SSWF Chap. 47, 48, & 49

Future chapters have not been TLC’d, here is chapter 47, 48, & 49.  I still have more chapters in the stockpile, as soon as I get those edited I will post them.  The good news is that someone already contacted me about possibly picking this us, I’m not sure what their timeline is as they still have to build up a stockpile( and the chapters get MUCH longer after chapter 50) but there is hope! If they give me any information about when they plan to post and a link to their site I will be sure to post it, otherwise, make sure you’re following the novel on Novel Updates to keep up to date with releases.

Translator: TTNR
Editor: TTNR
Proofreader: TTNR


I prefer to lurk…passively judging everybody and everything from the safety of my computer screen but decided to step out and try my hand at translating. 🤓 I hope you all enjoy reading along as we follow our female lead’s story and cackle as she gets her revenge! 😈 (Yes, I’m THAT person) Enjoy!!! 🤗

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  1. Anonymous · Nov 19, 2018

    Thank you for translation. I really like this novel.

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