Chapter 480 : Proper Palace Intrigue (19)

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Shi Sheng sighed as she stared at the dark sky outside. A drizzle drifted in through the window and landed in her hair, on her cheek, and on her shoulder, bringing with it a hint of coolness.

“Miss Zhuang, are you thinking of me?”

Shi Sheng’s eyes flew open and one could make out a white figure outside the window reflected in her pupils. Her breathing slowed for a moment before she picked up the flower vase beside her and chucked it at the figure.

‘Fuck your mom! Whaddya mean by appearing out of nowhere wearing white in the middle of the night?! You trying to scare me(bbb) to death?!’

Ming Jin caught the flower vase. “Miss Zhuang, flower vases can’t be love tokens.”

His laughter-filled voice penetrated the light rain and was heard loud and clear by Shi Sheng.

Even if she couldn’t see his expression, Shi Sheng could imagine just how obnoxious it was right now.

“There are imperial guards surrounding the place. Do you believe I’ll shout?” Shi Sheng leaned against the windowsill, her gaze dark as she stared at the white figure.

Ming Jin walked out of the rain and closer to the window. His clothes were actually very dry.

He placed the flower vase on the windowsill, and met her eyes.

The reflection of the weak candlelight flickered in his eyes, making his whole face appear even more warm and gentle.

“Miss Zhuang, if you dare to shout, then I’ll dare to say you seduced me.” Ming Jin’s lips moved. “Do you think Yuwen Xun would take the opportunity to behead you?”

‘What the…fuck! This shameless pervert!’

Shi Sheng gave a cold, arrogant harrumph. “He’d have to be able to first.”

‘Am I(bbb) that easy to behead?’

Ming Jin smiled. “Can I come in?”

“To molest me?” Shi Sheng blocked the window.

“So it seems like Miss Zhuang wants me to molest you. Then shall I respectfully oblige?”

Shi Sheng raised her chin, a brilliant smile on her face. “Strip for me first. If I’m satisfied with your body, I’ll let you in.”

‘Comparing who’s more shameless eh? I(bbb) scare myself when I’m shameless!’

“Can I do it inside?” Ming Jin smiled slightly.

“Strip before entering.”

Ming Jin really did reach out to take off his clothes. His jacket went off, now for his middle clothes…

Shi Sheng maintained a calm expression the entire time.

Ming Jin couldn’t continue. ‘Isn’t she normally supposed to be scolding me as a rascal shyly?’

Shi Sheng leaned out of the window slightly. “Why aren’t you continuing?”

“Miss Zhuang, it’s too cold outside. How about I continue inside?”

Shi Sheng’s eyes curved into a smile. “Sure.”

She moved out of the way, whereupon Ming Jin flipped over the windowsill and into the room in an elegant and handsome manner.

“Go on then.” Shi Sheng folded her arms as she leaned against the make-up table to the side.

Ming Jin’s gentle gaze landed on Shi Sheng as he placed his hand on the table behind as support, which caused Shi Sheng to end up being enveloped in his arms. “How about you help me strip?”

Shi Sheng’s smile grew even brighter. “Sure.”

She reached out to pull at the string of his middle clothes. Ming Jin watched her actions with a hint of probing.

Shi Sheng was very quick. In the blink of an eye, the middle layer of his clothes had been taken off, leaving him only in his undershirt and underpants.

Ming Jin watched as his outerwear all vanished into thin air, his pupils shrinking.

‘Her sword appeared from nowhere back at the Hall of Proclaimed Peace too…

She truly is hiding a lot of secrets. I really want to take her apart and find them.’

Shi Sheng suddenly aimed a kick at Ming Jin’s nether regions. He reacted swiftly and caught her leg, his body leaning closer to her, causing her leg to be pulled up to press against his waist while his other hand captured both of hers.

Their position immediately brought to mind something inappropriate.

‘Fuck your great grandpa! Why is this idiot so good at combat?! Where’s my(lz) sword?!’

“Miss Zhuang, if you’re this rough, no one will want you.”

“I’m Yuwen Xun’s concubine right now.” Even if one lost in terms of ability, they couldn’t lose in terms of composure—Shi Sheng maintained a smile as she replied.

A cold light flashed in Ming Jin’s eyes as he stared at Shi Sheng.

After a moment, he leaned in slightly, his handsome face magnified in her view, and he spoke in a gentle voice, “As long as I wish it so, you won’t be.”

‘Yo, so capable ah!’

Ming Jin suddenly felt his whole body stiffen a bit. He looked at the hand that was grabbing onto Shi Sheng. A small red dot had appeared on his wrist at some point.

Shi Sheng kicked Ming Jin away and threw him onto the make-up table, causing its contents to come clattering to the floor.

Shi Sheng held him down with one hand on his chest, not using much force, yet Ming Jin was unable to move the slightest bit.

