BlobTV Christmas 2017 Specials — Day 04

Happy holidays, BlobTV viewers!

Do you know what love at first sight is?

I wouldn’t be the best person to ask this question, but if you asked me what love at first taste is, it’s definitely the food in Earth Cafe~!

A simple and rustic interior — cool, sunny and breezy, with the smell of honey cakes in the air and gentle, golden rays of light filtering through the large glass window…Have you guessed it yet?

Indeed, I am at the place where the novel My Youth Begins With Loving You is set, and I am so glad I have this job~ I tell you, the novel’s descriptions of the food is spot-on!!! >w<

Are you feeling jealous? Because I am! I am utterly jealous that the Renai team’s job is to visit the cafe everyday as patrons while covering the storyworld of MYBWLY!!!!!!!!!! TT___TT

And here they are: Cloudy the translator, Nyaarenne the editor, Blobber the translation-checker, and Blooming Frost the proofreader!

1) What’s your favorite food?

[Cloudy] Spaghetti, curry, Bún bò Huế1… so delicious! I love everything that my mom makes! I’m unashamedly a glutton. I can be lured out by the simple promise of bubble tea2, but extra points are awarded if you treat me to kbbq3

[Nyaarenne] Being a person from the North of England, I’d have to say Northern fish and chips4, nyaa~

I-i-it’s nyot because I’m a cat, nyaa~!


[Blobber] All pastries and cakes, especially napoleon5 and eclairs6 and danish pastries7 and tiramisu8 and red velvet cake9 and english trifle10 and scones and cream puffs11 and … okay, you get the idea. Oh, but pies can go to hell. Except pumpkin pie12.

[Blooming Frost] Well this is one hard question. I don’t particularly have favourites and just eat food that looks good. Not that all food that looks good taste good but well…ah the smell! If it smells good then I’m all for it!

2) Can you cook? If yes, what’s your favorite recipe and if no, what’s your dream recipe?

[Cloudy] Yes! I can boil water and I even learned how to make cup noodles -wifeymaterial- I’ve studied many cooking guides: The God of Cookery, Masterchef, Hell’s Kitchen, Yumeiro Patissiere, Shokugeki no Soma… Cough I’ve also watched Attack on Titan too, but that one is more of an eating anime, than a cooking anime… :blobsweatsmile: I think I’m a prodigy who just hasn’t found the right opportunity to show-off my skills. The first recipe I want to tackle is my sister’s pesto pasta13! She made it once for me and I. AM. A. FAN! drools, dehydrates, dies

[Nyaarenne] I can cook, nyaa~ I don’t have a particular favourite, since I cook what I feel in the mood to have, nyaa~ Although, I would say that the recipe I’ve cooked the most has to be a stilton14, spring onion and pea tart, nyaa~ Because I want to answer the other question too…my dream recipe would probably be something with chicken, crispiness from something and a potato product that’s crunchy on the outside but fluffy and light on the inside, nyaa~!

[Blobber] Yes, I cook! My favorite sweet recipe is my scone15 recipe. Pair that with raspberry jam and homemade whipped cream and I’m good to go. Yes yes, I know I’m supposed to use clotted cream but I’m a heathen. I usually make a giant batch and freeze the dough. My freezer is always stocked with either that or some cookie dough.

My holy grail recipe is puffed pastry16. For the life of me, I cannot get my puff pastry to puff! I swear I’ve tried a bunch of iterations and followed them to the tee, but it never puffs as much as I want it to. I’ve folded it more than enough times. I’ve chilled it between foldings. Where is it all going wrong?

[Blooming Frost] Cook? W-W-Well I…how would you define cooking? hahahaha…

I would be the cook to survive type. I don’t burn water so I guess that’s a plus?

I used to bake, but I haven’t had the motivation to do so for a while. It was fun and the results we satisfactory but well, the clean-up certainly wasn’t anything to sneeze at. I rather liked baking chocolate chip cookies17. The warm gooey ones that were soft in the middle.

A dream recipe would be one that warms one up from the inside out. Recipes are something I don’t want to follow, so that would be a dream come true for me. Just by working from experience (what experience?) and knowing what is right would be something I want to learn.

3) What’s your team like?

