BlobTV Christmas 2017 Specials — Day 06

Merry Christmas, BlobTV viewers! (Well, to me and those on my side of the world — merry christmas eve to those on the other side!)  

For the last interview, we are currently located at the balcony of a certain Lord’s fort in a certain territory, waiting for a certain team to come out and meet me here…

…W-why is it so cold here…

…Ooooh finally! Here we have them folks, my teammates who are covering the storyworld of Lord & Dragon with me (the editor) — sweet translator toomutchayuzu, punny translation-checker Blobber (who is also in the SCT and MYBWLY teams), and fluffy proofreader Bunny (who is also the group’s leader and recruiter)! We weren’t able to get ahold of our new co-editor lurker YoshiiQ, but we’ll save her a slice of cake on our xmas party later~!

If you haven’t noticed, we’re all wearing uniforms of the maids serving under uke-kun Lord Adam. Not as cute as the outfits of the Renai team, I must say, but cute enough~

So without further ado (because it’s so goddarn cold in here), let’s begin the questioning!

1) If you could be in the shoes of an L&D character for a day, who would it be and why?

[TooMutchaYuzu] The snow witch! Of the characters that showed up so far, I think her backstory is the most interesting! …though it may just be that I like witches just as much as I like dragons……….. (I’m not a traitor, I swear!!!)

[Psyx] I’d love to be in the shoes of head maid Anna for even just a day, especially on the day the lord and his dragon are…well…you know…I-It’ll be just a peek! A peek! And I’d tell you guys all about it, so it’s a win-win!!!

I’d probably have to make a deal with dragon-sama, since he might catch me with his super dragon sense powers, but it’ll be worth it~ *q*

[Blobber] The horse. I imagine it gets fed sugar cubes. I like sugar cubes.

[Bunny] I am intrigued by the Snow Witch. I’m curious about her story. How did she ever fall for somebody like Lord Cyth and how did he inspire such selfless devotion. I wonder if he ever did appreciate her sacrifice or did he just dismiss it as sheer stupidity.

2) Which L&D race do you personally prefer for yourself/partner — dragon, demi-god, elf or human?

[TooMutchaYuzu] Demi-god! Tbh, the dragon race and their lifestyle in the L&D world make me stressed, but that’s a spoiler! Fruys really is a special dragon so you should treasure him a lot!

[Psyx] I haven’t read this spoiler of Yuzu’s yet, but I’ll take her word for it. I dunno how elfs are treated too, so I’ll probably be a demigod as well~

[Blobber] Dragon! My theme song will be “I Believe I Can Fly

[Bunny] I’m biased towards humans! I love my own!

3) What’s your team like?

[TooMutchaYuzu] I would say… in my eyes… our team is like a toaster (not copying Blobber at all…. ). Everything happens like magic! You put in the bread whenever you want, push down the lever, and boop the toast comes out! The weird thing is that I barely know how it works on the inside. I mean, yeah, I get the general idea, but if you left it up to me I would probably put the bread in the oven to “toast” it and accidentally burn it and then it would come out as a piece of burnt crisp. See what I mean? Treasure your toaster! Take good care of your toaster! Every kitchen needs a toaster!

[Psyx] I’d say that it’s a great team, with how we can complement each other’s shortcomings pretty well. Yuzu’s translations are quite high-quality and she stockpiles chapters early on, Blobber is thorough and fast, and Blee is very dependable. They’re such lovely teammates!

[Blobber] We’re like avocado toast1. A match made in heaven. We are more than the sum of our parts. Yuzuki is the bread, since without her, there would be no avocado toast. Psyx and Yoshii are the avocado that really add to the toast and bring it to a new dimension. I’m the butter the bread is toasted with, since I enhance the toast. Blee is like the garnish at the top, that cranks the fanciness level of the avocado toast up to an 11.

[Bunny] Our team is like a cool refreshing glass of halo halo 2. We each have distinct roles to play much like the ingredients of the halo halo-all sweet and fluffy working together in perfect harmony. The result is a symphony of flavors.

4) Do you have any planned projects after L&D?

[TooMutchaYuzu] This is still classified information! XD I have been reading and browsing novels that have dragons, witches, and various other fantasy things in them though!

[Psyx] I’m planning on taking up writing again! I’ll be resurrecting my novel Villainess from hiatus hell, so please wish me luck~

[Blobber] Continuing with My Youth Begins with Loving You and Side Character Transmigrations.

[Bunny] I don’t have anything planned after Lord and Dragon. I just take it as it comes. But I am working on something for the site so stay tuned.

5) Do you have a message for your readers?

[Psyx] *glomps everyone* Thanks for reading L&D~! Let’s all cross our fingers for more uke-kun x dragon-sama lenny face times~

[Blobber] In lieu of a message for the readers, here’s a joke for you guys:

Q: Why did Adam lose his eyesight?

A: Because love makes you blind

[Bunny] Thanks for reading. We’d love to hear from you so don’t forget to leave a comment. We are constantly working on improving our site so please send us a feedback on how we can do better. Thanks!

Thanks for your hard work, guys! I’m sad that Lord and Dragon will be ending soon on its 20th chapter, but I hope we can work together again in the future~ Until then, let’s work hard and finish with a bang! Good luck to us!

And that concludes all 6 interviews — but that doesn’t mean BlobTV ends here! We’ll be covering BlobT’s Christmas Party tomorrow, so don’t forget to tune in and see you there~

  1. A type of open sandwich made with mashed avocado and salt, pepper, and citric juice on toast. 
  2. A popular Filipino dessert with mixtures of shaved ice and evaporated milk to which are added various ingredients, including boiled sweet beans, coconut, sago, gulaman, tubers and fruits. 

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  1. Meow · Dec 24, 2017

    Merry Christmas you guys! And yay, you ended it with our Cutie Lord and Sexy Dragon!

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    • Agent Psyx o7 · Editor · Dec 24, 2017

      Merry Christmas to you too~

      (L&D definitely wasn't the last featured novel because we were the last team to finish answering the questions~ *whistles while averting gaze*)

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    I just notice that lord and dragon is ending soon?! I should learn to check those things next time. Anyway, thank you very much for translating Lord and Dragon to us! I look forward to your every update!

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      Mm I can't believe it's ending soon too... (But then again, we decided to pick this up because it was short...) L&D has really grown on me — it's the first project I'll be completing!

      Until then, let's enjoy the ride and continue supporting our dearest uke-kun and dragon-sama~! ❤️

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