Blob Translations Welcomes: toomutchayuzu!

Oh no! After welcoming ourselves, we completely forgot to welcome the duo who brought BlobT (the cutest blob around) to life with:

“Lord and Dragon”​

toomutchayuzu and Agent Psyx o7 have been working hard together to bring this novel to the public. With help from the whaleful blobber (TLC) and Queen blob, Bunny (PR), Lord and Dragon has bounced onto the scene! It may have already been a month since they released their first chapter, but welcomes are still relevant when it wasn’t done the first time!

*puts on shades* (:blobspy: – Agent Psyx o7)

Lord and Dragon, to put it simply, is a short and sweet moe-moe shounen ai story about a clingy young lord and his kuudere guard-dragon. There’s melodrama, war snippets, fief management issues, descriptions of “blue”, “ice”, “lovely scales”, and the fool-proof naive-slash-dense MC + iceberg-faced marshmallow-hearted love interest combination. It’s nothing original or ground-breaking, but that’s not the novel’s main charm point anyway.

What’s the charm point?

Dragons, ofc! The MC is a total fanboy who would never pass up the chance to stroke those lovely, lovely scales. Mm, never change, cute little uke-kun. *nods head*

It’s too bad there’s no actual depiction of hanky panky going on, but I guess that makes it totally safe for normies. Hooray for them?

You’ll have to read the story itself to learn more so go check it out now! ^^

So without further ado let’s give a big round of applause to welcome Yuzyx and the blob squad!

Flapping of wings
As they dance and sing
To the moon!
To the stars!
Oh what else might it bring?​

Yuzu drinks matcha
Psyx sneaks in
Blobber whales loudly
As Bunny hops; one, two and three

Blooming Frost

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