Alice is your everyday blob that usually lazes around without doing anything. She is willing to edit, but generally pushes the job to others for the sake of maintaining her cheering pompoms in hand, it’s hard to hold the pen and the pompoms at the same time after all!
… What about the crystal ball on Alice’s hand you say? That’s Alice magical pom pom of course!

Alice has the weird habit of talking about herself on the 3rd person too, it’s more fun like this. Alice is happy to meet you all! Let’s have fun together!

Liu Yao: The Revitalization of Fuyao Sect Staff Interview

1) Which Liu Yao character is your favorite?
It’s a bit hard to answer as I only read a few chapters so far, and I honestly liked most of the characters, Liu Yao was a novel I actually didn’t expect to like as I’m not really fond of xianxia at all, yet I absolutely fell in love with it super duper quickly! I really love the characters a huge lot!!!!

That’s not really an answer, is it…? 

I think my favorite one right now is Li Yun. I like how he is pretty arrogant and full of self, but also a pretty free-spirited person, and that even though he is pretty scheming and the like, he also cares about Han Yuan considerably, I think it’s a really nice trait of him.

I also like the fact that he also puts a strong facade, but is also a scaredycat in face of real danger, it’s not common to see this kind of weakness depicted, but it’s a very real feeling we all feel, so I think it makes him a really nice character!

2) If you were a cultivator, what kind of sect would you join, and what kind of lofty, pompous name/title would you want to have?
That’s actually a really hard thing for me to answer, because… As I said, I rarely read any xianxias in the first place!!! I’ll try answering to the best of my capabilities though!

I think I would try to join a friendly, small and non-ambitious sect. Big communities tend to get a really big and scary hierarchy, and involve themselves in a lot of deep troubles that often end up causing troubles to the lower positions… I think a small community is usually best, one in which you can become close friends with the head and have a casual chit-chat with them is best… I wouldn’t need any particularly ambitious goal, just try to enjoy the trip forward and do my best at my own pace… I think it’s the kind of environment I would aim for…

I wonder if I answered the first part of the question with this… I mean, are xianxia sects more deeper than that? Do they have different sects for different types of studies or something? I don’t know any of that!!!

Ah, moving on… My pompous name/title? That’s… Well, I’m not that fond of chuuni names tbh, I do like to call myself a Magical Girl of Love and Justice, but I don’t think that would fit a cultivation setting very well…?

Hmmmmm… It’s a really hard to answer question, I would probably be good with anything cute that my friends decided for me, I think that would be good enough. I tend to not be very picky with those things, though if I dislike a nickname, I do everything I can to stop people from using it!

3) What’s your team like?

Ah… Well, that’s kind of a weird to answer question…

Nan-chan is a really lovely and sweet girl that totally conquered my heart! You know, when I decided to edit for Liu Yao, it was more because I didn’t want her to feel there was no team to support her back when she joined BlobT, we were in lack of editors, she asked and nobody volunteered for it… So I decided to give it a shot! I thought I could just give up if I couldn’t keep up with her release pace anyway!

Well, I did say she conquered my heart really quickly, didn’t I? Not only did I fall in love with Liu Yao, but I felt a really strong affinity with her, I really love working with Nan-chan and definitely want to accompany her for as much as I can! I have no idea how big Liu Yao is, but I assume it’s big (since most xianxias are), so I can’t promise I’ll be there for the whole trip, but I definitely want to try! I really enjoy working with her and really really want to stay together from now onwards!

I’m actually a bit of a self-depreciative person, I always think my edits aren’t good enough, or that my work isn’t that great, yet she always gave me lot of thanks for my hardwork and usually was pretty thankful for my edits, this really boosted my self-esteem with editing as well! I think this made Liu Yao get even more special for me! …

I’m a bit of a terrible girl with schedules though, it’s rare for me to miss deadlines, but I tend to leave things for the last minute all the time… So I think I always give her extra trouble by reviewing my edits right at the last minute… I wanna get better! I wanna finish my edits in advance to not have to give this kind of work to Nan-chan on the future!

Overall, it’s a great translation team that makes me very very happy to be a part with! I hope we can keep on being in a wonderful relationship together! \ (^^)/

4) Do you have any planned projects after LY?

Ah, I do! It’s actually related to my original plans back when I joined BlobT, I actually wanted to translate only the novels from a particular friend of mine that I care a lot for, I don’t think I’ll pick any projects that aren’t from Nan-chan or her, but I do intend to work my best with this friend too, she is someone I really want to be together with…

She will be the one translating though, and I’m fine with anything she picks, so I don’t have any specific project in mind! xD

5) Do you have a message for your readers?

Please continue supporting us and I hope you all enjoy reading Liu Yao as much as I do! ^^)/

Unlimited Machine War Chapter 2 (Teaser)

This is the 2nd chapter of this teaser! Hopefully you all like it! ^^)/ Phew, took a long while for us to release this one, I wonder when the next chapter will come? Here it is anyway:  

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Liu Yao Volume 1 Chapter 16

Hi Hi Hi, its YoshiiQ. Hope everyone enjoyed their winter break. Alice-chan will be busy for a while so me and Ars will be co-editing the next couple of chapters. For those who waited, here’s Chapter 16   Translator: Nanming Editor: Alice Proofreader: YoshiiQ

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Liu Yao Volume 1 Chapter 15

I am soooooo sorry for the messed up schedule, and I am sorry that this chapter came so late, but I promise I will make up those chapters in February when I will have a holiday. >_< And here are some fan arts I found. link1: if you want the pics without words on them,

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Liu Yao Volume 1 Chapter 14

Hello everyone! , the dazzling and sleepy YoshiiQ here. Thought its about time I say hello. Hope you all are gonna have a wonderful Christmas. Seeing as it was my first time, uploading this chapter was nerve racking. Hope you enjoy Chapter 14!     Translator: Nanming Editor: Alice Proofreader: YoshiiQ

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Liu Yao Volume 1 Chapter 13

What’s up, guys? It’s Nanming again! Christmas is coming around, and I am reaaaally busy these days. But I still find pleasure in translation, in a way it saves me from the tedious work! Here are some fan arts of Liu Yao I found the other day when I was surfing the Internet. If you’re

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