Other World Walk Diary by a Relatively Peaceful High School Student

Ya minna~! Hajimemashite Ittsuki ‘ssu!! (Please forgive my habit of saying japanese words as my expression & greetings)

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the readers ^_^.

This is my first time posting a translated novel which should’ve been posted last christmas due to rl (though not due to exams which it’ll take place 3 weeks after new year T_T, wish that it won’t conflict with my birthday).

The novel’s author is Ainana Hiro. Yup, the same author as DM (Death March) which will be having their anime next month (or should it be this month).

Also, I’m treating it as a congratulatory post for the adaption.

Besides DM, I’m also looking on the upcoming animes such as Arifureta & Cardcaptor Sakura.

After, this I’ll go back to arranging my assignment for my school which I’m having problems now.


Almost forgot to give thanks  to Kage who edited the novel and the pr group consisting Blooming Frost, Bunny & YoshiiQ~

So, please enjoy reading it~

Translator: Ittsuki
Editor: Kage
Proofreader: YoshiiQ, Bunny, Blooming Frost

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