BlobTV Christmas 2017 Specials — Day 03

Wazzup, peeps?

Ahem…sorry, I got too caught up in the atmosphere right now — happy holidays, BlobTV viewers!

Right now we’re at the backstage to meet the popular idol unit whose team brings to us the storyworld of Perfect Superstar two times a week…D&D~!

For Perfect Superstar readers, you probably know about translator Zero and the co-translator slash editor DarkShadowScorch, but do you know that they’re part of a bigger team? Yes, Star6! Their teammates are the proofreaders Canary and Kage who are posing as their make-up artists, Eon/Xiao Tian Bao (XTB) the new editor as their assistant, and Blooming Frost the head manager as their…well, manager!

Are you guys ready? Let’s start~!

1) Can you sing/play an instrument? What music genre do you like best?

[Zero] I’ve played the percussion and clarinet before, but not really that proficient in it !

Whereas for music genre, I would say I prefer Mandopop~ and songs that has a catchy beat~~

[DarkShadowScorch] I played the viola before and I’m fairly good with the violin as well. As for music, I enjoy k-pop but I’ve been listening to Chinese music more nowadays for both nostalgia reasons (old music that my parents listened to) and to increase my language mastery.

[Eon/Xiao Tian Bao] No, and Kpop.

[Kage] I can sing. Used to be part of a choir once, the tenor part. Instrument…hmm…does recorder counts? Used to be able to play a bit of guitar, but can’t play it anymore due to lack of practice. As for music, usually classical and instrumental. But now I’m listening to hardbass quite a lot….don’t ask….

[Canary] Yup! I like singing and I used to play piano! Not anymore tho >w< Sometimes I wish I can get back to it – may be leisurely. When I have more time I plan on buying a keyboard~ Music genre is probably K-Pop, but it’s not really a genre xD I like easy-listening best, but I enjoy K-HipHop (even though not so much for the American ones) Apparently I like R&B more than I remembered.

2) With 1 being a common pleb and 10 a superstar, rate your idol-ness level!

[Zero] Cough, cough Can I choose 0 ?

[DarkShadowsScorch]I would definitely say 8 or 9.

Height: 178. Well above average

Body: Ripped athletic body (believe me) ☑️

Special Talents: Viola, being amazing, yada yada ☑️

Comedic? ☑️

Social? ☑️

Singing?  That’s not that important

Idol knowledge? ☑️

[Eon/Xiao Tian Bao] 5

[Karaage] …one of the strangest question I had this year, but okay. Hmm….so….4-5. Middle.

[Canary] 10 beach please I dub myself NUF idol

3) What’s your translation team like?

[Zero] Hmm my translation team? Honestly I feel that all the members are very mature and they take the initiative to do things too, especially when I go MIA for a period of time. Sorz team members 

[DarkShadowScorch] It’s been fun! Haven’t really shifted into gear with the new editor Eon but working with Kage the past couple of weeks have been a pleasure. Always quick and speedy PRs and helps me epitomize the “deadlining maknae” figure. Zero is there half the time but when she is there she helps a lot. (minor salt there) Canary Is the OG PR and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I definitely talked to her the most the past month. Bunny and Blooming Frost both are amazing admins that I can turn to whenever I have problems or need someone to talk to. As for DarkShadowScorch, he’s definitely the best member of the entire team. shameless self promotion.

[Eon/Xiao Tian Bao] Dunno yet. The chat’s dead but DSS is a nice guy

[Kage] Pretty noice~ They are a group of cool people, works fast, and pretty interesting.

[Canary] It’s very.. organized @-@ Also, it’s the biggest team! We’re like AKB48 of BlobT. Blob6 (including Lady Blooming Frost as Head Manager)

4) Do you have any planned projects after PS?

[Zero] Currently I doubt so! As PS is actually quite a long novel in a sense, whereby there’s hundreds and thousands of chapters. So most probably I won’t be taking up any new projects!

[DarkShadowScorch] 919 Chapters. That’s all I’m going to say…

[Eon/Xiao Tian Bao] No

[Kage] Not yet. Depends on what else the translator will take. Oh, maybe work on some manga scanlating. Who knows~?

[Canary] I’m planning on translating a JP one shot called In the Snowing White World (tentative name) / 雪の降る白い世界で. But well, that’s after I get more free time irl too

5) Do you have a message for your readers?

[Zero] Heyy, I hope you love Perfect Superstar~ The reason why I had decided to translate this novel is because I love reading modern world + devoted MC types of novel and translating PS will +1 into the different types of novels available in the novel list pool!! ❤️

[DarkShadowScorch]Hello Blob Family Army!

It’s me DSS! I hope that everybody is having an amazing time and enjoying the holidays. The Perfect Team has enjoyed our brief vacation and will be coming back with much more motivation and time (I hope) and maybe even a stockpile (ha! what a joke). I hope that everyone keeps supporting Perfect Superstar and the Perfect Team in the future. The past couple of months have been a blast and I can’t wait for a new year. There’s many more chapters to come so keep your eyes peeled for more amazing chapters. If you want to come talk to the team feel free to do so in our discord! I’ll be lurking here and there. If I don’t get killed by my PRs for being so close to my deadlines that is. DSS out!

[Canary] Hope you feel blobby today~ 

[Kage] Thank you for reading our translation (well….my team translation since I’m just editing and proofreading….). We hope you enjoy the story as much as we enjoy translating them. And also many thanks for the enormous support~ Read the other story in here and let’s enjoy the ride together~ See ya and Merry Christmas~ blobreach

Woah, 919 chapters? Such a long journey…But with such a team, I’m not that worried — you’ll definitely make it to the end. ^^ Thank you for all your hard work so far and good luck~!

We will be visiting a really cute cafe tomorrow, so don’t forget to tune in! See you~ o/

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