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BlobTV Valentines 2018 Specials

Happy Valentines Day, BlobTV viewers!!!

…but February has long come and gone, you say? It’s already April — April 1, in fact?

Psh, don’t mind tiny details like that. What would you guys prefer, a day of sweet, sweet chocolates or a day of not-really-funny, meh-at-best-and-annoying-at-worst pranks? It’s a no-brainer.

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Delicious Veranda

BlobTV Christmas 2017 Specials — Secret Santa

Merry Christmas, BlobTV viewers!

How have your Christmas been? Are you spending it with your loved ones, your family, or alone? 
Well don’t worry, we’re also having our party here! Let’s see the BlobT Christmas Party, shall we?

Christmas at Blob Translations
Picture by Innocent Puppy

Well, it’s looking lively! Blobs dancing, blobs hiding, blobs confessing, blobs killi…. wait, what?!
*quickly pans camera*

No, that one blob wasn’t murdering another blob! N-not at all!  

Ah yes the gifts, let’s just look at the gifts, shall we?

The staffs gathered around for a little Secret Santa this year and here are what they got
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BlobTV Christmas 2017 Specials — Day 06

Merry Christmas, BlobTV viewers! (Well, to me and those on my side of the world — merry christmas eve to those on the other side!)  

For the last interview, we are currently located at the balcony of a certain Lord’s fort in a certain territory, waiting for a certain team to come out and meet me here…

…W-why is it so cold here…

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Delicious Veranda

BlobTV Christmas 2017 Specials — Day 04

Happy holidays, BlobTV viewers!

Do you know what love at first sight is?

I wouldn’t be the best person to ask this question, but if you asked me what love at first taste is, it’s definitely the food in Earth Cafe~!

A simple and rustic interior — cool, sunny and breezy, with the smell of honey cakes in the air and gentle, golden rays of light filtering through the large glass window…Have you guessed it yet?

Indeed, I am at the place where the novel My Youth Begins With Loving You is set, and I am so glad I have this job~ I tell you, the novel’s descriptions of the food is spot-on!!! >w<

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