Chapter 482 : Proper Palace Intrigue (21)

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Lu Ruo massaged her waist. ‘Calm down, calm down. Let’s get to the important matters first.’

“I want to talk with you.”

“What do we have to talk about?” ‘Nothing good can come from the FL-sama looking for me!’

“I know you have a space. If you don’t want others to know, then let’s have a chat.”

‘The hell! FL-sama’s even learned how to use threats!’

“Go ahead.” ‘Think I’m(lz) afraid of you?’

Lu Ruo, “…” ‘She actually told me to go ahead? No wait, she has to be bluffing.’

Lu Ruo’s eyes spun around a bit. “Zhuang Qiong, just who are you?”

‘System says she’s not from another world, but I keep getting the feeling that she doesn’t act like someone from this world.’

Lu Ruo had done some research. Though the Zhuang Qiong from before was arrogant and overbearing, she still knew when to toe the line—there was no way she would’ve done something like this.

“How’s it any of your business?”

“You’re not Zhuang Qiong, are you?” Lu Ruo continued asking, “Are you a transmigrator or reincarnator? In the stories, it’s always one of those two that has a space; which one are you?”

“I’m God[1].”

Lu Ruo, “…” ‘A godly lunatic? It must be because she isn’t willing to tell me. I have to gain her trust.’

“I’m from the future—no wait, it should be a parallel universe, because I never heard of this dynasty before back home. I want to go back, but I need some things and it just so happens that you possess something that can help me return. Can you help me out?”

Lu Ruo explained her origins before looking at Shi Sheng very expectantly.

“Why should I help you?” ‘Think I’m(lz) a charity?’

“Aren’t people supposed to help one another?”

‘She understood me! She must be from the future too!’ Lu Ruo’s heart stirred with excitement.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘I never thought this FL would be such a naïve one. Accept my(bbb) kneel!

Even in the modern era one wouldn’t dare to casually help old people up[2], yet you start talking to me(bbb) about helping each other in this era? Does stabbing each other in the back count?

After such a long exposure to palace intrigue, haven’t you learned any lessons at all, FL-sama? Too scary!’

Shi Sheng folded her arms. “Then what can you do for me?”

Lu Ruo was stunned. ‘What can I do for her?’

“Don’t you want to go back?” Lu Ruo had already got it into her head that Shi Sheng was from the future. “If I can return, you might be able to too. Helping me would be helping yourself. This world is too scary. Don’t tell me you like it here?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty good.”

“What’s so good about this place?” Lu Ruo was surprised. ‘I don’t like this place at all! There’s no TV, computers, or air-conditioning here; and the only thing I do all day is either stare at a bunch of palace maids and eunuchs, or guard against other people’s machinations.

Yet she actually says it’s pretty good?!’

Lu Ruo wracked her brain for a way to convince Shi Sheng.

“But you could lose your life here at any moment.”

“That’s you, not me.”

Lu Ruo, “…”

She thought back to what happened before. ‘That seems to be the case… This girl’s fighting ability seems to be off the charts.’

“I beg you, please help me. I’ve really had enough of this place. I wanna go home.” Lu Ruo begged with her palms placed together.

“There’s nothing in it for me to help you, so why should I?” ‘I(bbb) don’t do losing deals.’

“We’re both from the future. So on account of being from the same place, can’t you just help me out?”

“…Why are you so selfish and cold-blooded? We’re both in a foreign environment, so why can’t you help me out a bit?” Lu Ruo actually started to cast blame on Shi Sheng towards the end.

“Yep, that’s me, a cold-blooded selfish person.” Shi Sheng nodded and agreed. She then gave a light, malicious laugh as she spoke, “But what can you do to me?”

What can you do to me?

What can you do…

What can…

Lu Ruo couldn’t do anything to her.

She could only leave rather grumpily, muttering to herself indignantly about Shi Sheng’s cold-bloodedness for not helping her, etc.

‘This FL’s character… Why is it so weird?’

Shi Sheng waited for Lu Ruo to disappear from view before swiftly flipping back over the wall.

When she jumped down, a white figure suddenly flashed before her eyes as her waist was accurately pulled into a certain someone’s arms.

