BlobTV Christmas 2017 Specials — Day 05

Happy holidays, BlobTV viewers! No, no, your screens are working properly. The reason why you can’t see a thing is because we’re in a top-secret location right now, and recording our surroundings will give us away!

You see, we’re inside a pocket dimension where the Wenhia Team is hacking the System of the storyworld of Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke.

Using the System database, they can see everything that’s going on around the main character Shi Sheng, and bring the data back to us in Mother Earth.

This team composed of super translator Wenhui, low-key editor Reekahia, busy bee translation-checker Blobber and valiant lady proofreader Blooming Frost is a very busy one, but lucky for us, they have some time right now to answer a few questions!

1) Which SCT character is your favorite?

[Wenhui] Shi Sheng, duh… *drools as she peeks at Shi Sheng, hoping not to get caught by Feng Ci*

[Reekahia] System so far. I’ll let Wenhui have Shi Sheng ;). Systems need a little love too…

[Blobber] #ShiShengFanClub! Everyone who says otherwise needs to reevaluate their life (jokes).

[Blooming Frost] Most characters are forgotten once their story is finished, so the favourite would be the one who is the most constant in the story. Shi Sheng! #TotallyNotBecauseIAmForgetful#

2) If you were to transmigrate in one of SCT’s worlds, which one would it be and what role would you play?

[Wenhui] Mmmh. Since I’ve read the whole book, I think my answer would be a spoiler so… not telling!

[Reekahia] I like the idea of being the Heavenly Dao in the Cultivation World. Sounds way fun…Sending down tribulations at the weirdest times (hehe)

[Blobber] I enjoy my plebeian earthly life very much, and figured that the first arc would offer the most similar experience. I mean, could you imagine being a cultivator? That would require me to battle people and to exercise and leave my chair! Heavens save my soul.

Out of all the characters in the first arc, I’d definitely be Chu Tang, the good male lead. Being Shi Sheng sounds too stressful, and as Chu Tang, I get to be with Shi Sheng. Thankfully their relationship wasn’t sexual, so I imagine me and Shi Sheng would be besties. Plus, I’d love to have Chu Tang’s job. I feel like my answer may change as I read more arcs though.

[Blooming Frost] I actually really like wuxia dramas (not the novels…the novels go on for too long)so the cultivation arc would be interesting. Although the constant fighting doesn’t seem to make that place a good world to just relax in.

For now I would say the second arc is more my cup of tea. If there was a producer role I would definitely want to be that. But out of the characters that did appear in that arc, Random side character (either Han Ling or Fang Jinyu) seems like a good role to play. You don’t exactly have much trouble and no weird plots are thrown your way.

3) What’s your team like?

[Wenhui] I’m a workaholic? Pfft no… it’s only because I treat translating as a pastime that I translate so much. All the technical stuff and polishing up, I leave to the rest. So… I’m lazy. They’re awesome for being patient enough to go through my lazy mess.

[Reekahia] I try my best to meet Wenhuis speed (so fast). It’s my first project but a whole lot of fun for me. Though Wenhui does a lot of the work. Our Proofreader is epic and really funny. Love the team

[Blobber] We’re like the Detective Boys. Wenhui is Edogawa Conan, since she’s the superstar of the team. I’m at Detective Mouri levels of translation while Wenwen is just killing it. Reekahia is Ai Haibara since she’s quiet and focused, and doesn’t really participate in our shenanigans. Blanc (Blooming Frost) is Ayumi Yoshida since she’s super sweet and our group’s cheerleader. I’m Mitsuhiko Tsubaraya since we’re both geeks, though we geek out over different things.

[from right to left] Ai Haibara (Reekahia), Edogawa Conan (Wenhui), Ayumi Yoshida (Blooming Frost), and Mitsuhiko Tsubaraya (Blobber)
[Blooming Frost] The team dynamics go pretty smoothly. I do wonder what it would be like if we ever go on a team bonding trip together.

