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Blooming Frost spends most of her time behind the scenes, she is so far behind the scenes that she sometimes forgets to complete the tasks she is supposed to do. Her free time is usually spent reading novels and playing catch up with life. Hiking and visiting historical sites is something she is fond of, even if it only happens occasionally.

Poet, writer, and all-around daydreamer.

Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke Staff Interview

1) Which SCT character is your favorite?

Most characters are forgotten once their story is finished, so the favourite would be the one who is the most constant in the story. Shi Sheng! #TotallyNotBecauseIAmForgetful#

2) If you were to transmigrate in one of SCT’s worlds, which one would it be and what role would you play?

I actually really like wuxia dramas (not the novels…the novels go on for too long)so the cultivation arc would be interesting. Although the constant fighting doesn’t seem to make that place a good world to just relax in.

For now I would say the second arc is more my cup of tea. If there was a producer role I would definitely want to be that. But out of the characters that did appear in that arc, Random side character (either Han Ling or Fang Jinyu) seems like a good role to play. You don’t exactly have much trouble and no weird plots are thrown your way.

3) What’s your team like?

The team dynamics go pretty smoothly. I do wonder what it would be like if we ever go on a team bonding trip together.

Wenhui would be the one flying in first class zooming ahead of the team. Blobber is the one who ensures the rest of the team can keep up and doesn’t get left behind at the airport. Reekahia on the other hand somehow makes it aboard without anyone noticing. As for me, well let’s just say I plan too far ahead and end up at the destination before the rest of the team have even arrived.

4) Do you have any planned projects after SCT?

Not at the moment; the end of SCT is still too far away.

5) Do you have a message for your readers?

I think our journey together is going to be fairly long, so hold on tight for this rather bumpy ride to the finish line!

There is one question I want to ask the readers, which character (beside Shi Sheng) is your most favourite? Or one that had at least left an impression on you?

My Youth Begins With Loving You Staff Interview

1) What’s your favorite food?

Well this is one hard question. I don’t particularly have favourites and just eat food that looks good. Not that all food that looks good taste good but well…ah the smell! If it smells good then I’m all for it!

2) Can you cook? If yes, what’s your favorite recipe and if no, what’s your dream recipe?

Cook? W-W-Well I…how would you define cooking? hahahaha…

I would be the cook to survive type. I don’t burn water so I guess that’s a plus?

I used to bake, but I haven’t had the motivation to do so for a while. It was fun and the results we satisfactory but well, the clean-up certainly wasn’t anything to sneeze at. I rather liked baking chocolate chip cookies17. The warm gooey ones that were soft in the middle.

A dream recipe would be one that warms one up from the inside out. Recipes are something I don’t want to follow, so that would be a dream come true for me. Just by working from experience (what experience?) and knowing what is right would be something I want to learn.

3) What’s your team like?

Freshly baked cookies!

Cloudy is the dough that forms the base. Blobber and Wenhui would be the choco chips that add to the taste. Nyaarenne sprinkles in the sugar when no one is looking. I would be the cutter for all the shapes!

After reading each chapter that we’ve worked on, we discuss the food mentioned and get hungry as a result. The team works so well together and we just have fun adding in mouth watering pictures and fun gifs. If there is a chapter without the mention of food…I guess we’ll somehow insert a picture in there anyway!

4) Do you have any planned projects after MYBWLY?

Continuing on with SCT. MYBWLY is still a pretty long project though. But we’ll do our best to ensure all the sweetness in the story is shown to our readers!

5) Do you have a message for your readers?

Everyone, thanks for starting this sweet story! To think that so much sweetness had already oozed into the air when we’re still at the beginning. Luckily small doses are given each week. otherwise there would be sweetness overload!

So, a question for the readers: What would be your ideal snack? It doesn’t have to be something sweet, just something that you enjoy eating.

SSWF Chapter 41: Two Items Less

Hi,  Long time no see! As promised, here is the next chapter of SSWF but I do have some bad news. Due to school/work/life the team and I have been really busy and have not had time to work on chapters. Because of that, we will continue to stay on hiatus whilst recruiting a TLC and

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