With a twist and a leap, the wind rushed past her ears and she was brought to the tallest point in Star-Plucking Tower.

Shi Sheng made to kick, but a slightly cool hand held her leg down. “Miss Zhuang, if this little fellow breaks from the kick, you’re going to miss out for the rest of your life.”

‘The…fuck! This fucking thug! Where’s my(lz) sword?!’

The Iron Sword appeared in Shi Sheng’s hand, and a cold glint flashed by in Ming Jin’s eyes. Shi Sheng struggled free from his embrace, got some distance, and turned to face him, resting her cold sword at his chest.

As the night wind blew, clothes fluttered and dark hair danced in the breeze.

Ming Jin suddenly stepped forward, causing the sword to sink into his chest. But he didn’t so much as frown as he looked at Shi Sheng with a smile. “Go on. If you stab me, I’ll never bother you again.”

Shi Sheng’s hand shook. ‘This lunatic.’

She took a deep breath, and put her sword away.

“Can’t bear to end[3] me?” Ming Jin lowered his head and looked at the liquid seeping out from his chest.

‘Can’t bear to your great grandpa!’

“What do you like about me?”

“Your arrogant, overbearing, unreasonable, and willful manner.”

[Hidden Quest: Injustice Deep As Snow]

System and Ming Jin spoke at the same time, their voices overlapping.

Shi Sheng got distracted. ‘Injustice deep as snow? The hell is that? And what kind of injustice could he have?’

[Quest Target: Ming Jin. May Host comprehend the meaning of the words on your own.]

‘Fuck! I(lz) dare you to explain this to me! Your quests are getting more and more flippant!’

“What did you say you liked about me?” Shi Sheng blinked and repeated her question.

Ming Jin showed no sign of impatience as he reiterated, “Your arrogant, overbearing, unreasonable, and willful manner.”

That’s praise?! Shouldn’t you be complimenting my(lz) perfect skin and looks, or my body? This idiot.’

Shi Sheng leapt off. Ming Jin was startled and hurriedly followed suit.

The two landed on the ground at the same time.

Ming Jin gave a deep look at the sword in Shi Sheng’s hand. He’d seen her use it to descend just now.

Seeing Shi Sheng head towards Star-Plucking Tower, Ming Jin hurriedly followed her. “Aren’t you going to give an answer to my confession?”

Shi Sheng scoffed coldly, “And who decided that I’d have to answer just because you confessed?”

Ming Jin, “…”

Seeing Shi Sheng was about to close the door, Ming Jin swiftly slipped into the room just before she was able to. He grabbed Shi Sheng by her shoulder, spun her around, and pressed her against the door.

His leg held her legs down and he had her hands pinned behind her back.

Shi Sheng’s chest heaved slightly, a very unfriendly expression on her face.

Ming Jin’s eyes gentled as he lowered himself to move closer to Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng turned her head slightly, avoiding him.

His slightly cool lips landed on her face, and Ming Jin gave it a light peck before slowly moving towards her mouth.

“Ming Jin, I’ll give you one chance: let go of me.” Shi Sheng stopped struggling and spoke calmly.

Ming Jin paused, his lips stopping at the corner of hers. He licked it several times, but still released Shi Sheng in the end.

“I won’t force you.” Ming Jin stepped back. “But remember, since I’ve decided on you, I will have you in the end with or without your consent.”

“That so?” Shi Sheng wiped the corner of her lips. “And if I die?”

“Then I’ll die with you.”

[1] In Chinese, there’s no capitalisation, but I think this is supposed to be god with a lower g since there’s another term for the big G. Still, I doubt Shi Sheng would refer to herself with “a” instead of “the”.

[2] The reason for this is because of one case where a guy kindly helped an old lady up, but then she accused him of being the one to cause her fall in the first place, so he had to pay her medical bills. That led to a string of cons using the same concept, to the point that a lot of people don’t dare to help others for fear of being scammed for money. It’s caused some deaths.

[3] Please note that in the raws, the verb is more implied. So technically I could use any verb from hurt, or harm, or kill, etc, meaning I had to pick one. You can substitute it for whatever verb you think sounds best.

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