ve learned what happened in the harem just because he wanted to.

“Your Ladyship,” Xu Kong returned to the topic, “About what you said before…”

“I’m broke right now.”

Xu Kong, “…” ‘What happened to getting paid? Would the Di daughter of the Zhuang Clan and former Gui Fei be broke? Like I’d believe that!’

Xu Kong had a bitter expression. “Your Ladyship mustn’t be like this. This one has to work hard to earn money.”

Shi Sheng nodded in agreement. “It is quite hard to con people.”

Xu Kong, “…” ‘Do I have it easy trying to make ends meet here?!’

“Then, My Lady, when is it convenient for you to…” ‘…settle the debt? I risked losing my head to help you! But His Majesty’s reaction was a bit off… I really gotta run after I get the money.

I can’t stick around any longer. Just what was I thinking? Being scared into helping her lie to the Emperor! If I leave, I’ll definitely have a harder time earning money… And I might even get a bounty on my head…’

Xu Kong felt like he’d boarded a pirate ship with no way off.

Shi Sheng pondered for a moment. “When I become the State Teacher.”

Xu Kong was stunned speechless. “Your Ladyship…was speaking the truth just now?”

‘There really will be a heavy downpour? And a flood? And an epidemic???’

Xu Kong had thought this to just be Shi Sheng’s delaying tactic.

“Do I look like I’m joking?”

Xu Kong took advantage of the dim lighting to examine more boldly. “No… So, Your Ladyship is truly skilled?”

Shi Sheng acted mysteriously aloof. “Didn’t you experience it first hand?”

Xu Kong, “…”

Tao Qin, “…” ‘What is Mistress and Master Xu Kong talking about? Why don’t I understand?’

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