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Blob Translations Welcomes: Caelum!

“A witch reads a sad tale about the events in Kanashi Village. Angry at the events, she enters into the tale, hoping to give everyone a happy ending.”

Sleepy with doubt at what she can bring
Yawning out loudly as Spring creeps in
Nature is teeming with things to do
So wake up!
There’s no time for rest!

We only need to take one step forward into the unknown
Where creatures of all shapes and sizes


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Delicious Veranda

Blob Translations Welcomes: Ittsuki and Kage

Looming over the night sky
The everpresent moon
Beaming its presence
Tsukikage – Moonlight


Blob Translations would like to announce that it doesn’t only translate CN novels! ( WHAT?!) IKR! This team is actually our first JP translation team! A reclusive ninja in her past life (probably), Ittsuki , her kage bunshin (shadow clone) editor Kage and hidden lurker (stalker *cough*) proofreader Yoshii , they rule over the night sky all silent and deadly!

They’ll be translating a one shot, about a reincarnator’s rereincarnation! Other World Walk Diary of a Relatively Peaceful High School Student:
2nd year high schooler Tendou Rai is a reincarnator — in his previous life, he had a pharmacist mother who specialized in alchemy and a father who skillfully hunted using wind magic. While exploring the basement of an old school building, he had a minor accident and suddenly found himself within a forest in a fantasy world.​

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