A Hasty Retreat

Tapping of feet
As they run down the street
Huffing and puffing
But feeling too weak

Whistling of wind
Coming from behind
Howling of wolves
As the moon shines

Quickly, let us escape
Across the hills
Over the lake

Tripping and panting
As they open the door
Trapping them within
But it’s better than before

Just in time, they catch their break
For a thump on wood
Knocks against the gate

Quietly, quietly
Pretend we’re not here
Morning is coming
So there’s nothing to fear

Without the moon
They are no more
Than silly puppies
Chewing on lores

Halloween isn’t celebrated much where I live, but the creepiness factor is felt no matter where you are in the world. The barrier is thin on this day and a lot of “things” come out to play. Somehow rhyme is hard to shake off, especially when I write my thoughts.

Yes anyway, whether you celebrate Halloween or not. Don’t go running around at night time! You don’t know what may jump out at you to take a bite!

Blooming Frost

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