BlobTV Christmas 2017 Specials — Secret Santa

Merry Christmas, BlobTV viewers!

How have your Christmas been? Are you spending it with your loved ones, your family, or alone? 
Well don’t worry, we’re also having our party here! Let’s see the BlobT Christmas Party, shall we?

Christmas at Blob Translations
Picture by Innocent Puppy

Well, it’s looking lively! Blobs dancing, blobs hiding, blobs confessing, blobs killi…. wait, what?!
*quickly pans camera*

No, that one blob wasn’t murdering another blob! N-not at all!  

Ah yes the gifts, let’s just look at the gifts, shall we?

The staffs gathered around for a little Secret Santa this year and here are what they got

1) A poem about looking at the clouds
Ad Caelum
2) A poem for Christmas
A tanka about Christmas
A star on the top,
The smell of pine overflows.
Candles and lights on.
Family and friends gather.
A Merry Christmas to you~
3) Anything about whales; drawing, story, poem, whale-talk, or even interpretive dance
4) An emoji of the ‘blob family army’
5) A personal avatar of Yoshii
6) A picture book about winter, lost, and warmth
Memories of a Christmas

7) An art or a story on some BlobT members having a Christmas Party with lots of antics
Blob Translation Christmas Story
Ah, Christmas. The time of celebration. The time of family gathering. The time for once again remembering how it is good time to have each other and counts their blessings. Well, it’s not Thanksgiving, but you still get what I mean.

In this holiday season, we will take a look at one particular group of friend. They are made of a bunch of fun and, sometimes, quirky individuals. But they all have the same objective at hands. To bring more fun into the world. One story at a time. That group name is The BlobT. A group that is filled with many exciting blobs.

Ah, here we found one of them. A girl that is certainly brimming with excitement. Apparently, she was running with all her might. Maybe she was late for something?

“I am late!”

…told ya…

Just as she said, she was late. On her hand, we could see her holding a large paper bag. It looked so heavy that one couldn’t feel worried that she might trip due to those bags. But that particular girl, the one known as Canary, didn’t even show a single sweat while carrying those bags. It looked like she is quite a strong one despite her looks.

A few minutes later she arrived at her destination. It was a small modern building on the corner of the street. On the front of it, one could see a large signboard with the word “Blob Translation” painted on it with bright yellow paint.  Under that large signboard was the entrance of that building, a simple glass door. And once again, one could find the same logo of the “Blob Translation” plastered on the front side of it.

“Sorry, I’m late!” shouted Canary as she slammed open the door. “The store was packed,” said Canary as she put down the heavy looking bag on a nearby table.

“Welcome back, Canary~” replied someone from behind the Christmas tree. “You’re not that late. We’re just starting.”

The reply came from another girl that held a clipboard. The clipboard itself held a stack of paper filled with many reports and the schedule of the team. She is none other than the Head Manager of the group, Blooming “Blanc” Frost. With her usual gentle demeanor that can get serious and blunt when the time calls, she was one of the many administrators that keep the whole schedule on track. And she is also the cutest~

“Am not!”

“”You are the cutest~!””

“Get back to work you!”

“”Y-Yes, Ma’am!””

“You too! Continue the story!”

Y-Yes, Ma’am!…told ya she knows when to be serious.

Back to our story, it seemed that Blanc was not alone. Near her, there were a couple more members. The first one was the one known as Kage, one of the many editors of the group. And the next one was Innocent “Osa” Puppy, a writer, editor, and translator of the group. The two were busy decorating the Christmas tree with various ornaments. From small plastic bells to toy reindeer, to the usual Saint Nick ornaments. All of those were all being hung one by one on the tree branches.

The two guys followed Blanc’s command to the last dot. They circled the tree. They hung the ornament. They let one of the plastic balls rolled down…oh, no….

As the two “helpers” were busy decorating the tree, Kage who was in charge of placing the tinsel on the tree pulled one of them as he was about to place them on the tree. Since the tinsel was stuck under a box, he tilted the box a bit and then pulled the tinsel in one swift move. Unknown to him, that action of him had made one of the plastic balls on top of the box rolled down on to the table. And then onto the floor. Sure enough, it was a disaster waiting to happen since no one around there noticed that one ball. Blanc was busy with monitoring the work, Kage and Osa was the same, while Canary was….asleep…She must be tired from all of that shopping.

