I prefer to lurk…..passively judging everybody and everything from the safety of my computer screen but decided to step out and try my hand at translating :nerd: I hope you all enjoy reading along as we follow our female lead’s story and cackle as she gets her revenge :smiling_imp: ( yes I’m THAT person) Enjoy!!! :hugging:

SSWF Chapter 32: Receiving a Fright

Hello everyone, we’re still recruiting a translation checker.  If anyone is interested please check out our recruitment page for more information. I hope you enjoy today’s chapter! Translator: TTNR Translation-Checker: Omniblob Editor: Chrissy Proofreader: Blooming Frost

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  1. Anonymous · Mar 17, 2019

    Waah! I just read that Di Daughter's Rebirth was dropped?! Why????!!!!!!!

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  2. SnowdropLily · Mar 17, 2019

    Hello!!! Nice to meet you oh reverend~ I just want to ask if did you give up translating Di Daughter's Rebirth. It would really be such a shame if you did. Not only that, you would also anger a lot of readers. I mean, there's a lot of us waiting for the update for months (lots of months) then if it was suddenly announced that the novel was dropped, I don't know what the consequences would be and how it would affect you.
    Note: This just a friendly warn*cough* reminder. Ta ta~~

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