MYBWLY Chapter 14: Guns & Roses (2)

N-nyaa? OwO

ahem Ni hao~!

This is Nyaarenne speaking after a minor catnap hiatus.

Today is Mother’s Day over here in the UK, and I couldn’t help thinking of how mothers everywhere receive gifts from their children to show their love for them, nyaa. Then, I thought of how Chen Mo is like a child in terms of love, with Miao Yuan being the mother guiding him, nyaa. This chapter could be considered as Chen Mo’s Mother’s Day gift to Miao Yuan, with lots of warm fuzzy moments to squeal over, nyaa~!

Anyway, enough of me talking, here’s your much awaited chapter, nyaa~!

The Youth Team would like to also welcome mcsmacky! Having an additional editor means we can work towards that stockpile!

Translator: Cloudy
Editor: Nahrenne, mcsmacky
Translation Checker: OmniBlob
Proofreader: Blooming Frost

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