MYBWLY Chapter 17: From Stuffed Animal, To Prey (1)

*licks paws and washes face*
Ni hao, it’s Nyaarenne here again, nyaa~! Umm….what was it I was supposed to do again, nyaa?
*whispering from rest of MYBWLY team*
Oh! That’s right, nyaa~!
As Easter approaches, we think of nyew life, nyaa. Spring, nyaa. And nyew beginnings, nyaa. Mioa Yuan and Chen Mo have consolidated their relationship with one another, and nyow the story properly begins, nyaa~ What nyew things will happen to our cute little kitten, nyaa~? What will happen to our strapping Tom Cat, nyaa~? Read on and find out, nyaa~

Translator: Cloudy
Editor: Nyaarenne, mcsmacky
Translation Checker: OmniBlob
ProofreaderBlooming Frost

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