Chapter 490 : Proper Palace Intrigue (29)

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Shi Sheng and Ming Jin stood at the side, talking about irrelevant matters. Meanwhile, Yuwen Xun had already been escorted out of the chamber.

Shi Sheng heard that Yuwen Xun had escaped, causing Zhuang-fu to place the city under lockdown and order his men to comb the place for Yuwen Xun. Naturally, they weren’t successful.

‘Do you think they’re villains who’s IQs aren’t online? You think it’d be that easy for you to find them?’

After Zhuang-fu finished busying himself with all this, he wanted to look for Shi Sheng, but found that she had disappeared.

He heard from his subordinates that she’d already returned to Star-Plucking Tower, so Zhuang-fu could only give up on his plans have a talk with her. His first priority was to get control over everyone in the imperial palace.

Shi Sheng returned to Star-Plucking Tower on her own. The show today had been quite interesting—she needed some time to relax.

Star-Plucking Tower was shrouded in darkness. Shi Sheng climbed into her room through the window, noticing the faint smell of blood inside.

There was a human figure standing next to the door.

It was clear that they hadn’t been expecting her to come in through the window instead of the door, for they stood stunned in place for a moment.

Shi Sheng calmly took out a lighter.

Lu Ruo was standing by the side of the door, a bloodstained sword in her hands. Yuwen Xun was situated in a corner, most likely injured.

“You…” Lu Ruo was dumbfounded. ‘Why did she come in through the window instead of the door?’

“I what?” Shi Sheng looked at Yuwen Xun whose current state of health was unknown. “You guys sure know how to pick a place.”

‘Even nullifying all the talismans I pasted, really now.’

Lu Ruo rushed over to stand in front of Yuwen Xun, shielding him behind her. “Zhuang Qiong, even if you’re the daughter of the Third Prince, you’re a woman—you can’t be the Emperor.”

“You’re discriminating against women?” Shi Sheng raised an eyebrow.

“I’m not, that’s not what I meant, I…” Lu Ruo didn’t even know what to say at this point.

Shi Sheng retreated back towards the window.

“Zhuang Qiong, what are you doing?!” Lu Ruo shouted nervously.

Shi Sheng revealed a slight smile. “To get people to capture you, of course.”

And Shi Sheng was true to her word. She’d even helped them tie Lu Ruo up.

Zhuang-fu personally led his men over. When he saw Yuwen Xun and Lu Ruo who’d been tied up so thoroughly they looked like a pair of dumplings, he couldn’t help but give Shi Sheng an odd look.

The target of his gaze was currently sitting beside a table, idly drinking tea.


Shi Sheng waved. “As long as you kill them, I’ll thank you a lot. As for the rest, don’t talk to me. I’m not interested in the throne. You guys just do whatever.”

Zhuang-fu, “…”

Lu Ruo’s glared at Shi Sheng with red-rimmed eyes. ‘She actually wants to kill us!’

Zhuang-fu hesitated inwardly, not knowing what this daughter who he’d raised from young was thinking anymore. ‘She hasn’t shown any odd behaviour after finding out about her true parentage. This isn’t how a normal person should react.’

Zhuang-fu examined Shi Sheng for a while, before finally leading his men away.

Once they’d left, Shi Sheng set her tea cup down before heading downstairs to paste new talismans.

While she was pasting the talismans, Shi Sheng suddenly thought of something. ‘Then how’d that idiot Ming Jin get in? Don’t tell me he also has an ‘ignore’ buff like the leads? Scary.’

Since the previous room now had the stench of blood, Shi Sheng switched rooms.

Shi Sheng didn’t light any lamps, making her way straight towards the bed. Halfway there, she suddenly paused. ‘There’s someone on the bed?’

“Ming Jin!” Shi Sheng squeezed out a name from between gritted teeth.

The person addressed propped himself up from his lying position on the bed, causing the blanket to slide down, revealing his bare arm and chest.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘My eyes.’

Ming Jin twirled a strand of his hair. “Miss Zhuang, the night is long—why don’t we occupy our time with pleasure?”

