BlobTV Valentines 2018 Specials

Happy Valentines Day, BlobTV viewers!!!

…but February has long come and gone, you say? It’s already April — April 1, in fact?

Psh, don’t mind tiny details like that. What would you guys prefer, a day of sweet, sweet chocolates or a day of not-really-funny, meh-at-best-and-annoying-at-worst pranks? It’s a no-brainer.

And thus, we hereby present to you the lovely creations two pairs from the group have made~ Aren’t they just so creative and artistic?

Blobber & Cloudy

Ars & Caelum

Again, Happy Valentines Day to you all~!

Agent Psyx o7

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You never see Agent Psyx anywhere, because she's always hiding from her numerous tasks and projects in a secret underground sewer she calls home. Her hobbies aside from running away from reality and slacking off are: lurking in BL sites, obsessing over Laurent of Vere, and daydreaming about story plots she swears she's going to write someday. Soon. In the future. Maybe. Just not today.

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  1. Cherry · Apr 2, 2018

    The pictures are so nice and beautiful Happy Valentines Day!

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