Chapter 6 : Rich Family’s Young Miss (6)

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Chu Tang did not speak at all while they were dining. With his noble posture and elegant movements, he made the simple action of eating into a form of art.

Having such a fine specimen in front of her, Shi Sheng’s appetite improved considerably and she ate till she was quite full.

Chu Tang couldn’t help but smile at Shi Sheng rubbing her tummy. “I’m very curious, did President Xu mistreat Miss Xu?”

Shi Sheng paused. ‘Is he trying to say I ate a lot?’

“With Mr Chu here, my appetite couldn’t help but increase.” Shi Sheng replied with a faint smile.

Chu Tang was stunned for a moment. ‘Was I just… flirted with 1 ?’

Two hours ago, this girl had seemed like she wanted to kill and eat him but now she actually flirted with him. ‘How bold.’

Shi Sheng did grow bolder after she had had her fill.

Oh wait, that wasn’t right. She was always this bold; It was just that she hadn’t been accustomed to interacting with Chu Tang yet. Just like how when you mixed a hot drink and a cold drink, the temperature would take a while to even out.

“Is Mr Chu free tonight?”

“What, does Miss Xu plan on inviting me out?” Chu Tang chuckled lowly. “It costs a lot to invite me, are you sure you can afford it, Miss Xu?”

“If I can’t I’ll just pay off the remainder with my body.”

‘I’ve long since maxed out my skill at flirting with guys sucker!’

“Ah that won’t be necessary. I’ll just give Miss Xu a discount, $1 million.” Chu Tang’s finger tapped on the surface of the table. His body language was pretty much saying, ‘Pay money and I’m all yours tonight.’

The two sank into silence for a few seconds before Shi Sheng asked unsurely, “You’ll really accept the money?”

Chu Tang nodded, very conservatively.

Shi Sheng was speechless. ‘Ha, guards drag this pervert away!’

Shi Sheng thought for a moment before taking out the chequebook her father had given her and writing out $10 million on it. She slapped it down in front of Chu Tang before declaring very boldly, “I’m buying you for 10 days!”

Chu Tang’s long and elegant fingers lifted the cheque. Seeing the sum written on it, a hint of wickedness flashed across the depths of his eyes, “Miss Xu spent such an extravagant sum on me, of course I wouldn’t refuse.

Chu Tang placed the check in his pocket before getting up and very gentlemanly extending a hand to Shi Sheng to help her up. “Miss Xu, for the next 10 days I am yours to order. Eating, drinking… or sleeping, I have no objections.”

Shi Sheng’s lips twitched. For some reason, she felt like she would be spending a lot of money in the near future.

‘I actually bought Chu Tang over for 10 days… I’m quite excited actually.’ Shi Sheng placed her hand in Chu Tang’s. His hand was cool yet dry and her hand seemed to fit perfectly. The two started heading for the door but just before they stepped out, were stopped.

“Sir, you haven’t footed the bill yet.” The waiter’s tone was pleasant though his gaze was a bit doubtful. ‘These two don’t seem like they’re unable to pay up, why didn’t they?’

‘They must have just forgotten!’ The waiter tried to convince himself.

Well these were quite a good-looking pair, it was natural that people would try to find excuses for them. Shi Sheng tightened her grip on Chu Tang’s hand, ‘How embarrassing!’

Chu Tang acted like it had nothing to do with him as his gaze turned and landed on Shi Sheng. Surrendering, she took out her card and handed it over to the waiter, “Sorry, we forgot.”

The waiter was quite happy. ‘I knew they just forgot. Such good-looking people, how would they be unable to pay up?’

Once they were outside, Shi Sheng pushed Chu Tang away. Pointing her finger at him she heaved though in the end didn’t say anything.

‘This bastard definitely didn’t remind me to pay up on purpose! Seeing as I still want to date you I won’t argue with you… You had better not let me catch your weak spot!’

The two stood at the entrance, Shi Sheng looking at Chu Tang while he looked back at her. This seemed to the casual onlooker to be a very romantic moment. ‘Romantic my arse!’

“Mr Chu, where’s your car?” ‘You want to get watched by others?’

“Since Miss Xu has bought over me, I let the driver return.” Chu Tang spoke as if it was to be expected!