‘Go fuck a dog. This idiot’s actually seducing me. And now of all times.’

Seeing Shi Sheng remain still, Ming Jin tossed the covers away and got off the bed. Fortunately he hadn’t gone completely nude—he was still wearing pants.

He walked over to Shi Sheng on bare feet and swiftly pulled her into his arms. The chest her cheek was pressed against was warm, his heart pounding forcefully within.

‘He’s Feng Ci.’ Shi Sheng’s hands clenched into fists. Liking him meant accepting everything about him.

‘No! Not in my case.’

“I can feel that you like me.” Ming Jin simply held her, his voice sounding rather down. “So why won’t you accept me?”

Why? Because he hid his malice under a glamourous exterior. You’d never know what was underneath unless you opened it up.

But once you did…what was lurking underneath might be a nightmarish abyss. She’d much rather he was open about his malice.

“Because you’re the type of person I detest the most.” Shi Sheng spoke with emphasis.

Ming Jin was stunned for a moment. “But you like me ah!”

She wasn’t completely unattracted to him. Though he didn’t know what was going through her mind, he knew she liked him.

“Yes, I like you, but that doesn’t stop me from not accepting you.” Shi Sheng pushed Ming Jin away. “If you could become the type of person I like, I’d accept you.”

“What type of person do you like?” Ming Jin asked in all seriousness.

“I like…well, regardless, you don’t stand a chance.” ‘This guy’s personality is already set in stone, no way it’s changing.’

Ming Jin frowned slightly. He suddenly grabbed Shi Sheng’s wrist and pulled her into his arms. “Zhuang Qiong, I’ve already told you: don’t even think about running from me this life.”

He rained kisses down on her, catching Shi Sheng off guard. He knew all of Shi Sheng’s moves by now, so he kept her hands hostage as he tossed her onto the bed. He roughly pulled off her clothes and thrust into her without giving her time to catch her breath.

Shi Sheng curled up in pain, causing Ming Jin’s mind to clear. The person lying beneath him was biting her lip lightly and looking at him with that calm gaze.

That caused Ming Jin to panic and, for the first time, to feel at a loss.

“I’m sorry, I…” Ming Jin hugged Shi Sheng. “I got angry. I’m sorry.”

“Now you know why I detest you?” Shi Sheng spoke calmly.

Ming Jin froze. A moment later, he pulled out and covered her up with the blanket. “I’m sorry.”

He got dressed and left.

[Host, why?] System’s voice appeared.

Shi Sheng remained unmoving, her gaze staring off into space. After a good long while, her lips tugged upwards, “Just treat it as pickiness.”

[But you never cared about others’ personality before…]

“It’s not the same.” Shi Sheng sat up. “I never planned on getting involved, so it was none of my business what they were like.”

[Host, don’t you think it’s too extreme for you to force someone to conform to your tastes?]

“I never wanted him to conform to my tastes, I just…” Shi Sheng paused. “Can’t accept him for now.”

[And if this is Feng Ci’s true nature?]

Shi Sheng laid back down. “Then it’s impossible between us.”

System fell silent. This wasn’t the first time it knew that its Host had a problem. It felt a brief moment of pity for Feng Ci for meeting such a cold, logical, and heartless woman.

‘Master, why can you see through her so well but I can’t read her at all?’

Author’s note:

Little Fairy: I want strawberry-flavoured votes today.

Little Angels: What votes? You still have the gall to ask for votes?!

Little Fairy: Why wouldn’t I?

Little Angels: Explain why you’re not letting them be together.

Little Fairy: My daughter didn’t want to be with him anymore.

Feng Ci: Any swords around?

Little Fairy: …Daughter, help!

Shi Sheng: Where’s my(lz) sword?!

Little Fairy: I’m running away from home! Hmph!

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: Okay so the next chapter is the final one for this arc, as well as the last one you guys are getting for awhile. I have exams to study for and my teacher has just introduced yet another finnicky math thing for me to wrap my head around. Plus I have like 2 reports pending. One of them has a deadline for this Wednesday.

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