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Perfect Superstar Chapter 31

Hey guys!

Hope you are all pleasantly surprised for this chapter. We get a hint of romance for you people that enjoy that type of stuff. In addition, there is a nice time skip.

I will not be able to post every week for the end of April and beginning of May since it is indeed about to be exam season. I will be graduating this year as well so end of the year activities will be in full swing. I will be consistent in providing a chapter every 2 weeks but every week will be rare. As for some of the people that have began commenting on Chapters 7, asking for Chapters 7-9, I would point you towards the FAQ on the translation page. While I certainly would love to have the chapters complete, it would cut into time I would be translating new chapters. I have nothing against that since I already completed the book but I would think the current fans would prefer new chapters as opposed to older ones. That being said, it will not be shelved forever! Just temporarily until I finish up my senior year of high school.

Without much further ado, I present (actually proofread this time):

Chapter 31 – Youth Sure is Nice

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