Wenhui would be the one flying in first class zooming ahead of the team. Blobber is the one who ensures the rest of the team can keep up and doesn’t get left behind at the airport. Reekahia on the other hand somehow makes it aboard without anyone noticing. As for me, well let’s just say I plan too far ahead and end up at the destination before the rest of the team have even arrived.

4) Do you have any planned projects after SCT?

[Wenhui] Maybe the next book by the author? Then again, maybe not… Too much slang. There is one book I’ve had my eye on. It’s around a hundred chapters but we’ll see if I haven’t burned out by then.

[Reekahia] Dunno yet… We have a long way to go. But there’s definitely going to be another one

[Blobber] SCT ends super far into the future, so I haven’t really thought about it.

[Blooming Frost] Not at the moment; the end of SCT is still too far away.

5) Do you have a message for your readers?

[Wenhui] …Please don’t listen to the MTL readers/trolls. The ML is 1 person! 1 person! 1 person!!!

[Reekahia] Yeah. Keep reading SCT and supporting the team. Sounds cliche but it’s from the heart. One more thing… tell us if you see any errors. Hope we all have a wonderful 2018!!!

[Blobber] In lieu of a message for the readers, here’s a limerick for you guys:

Once a girl backstabbed Shi Sheng.

The girl was so pretty and young.

She gloated and thought: she had come out on top,

 But was soon to be butchered and hung.

[Blooming Frost] I think our journey together is going to be fairly long, so hold on tight for this rather bumpy ride to the finish line!

There is one question I want to ask the readers, which character (beside Shi Sheng) is your most favourite? Or one that had at least left an impression on you?

#ShiShengFanclub~! SCT’s main character is such a badass, isn’t she? I’m not surprised that her impressive aura has won over most of the team  — and the readers too, surely? Thank you very much for bringing to us the story of one of the coolest heroines ever, and good luck! ^^

For our last interview tomorrow, join in me in visiting the territory of the lord whose name currently resonates throughout the Finanse Continent — don’t forget to tune in to BlobTV and see ya~! o/

Comments (11)

  1. Ruki · Dec 24, 2017

    Mr.Yandere-chan Cici....... he cute! not like those 2 from Arc 1..(an indifferent) And Mr.Arc 2 (A Simle that never reach Eyes)... well that what I read so far

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  2. Anonymous · Dec 24, 2017

    My fav is Feng Ci He’s ShiSheng’ yandere boy!

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  3. Gugugu · Dec 24, 2017

    My fav is....
    That granpa on 2nd arc

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  4. passerby · Dec 24, 2017

    hahaha its funny , xiexie for everything

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  5. Ash · Dec 24, 2017

    I really like the nameless CEO from the second arc. Despite not having ither lines except "I don't understand these bossess of mine."

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  6. Anonymous · Dec 24, 2017

    Other than Shi Sheng, I like System! It's so cute and pitiful. I hope that System will troll with Shi Sheng more and get beaten up!
    As for the least impressive, isn't that a ridiculous question? Since the character is the least impressive to me, why would I bother an effort to remember?

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  7. exqalp03 · Dec 23, 2017

    That last question of Blooming Frost is quite hard for me, I forget the characters name when not mention frequently, well, I do remember them, not just the name, lol.

    The female lead of the previous world! The one before the cultivation world (current). How should I say this?? It's soothing that the female lead isn't brainless and isn't a nuisance! XD!

    --- Thanks for all so far ^^. A happy 2018 :)

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    • Agent Psyx o7 · Editor · Dec 23, 2017

      Me too! Though I remember this female lead --- Shi Sheng's bestie in that world, right? XD

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    • Anonymous · Dec 24, 2017

      xia man

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    • Blooming Frost · Dec 24, 2017

      I actually remembered her name without needing the glossary! Xia Man was a good female lead! Didn't do weird things and think the world revolved around her

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      • Nielyti · Dec 24, 2017

        Hun, Xia Man.

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