[Cloudy] We’re like a group of friends who live together! Instead of splitting house chores, we split translation duties! Can someone help me? Can you do this? Someone is always around to help out when I need them. Mucho dependable!  Instead of housemates, I rather call them my ‘suite-ies,’ because they are such sweeties! (Blobber! Are you proud of my pun game?)

[Nyaarenne] They are: supportive, fun, encouraging, caring, friendly and make doing this enjoyable, nyaa~! We often talk about the food in the novel and how it makes us hungry, give suggestions for sentences/words that might fit better, and overall have a good time, nyaa~

[Blobber] We are like a kpop girl group because we are all cute as fudge. I honestly think we could all go to an SM audition and blow all the wannabes out of the water. Cloudy would be the leader of the group, and have that unintentional aegyo quality about her. Nyaarenne would be the cool one of the group, like blazing cool. Very swoon-worthy. Blooming Frost would be the uber cute one that oozes responsible adult vibes. Her luggage would definitely be the most organized, and I bet she irons her clothes. Wenhui and I would be twins that sub for each other, unbeknownst to the fans. Our songs would be catchy bubblegum pop and we would perform our choreography with passion, because we put our hearts into everything we do.

[Blooming Frost] Freshly baked cookies!

Cloudy is the dough that forms the base. Blobber and Wenhui would be the choco chips that add to the taste. Nyaarenne sprinkles in the sugar when no one is looking. I would be the cutter for all the shapes!

After reading each chapter that we’ve worked on, we discuss the food mentioned and get hungry as a result. The team works so well together and we just have fun adding in mouth watering pictures and fun gifs. If there is a chapter without the mention of food…I guess we’ll somehow insert a picture in there anyway!

4) Do you have any planned projects after MYBWLY?

[Cloudy] Aiya… sweats  Lets focus on finishing MYBWLY first! It’s going to be tough, but the sweetness will give me enough glucose to carry on!  If there’s enough interest, then I might translate the sequel, “Fireworks.” Some readers prefer it over MYBWLY so it could be your cup of tea slice of cake. I’m open to recommendations as well; after all, I’m here to read great novels too! I’m also interested in proofreading because I want to improve my grammar 

[Nyaarenne] Well, it’s nyot really after this project, but I’m considering editing another chinese novel that’s set in historical times, so possibly look forward to that, nyaa~

[Blobber] Continue with Side Character Transmigrations.

[Blooming Frost] Continuing on with SCT. MYBWLY is still a pretty long project though. But we’ll do our best to ensure all the sweetness in the story is shown to our readers!

5) Do you have a message for your readers?

[Cloudy] Thank you for giving MYBWLY a taste! I hope each release will satisfy your sugar craving ^w^ I appreciate each single comment, and I look forward to hearing from you guys each week. 

[Nyaarenne] Thank you for taking the time to read MYBWLY, nyaa~!

I hope that your own lives are just as sweet as the food that Miao Yuan makes and that you find happiness in everything you do, nyaa~


[Blobber] In lieu of a message for the readers, here’s a joke (or two) for you guys:

Q: Why can Miao Yuan be so dense and slow at times?

A: Because she’s baked

Q: What did Chen Mo say when Miao Yuan baked him some cake from a pre-made cake mix?

A: That looks like a piece of cake.

[Blooming Frost] Everyone, thanks for starting this sweet story! To think that so much sweetness had already oozed into the air when we’re still at the beginning. Luckily small doses are given each week. otherwise there would be sweetness overload!

So, a question for the readers: What would be your ideal snack? It doesn’t have to be something sweet, just something that you enjoy eating.


And that’s a wrap! Thank you very much for all your hard work, and good luck! Please make us drool some more over the male lead’s coolness and more importantly, the food~ *q*

The next interview for tomorrow will feature a…shall we say, top-secret location, so tune in to BlobTV again and see you there~! o/

  1. Vietnamese soup containing rice vermicelli (bún) and beef (bò)
  2. English cheese, produced in two varieties: Blue, known for its characteristic strong smell and taste, and the lesser-known White 
  3. Also known as pâte feuilletée, is a flaky light pastry containing several layers of butter which is in solid state at 20 °C 

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      Sherlock, there are a lot of shops that sell cookies! It's usually baked fresh in the bread isle at the supermarkets

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    nice~!!!! Well, hopefully all goes well XD!

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