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Delicious Veranda

BlobTV Christmas 2017 Specials — Day 06

Merry Christmas, BlobTV viewers! (Well, to me and those on my side of the world — merry christmas eve to those on the other side!)  

For the last interview, we are currently located at the balcony of a certain Lord’s fort in a certain territory, waiting for a certain team to come out and meet me here…

…W-why is it so cold here…

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Delicious Veranda

BlobTV Christmas 2017 Specials — Day 04

Happy holidays, BlobTV viewers!

Do you know what love at first sight is?

I wouldn’t be the best person to ask this question, but if you asked me what love at first taste is, it’s definitely the food in Earth Cafe~!

A simple and rustic interior — cool, sunny and breezy, with the smell of honey cakes in the air and gentle, golden rays of light filtering through the large glass window…Have you guessed it yet?

Indeed, I am at the place where the novel My Youth Begins With Loving You is set, and I am so glad I have this job~ I tell you, the novel’s descriptions of the food is spot-on!!! >w<

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Delicious Veranda

BlobTV Christmas 2017 Specials — Day 02

Happy holidays, BlobTV viewers! We are currently located just outside Gardina, a splendid, up and coming city for demi-humans!

It is a medieval European-style town in the middle of a forest of the same name, and is developing day by day. According to trusted sources, the founder and leader Dragunir Georg has a grand 100-year plan that aims to turn it into a mighty nation that can rival human countries!

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