Shi Sheng was once again rendered speechless. ‘What so we have to walk now?’

She had been driven here by her father’s driver so she didn’t have a car here!

‘Why is this business legend adapting so easily to being ‘kept’ ah?! Director I think you gave me the wrong script!’

Shi Sheng didn’t have any notes on her. Chu Tang would almost definitely not have brought any physical money with him so he couldn’t be counted on. You couldn’t pay the taxi by card and there wasn’t an ATM anywhere nearby…

Shi Sheng simply wanted to laugh in Chu Tang’s face right now. “Mr Chu, can you please recall your driver?”

“Nope.” Chu Tang stuck his hands in his pockets. “Though if Ms Xu agrees to pay a salary, I would be willing to.”

“Now I know why you’re so rich.” ‘Money-grubbing profiteer!’

Shi Sheng secretly swallowed back a mouthful of blood. She decided to take Chu Tang to… take public transport.

Let him experience the tough life of a normal person. ‘What about the fare money? Oh I was planning to just use my good looks!’

As the truth proved, good looks were useful. The one driving the bus was a young fellow who was convinced quite thoroughly by Shi Sheng until his head was too muddled to mind them heading to the back of the bus.

Though there weren’t many people on the bus, all the seats were occupied. Just as Shi Sheng steadied herself, she saw a girl’s face redden as she got up and gave her seat to Chu Tang…

…who sat down without blinking an eye. It was a very ordinary bus seat but the way he sat made one think he was sitting on the seat of a luxury car, which made the surrounding females gasp.

‘What in the flying fuck! Where’s your shame? She is a girl! A GIRL! How did you manage to sit there with peace of mind? Isn’t anyone going to stop him?’

Shi Sheng scanned the surroundings. She saw young ladies everywhere who were looking with frustration and anger. However, this frustration and anger was directed at themselves for not having gave up their seat first.

‘What a superficial society we live in.’

Later on, as more people boarded, the once relatively spacious bus had become more crowded. A few of the bolder young ladies got closer to Chu Tang, having been attracted by his handsomeness. They attempted to attract his attention; There were some who even straight out asked him for his Weixin 2 number, his phone number, all kinds of numbers.

Chu Tang’s face slowly turned from calm and collected to slightly heavy and annoyed.

Seeing this made Shi Sheng much happier. ‘Got in over your head, did you? Pfft~ Hahaha!’

[A friendly reminder to the Host: Chu Tang is your target.]

Just as Shi Sheng was laughing up a storm inwardly, she was reminded by an icy-cold voice. She rubbed her face before squeezing these ladies aside and standing directly in front of Chu Tang, blocking off those hungry gazes.

“Hey, don’t you understand the rule of first-come-first-served? Go line up at the back, stop blocking our eye-candy!” Someone immediately expressed their dissatisfaction and reached out in an attempt to pull Shi Sheng.

“Let go!” Shi Sheng looked at the lady pulling her, her eyes slightly cold and sharp, causing the lady to subconsciously release her.

Satisfied, Shi Sheng straightened out her crumpled clothing. Her voice was neither loud nor soft, it was just enough for the surrounding ladies to hear, “This man is mine. You can look all you want but no touching, got it?”

Those who took the bus didn’t usually have too much money. However, Shi Sheng was dressed from head to toe in named brands and although they didn’t recognise the brands that man was wearing, his clothing didn’t look cheap either. Adding on his sinful handsomeness and how he was practically radiating high-class, he definitely looked the part of a rich young master!

All these made these ladies behave themselves a bit more, though it was only in their actions, their gazes were as ferocious as ever.

‘If eyes could fuck someone, Chu Tang would have definitely been fucked countless times.’

Although Shi Sheng’s back was facing Chu Tang, resulting in her not being able to see his face, she got the impression that he was feeling quite happy. Shi Sheng lowered her head as she rolled her eyes. ‘Why is courting someone so hard?’



Translator’s Corner:

I would like to know the answer to that last question too…



  1. The original phrase was ‘调戏’ or ‘tiao2xi4’ which is usually used when a guy sexually harasses a woman, usually with words.
  2. I think this is something like Whatsapp for China.

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