Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki: Volume 5, Chapter 5


We’re Back!…. Kinda….


Hey everyone! Its been a long time! I’m sorry about the long wait. I’m in 2 English classes and Pre-Calc this semester and its burning my brain to Mush.
But thanks to the amazing AdCaelum  and Ars, we’ve managed to bring to you a very “Special” chapter of GOKK, ^____^ I really do hope you all enjoy! Hehehehehe.

(Bonus points if you can find the Hidden Burdie!)

Chapter 5.5: Everyday Life in the City

Translator: Caelum
Editor: Ars, Innocent Puppy

On a final note. Some Good News and some Bad News.
Bad new is, with how classes are going, Its unlikely I’ll be able to translate.
It normally takes me about a week and a half to do it MTL
(and get into a state were I’m not breaking our two favorite lady’s brains)
But even after 3 months, something always keeps me away.

Now the GOOD news. Our Cael has said she would not mind working on it when she has the time
/o/ Hurrah!
Now, She has her own novels to work on, so at most it might be 1 every month.
with me and Ars doing the Editing.
But if I can find time, I might pop out a one out ever so often as well.
During this time, if it seems like it might be an extended period, I’ll looking for someone,
who can take this project over full time (hopefully with us three staying on, if the others wish)

I’m sorry about all the trouble guys. But lets pray for the Future and keep marching on.

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    Thank you.

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    Nice, thanks! I really love that novel.

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    Godly thanks!

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