As if to answer the call of misfortune, another person entered the room they were in the process of decorating. It was none other than one of the senior member of the group, Psyx. She, a senior editor of the group, was in the middle of checking the last few chapters that they were about to release…or not. It seemed that the senior editor was in the middle of checking the newly released novel from everyone’s favorite website, Novel Updates. And the theme of that novel is-

“BL. What else?”

…I see…

“BL is art! Don’t you know that? It’s a form of art that encompasses the beauty and romance from the various sides a human can show! It’s a form of-“

Watch out for the ball….

“The wha-WOAH!!!!”

Due to her being too preoccupied with her own thought, Psyx failed to realize the ball that rolled toward her. She was only able to notice that object when her foot was already on top of that ball. And, as one would expect, she stepped on it and stumbled backward.


Just at that moment, Osa who was holding a box of ornament walked near her. He who, just like Kage, was too busy doing his work, never noticed Psyx. Thanks to that, the falling Psyx fell to his back, making hims fell down and also made the box he held got thrown away.

It seemed that whoever in charge of the misfortune that night was working overtime as they have added yet another victim to the picture. That new victim has also just entered the room. But unlike Psyx that was busy with her…..novels…., she was busy comparing a few wreath that was on her hand.  That newcomer was none other than another editor of the team, the one that always ended her word with “nya”, Nyaarenne.

“Hello, nya~!”

…ya don’t have to greet me, ya know? But hello~ It’s good manner to always greet others, eh?

“It is, nya~!”

Ah, by the way. The box is on your way.

“The box, nya? What do you-NYOUCH!!!”

Just as one predicted, the box hit her straight on the face. Due to the force of the cardboard projectile, the poor British editor was sent flying backward with her hand still holding onto the wreath. But thankfully, her body didn’t hit the floor. That was because she managed to find something to cling on in the last second.


….and that “something” was none other than the one who started the whole chain of disaster, Kage. By using the wreath she was holding onto, she managed to catch Kage by the neck, strangling him, leaving him tilted to the side while she was hanging onto the wreath.

Unfortunately for them, the whole disaster is not over. Thanks to Nyaarenne pulling him sideways, Kage who was in the middle of putting the tinsel almost fell down. Even though he didn’t really fell down, the sudden force was enough to make him pulled the tree sideways in reflex, making it lean dangerously to the side.

“”THE TREE!!!!””

Scream of horror came from Canary (that was woken up by the ruckus) and Blanc as they saw their ornamental tree’s condition. The two quickly dashed toward the tree and held the tree together, preventing it from toppling over completely. Just as they let out a breath of relief from successfully avoiding the worst disaster, they noticed a shiny object on the corner of their eye starts to wobble.

“”THE STAR!!!”

The two could only shout as the upper-most ornament on the tree, the golden star (made of plastic, of course) fell down.  They couldn’t let go of the tree or it will topple down completely, making their progress back to nothing. But they still have to catch that since it was one of the most important part of the tree.

“G-Gotcha, nya!!”

Just in time, I must say……

Yes, just in the nick of time, the only one that was standing due to strangling Kage’s neck, Nyaarenne managed to catch the falling golden star by sliding on the floor. And at that moment, the sound of the door opening echoed through the whole room.

“Maknae is here! Sorry for the….wait…? Huh?”

“What’s the matter, Maknae?”


The one that just entered, the translator for Chinese novels, DSS – usually known as maknae –  together with the group leader and recruiter, Bunny- usually known as Blee. The two looked at the condition of the room. Psyx and Osa were on the ground with each of them groaning in pain. Kage was crouching, catching up his breath due to the surprise choke attack with the wreath placed near him. Blanc and Canary were holding up the leaning tree. And, last but not least, Nyaarenne was on the floor, presenting them with her newest catch, the golden star.

“…Maknae, help Blanc and Canary with the tree.”

“Will do~!”

It was a disaster, but in the end, the Blob group managed to prepare for the Christmas quite nicely. The tree was saved and it was decorated, much more carefully this time under both Blancs and Blee’s watchful eyes. They also put out the rest of the decoration in the other room, like the wreath Nyaarenne had that time. They also called the other member to prepare for their party.

And…wait, a party? So you will have a party?

“We will,” said Blanc with a matter-of-fact tone.

Can I come?

“Sure~ The more the merrier~ Be sure to bring something, okay?”


Well, that’s all for today. The Blob group will have a nice party and I am invited. Thus why I need to go to get something for them. And with that, I bid you farewell and Merry Christmas~!


It has been a wonderful and Merry Christmas!

We hope you have enjoyed our Christmas 2017 specials and tune in for the next Specials on BlobTV!

Picture by Canary and Blobber


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