“So Miss Zhuang prefers to use force.” Ming Jin showed no sign of being worried by his current predicament as he continued flirting with Shi Sheng fearlessly.

Shi Sheng reached out to grab his undershirt. “Yep. Do enjoy, Sir Ming.”


Ming Jin looked at the window that had been shut on him, as well as his own body, which had been stripped nude save for his underwear…

‘She was actually unmoved by a beauty such as me? And even chased me out like this?’

Zhi Yuan charged out from the shadows and took off his own cloak to drape it over Ming Jin.

“Master, she actually dares to treat you like this! I’ll kill her now!” Zhi Yuan’s face was filled with rage.

Zhi Yuan wasn’t as tall as Ming Jin, so the latter looked quite funny wearing the former’s cloak.

Ming Jin stopped Zhi Yuan, though his limbs were still a bit hard to move. “Zhi Yuan, remember: no one is to touch her.”

“Master!” Zhi Yuan hastily cried in a low voice. ‘Master really took a liking to this woman?!’

“Do you know of anything that can allow one to make things appear from nowhere?” Ming Jin changed the topic.

Zhi Yuan angrily glared at the window before speaking, “No.”

Ming Jin looked thoughtfully at where the red dot on his hand had been, but had since disappeared.

“Master, why are you asking?” ‘Only an immortal should be able to make things appear from thin air, right?’

“Nothing.” Ming Jin shook his head.

‘She doesn’t seem afraid of revealing her uniqueness at all.’

That arrogance and unbridled manner caused Ming Jin’s heart to throb. ‘What does she care about?’

Ming Jin pondered this question slowly in his mind.

The scene from that day at the Hall of Proclaimed Peace appeared very clearly in his mind.

‘She said she wasn’t afraid of death, nor did she care about the Zhuang Clan. Then what does she care about?’

“Zhi Yuan, if someone doesn’t have anything they care about, then what are they living for?”

Zhi Yuan, “…” ‘Master, how am I supposed to answer such a high-level question like that?’

After struggling for a while, Zhi Yuan finally replied, “Probably because they don’t want to die.”

Not being afraid of death didn’t mean wanting to die.

Ming Jin blinked. “Zhi Yuan, I have something very important to do right now, so I’ll hand the other matters to you to manage.”

“Master…just what are you planning?”

Ming Jin’s gaze gentled. “I want to become the person she cares about.”

Zhi Yuan, “…” ‘Master has simply gone mad! It’s all because of that Zhuang Qiong! Aaaah! Master, just what do you like about her?!’


Shi Sheng summoned her sword back, her expression dark as she poked the ground.

System was so scared it didn’t dare to even breathe… Of course, given that it was able to breathe in the first place.

But Shi Sheng merely kept poking the ground and didn’t do anything world-destroying.

By the time System came to, its host was already lying on her bed and about to fall asleep.

[……] ‘So just what was Host doing just now? Poking the ground to vent? Impossible. Host always hacks people when she gets angry—how could she suddenly switch to poking the ground?’

System was rather apprehensive.

#Host is scarier when she keeps quiet than when she loses her temper#

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  1. Sheddy · Nov 18, 2019

    Hope this is not feng ci, even if he is, hope that she won't like him unconditionally in this world...always hate this sort of ML, just your typical possessive overbearing shameless ceo type ML, what i hate the most is that she couldn't win against him in a fight, still hoping that she was holding back...there's nothing special about him at all

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  2. Anonymous · Nov 18, 2019

    What is this strange happiness in seeing a smug, hot guy get thrown out butt-naked? Thought you could seduce Sheng-ge? Sheng-ge can seduce both men and woman, she doesn't need your hot butt

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    Ahhh, I want a world without Feng Ci, just want to see the world burn.

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  4. Anonymous · Nov 18, 2019

    This world's feng ci is amusing he's quickly rising to be one of my favorites.

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  5. Nora · Nov 18, 2019

    Ming jin is so funny, i hope he is feng chi, if not oh well what can you do

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  6. Sabruness · Nov 17, 2019

    i cant say i'm enjoying this world's Feng Ci (if that's who he is). This guy reminds me of the first world's final boss who was also a smarmy narcissist.
    *raises a sign overhead* Bring back the adorable puppy Feng Ci!

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    • anon · Nov 18, 2019

      He's not much different to the similarly obnoxious/flirty Feng Ci from Green Plum arc though?

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        It's strange though. Yu Jiu was obnoxious as well but you still felt the Feng Ci puppiness from him which tempered the bad bits.
        Ming Jin... he reads like one of those obsessed domineering shitty prince/CEO types that this very novel makes fun of sometimes. To me, it feels kinda jarring.

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        • Sheddy · Nov 18, 2019

          Agreed, he's the type of a world's ML that gets destroyed by the mc...he's not supposed to be the mc's ML, i desperately hope that he is not feng ci, feng ci is supposed to have a tsun tsun shy personality, this guy isn't shy at all

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