Snow Woman


A young woman sat quietly on the table. The sunlight from the window was reflected on her fair skin. A simple white ribbon decorated her straight, black hair, matching her simple white dress. She was quietly reading an over-sized parchment-binding.

Pretty lady, lock on!

Smoothly walking over, I lightly greeted her, “are you alone? I’m new in this city, mind giving me a tour?”

She gave me a transient look before going back to her reading.

“You’re reading quite a big book, how studious. What is it on?” I asked her again only to be answered with a page-flip.

“How cold. Don’t worry, I’m not here to bother you. Here, let me buy you a drink to start our amicable relationship.” Before I turned to call the waitress, she looked up at me and smiled. Oh, her smile is even more beautiful!

She then grabbed the wand hidden by her hardback and said, “Burn.”

Never would I imagine the pretty lady’s first word towards me would be a ‘burn’ or that I’d be met with a very, very warm welcome—hot, in fact. I was, more or less, aflame.

Only after did the tavern owner tell me, ‘be careful of the snow woman, she’s a fiery one.’

Author Note: I wanted to expand on this more but couldn’t get the time to. So for now, enjoy this super short short story xD

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  1. Raneday · Translator · Dec 22, 2017

    will that snow woman collect some body parts? Does it need some helping hands? Pretty sure Innocent Puppy's hands would come in handy yanno

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    • Canary · Proofreader · Dec 23, 2017

      D: Noone is dying!

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