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Di Daughter’s Rebirth: Sheng Shi Wang Fei

On her wedding day, she was humiliated; her status as the first wife was instantly changed into that of a concubine.

“Slut, marrying you is the shame of my life; you make me sick!” These cold, heartless words were said by her childhood sweetheart, now husband.

. . .

“Ke ke ke…Jiejie, oh jiejie, thank you for your help. Jiejie, you’re good to go; Meimei will take good care of your husband in your place to help you enjoy the blessings that you can not.” These words spat out by her smiling cousin made her whole body feel cold.

. . .

“Evil woman, the Shen family doesn’t have a daughter like you who knows no shame. Get lost!”

Was this her relative? No!

. . .

Becoming a target of criticism when she was submersed in the cold lake, she suddenly realized that all of this was the result of another person’s scheme — but it was already too late!

. . .

Instead of dying, she went back to the past, back to when her parents were still alive and loving towards each other, back to when she was not yet an orphan but the doted Di daughter of the Shen family.

In this new life, she will protect the people she loves and never repeat the mistakes of the past life, and for those who hurt her…she will make them pay the price!


This novel will be updated twice a week by the team of translator TTNR, editors Thrynki and XiaoXuan, and translation-checker Omniblob~ (≧∇≦)/ Do leave some comments once you’re done reading the first few chapters so that the team can get some feedback, okay? 

Have fun~♪ ! 

The leaves of autumn fall onto the ground

Red, they were; red like blood

That stained not the sheets on her wedding eve

But her reputation and his love


The nights of autumn wrap darkness around a desolate street

Cold, they were; cold like his voice

His words, his eyes, his heart

When he called her a slut, a whore, a mistake

And cast her to a life of mockery


The winds of autumn titter along the road to nowhere

Cruel, they were; cruel like the smile

Her cousin wore while she was tied up

Then thrown into the freezing lake


Deeper and deeper, she sank

Into despair

Into hatred

Into death

And now she is gone

That girl is no more

The one inside, when she opened her eyes

Was vengeance

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