Blob Translations Welcomes: Ittsuki and Kage

Looming over the night sky
The everpresent moon
Beaming its presence
Tsukikage – Moonlight


Blob Translations would like to announce that it doesn’t only translate CN novels! ( WHAT?!) IKR! This team is actually our first JP translation team! A reclusive ninja in her past life (probably), Ittsuki , her kage bunshin (shadow clone) editor Kage and hidden lurker (stalker *cough*) proofreader Yoshii , they rule over the night sky all silent and deadly!

They’ll be translating a one shot, about a reincarnator’s rereincarnation! Other World Walk Diary of a Relatively Peaceful High School Student:
2nd year high schooler Tendou Rai is a reincarnator — in his previous life, he had a pharmacist mother who specialized in alchemy and a father who skillfully hunted using wind magic. While exploring the basement of an old school building, he had a minor accident and suddenly found himself within a forest in a fantasy world.​

Come on over to Blob Translations and don’t be surprised at the sudden kunai

A tiptoe and a creak
A little ninja has snuck in
Switching documents around
A naughty skillful ninja has come in

Lady Blanc paced in panic
“The mischevious ninja!” she shouted
But there is a new document
The curious ninja left behind
A drawing of Lady Blanc’s smile
May be the ninja is nice after all

A tiptoe and a creak
A little shadow snuck in
Going to and fro and all around
A sneaky shadow cleaned the mess

Carefully without any sound
A quiet shadow moved around
Shh~ tell no soul~!
It’s just the shadow’s night stroll

Are you wondering about me?
A silent reader nodded their head
Oh don’t worry! I’m harmless!
I’m just an innocent lurker narrator

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