Chapter 14: Needing to Establish Rules

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“Mom! “

Regarding her own embroidery work, Shen Jingshu was really embarrassed. Even though she was a girl, her embroidery work was not something to be admired.

“Haha, Shu-er, it’s a part of growing up. We did not force you to learn in the past since you were willful, but you will have to learn it eventually. Therefore, mom will teach you starting tomorrow, alright? Maybe when the time comes for little brother to be born, Shu-er will also be able to make clothes for little brother? At that time, little brother will certainly be very happy!”

It had to be said that Dan Yuerong was truly skilled in tempting a child. She was so tempting that, if Shen Jingshu had really been just a child, she would have certainly felt interested. But in Shen Jingshu’s past life, she had been very clear that she was truly unskilled at embroidery. In this life, she could only try saying with a smile, “Mother, you must properly rest now. Let’s talk about this matter of me learning embroidery later!” If Shen Jingshu had actually been a child, then maybe Dan Yuerong would have been able to change her mind, but with her temper, she could not be forced to do something that she had never been fond of, like needlework.

“But Shu-er…” Dan Yuerong still wanted to say something, but Shen Wenhua felt sorry for Shen Jingshu and spoke up, “Alright, Rong-er, Shu-er is still young, and these things can’t be rushed.” Shen Wenhua did not want his daughter’s fingers to be pricked full of holes like a beehive. In addition, the household did not lack people to make clothes, so his daughter had no need to be proficient. If worse came to worst, sending over several people who excelled in embroidery when his daughter got married was also fine.

However, with regards to his daughter’s marriage, Shen Wenhua was very reluctant to let her go, and so he immediately took that thought and nipped it in the bud.

“You only know how to spoil her!” Dan Yuerong smiled. She knew that Shen Wenhua loved Shen Jingshu, naturally she would not say anything. Additionally, she also felt sorry for Shen Jingshu and did not mention this matter again.

The family talked and laughed until dinner time, and only then did they instruct people to bring out their meal. Although it was not luxurious, it was still exquisite. The Shen family’s life had always been of high quality. The family smiled as they sat down, but the originally pleasant mood changed after they saw a certain person. “Xi Que, now that you have already shown us that you want to be a concubine, regarding these matters, you do not have to wait on us.” Dan Yuerong did not feel comfortable after seeing Xi Que’s pink clothes.

It was truly unpleasant knowing that the other person’s intention was to seduce her husband and that she was also wandering about in front of her every day!

Furen, this is what nubi should do. It is nubi’s duty to carefully serve Laoye and Furen. So, I hope Furen will allow me to do this.” Xi Que had dressed very exquisitely today in the hopes of getting Shen Wenhua to look at her, but Shen Wenhua’s eyes had stayed on Dan Yuerong’s body from the moment he had arrived. How could Xi Que not be jealous?

Was Furen as young and beautiful as her? What kind of spell had Furen put on Laoye, to only love Furen for all these years?

The jealousy in her heart caused Xi Que to have no choice but to hang her head in frustration, giving off an obedient appearance. However, by standing obediently between Shen Wenhua and Dan Yuerong, her attitude was clear.

“Xi Que…” Dan Yuerong wanted to add something, but Zhao momo came over at that moment. “Laoye, Furen, Xi Que offered herself to you today, according to reason, she must serve here. The custom cannot be broken, and it is also to avoid Xi Que disrespecting Laoye and Furen in the future.” In order to be accepted, newly brought-in concubines had to drink tea offered by the main wife, but Dan Yuerong seemed to have forgotten this. Zhao momo’s cautionary words also acted as a reminder.

There was no tea ceremony with the main wife? Then she will serve here since she is still a servant, and establish where Xi Que stood in the household! She did not believe that Dan Yuerong would actually cast Xi Que aside!

Zhao momo did not expect that Dan Yuerong would dare to handle them in any way, but she forgot, how could Shen Wenhua tolerate others bullying Dan Yuerong?

“Impudent! Zhao momo, when did it become your turn to arrange these matters? Did I not say? In the future, these matters will be managed by Furen. We are not accustomed to having people serve us while we have our meal, so let her leave!”

Laoye, the custom…” This established custom was followed in every household. With Laoye doing this, and even in front of so many people, wasn’t it openly undermining her?

“What established custom? Although she offered herself, I never acknowledged it. Decide her standing? Let…” Shen Wenhua wanted to add something else, but Dan Yuerong quickly placed a hand on him at his side to stop his words. “Alright, momo. While our household eats, we have never been fond of people serving us. Let Xi Que withdraw!” She could not be too offensive to Zhao momo since her pregnancy still had a long way to go, and this matter was difficult to handle.

“Yes, Furen!” After being met with Shen Wenhua’s anger, Zhao momo also felt anger in her heart. She felt as though she did not recognize Shen Wenhua after he acted this way towards her!

Laoye had always respected her, was it really because Furen had said something? Why was he now…

No, definitely not, she would not allow Furen to succeed!

With her mind filled with anger, she pulled Xi Que to leave. Of course, in Zhao momo’s heart, she held a deep grudge.

As Shen Wenhua watched Zhao momo walk away, he also felt a bit of dissatisfaction towards Dan Yuerong. “Rong-er, why did you stop me? This Zhao momo, she…” If it simply ended like this, wouldn’t Rong-er still feel aggrieved? “Laoye, you should relax. Regarding this matter, I have my own way of handling it!”

“Handling it? You are just making yourself suffer, how is that handling it? I’ve never touched that Xi Que, so it would better to send her up to the countryside and avoid her staying here and angering you!”

Shen Wenhua now thought that Xi Que was even less pleasing to the eye, naturally he wanted to send her away.

“Wenhua, absolutely not!” Dan Yuerong was very happy after hearing her husband’s words, but she was afraid that if Xi Que was actually sent away, those people in the capital would act resentfully.

“Are you worried about mother? Do not worry, I will explain this matter to mother myself!”

“Wenhua, you listen to me. I am now pregnant, if the person is not Xi Que, then it will be someone else. Over the years, all mother has cared about is your heir, after this time, mother will not compromise again.” It had been numerous years, and Dan Yuerong knew that her mother-in-law’s patience had reached its limit.

“Rong-er, I…” Knowing that what Dan Yuerong said was true, Shen Wenhua was filled with guilt as he looked at his wife’s face.

Years ago, he had promised to give her a lifetime of happiness, but now…

“Wenhua, do not say anything. I understand. Regarding this matter, I know how to deal with it. Do not worry, I will handle it well.” Now that Xi Que’s path had been blocked for the time being, she could reduce many of her worries. Everything could wait until the child in her stomach was born. Right now, nothing was more important than the baby in her stomach.

“Rong-er…” Pulling Dan Yuerong’s hand, Shen Wenhua knew that, relating to this matter, he hadn’t been considerate enough of her.

“Alright, you should eat. You have worked hard all day, so you should properly rest.” Changing the topic, Dan Yuerong gave Shen Wenhua a reassuring expression and passed Shen Wenhua a dish. “This is your favorite sweet and sour deep fried fish, it will not be as delicious if it gets cold. “

“Alright!” Nodding slightly, the husband and wife came to a mutual understanding, and Shen Wenhua did not mention it again. The two people looked at each other and smiled. Looking down at their daughter, it seemed that she had not heard what they had said, and their hearts suddenly felt relieved.

Their child was still young and should not be affected by these vulgar things. It was enough for their Shu-er to live happily.

However, they did not know that Shen Jingshu had only been pretending to lower her head and eat. Although she had not heard what her parents said, but after living two lives, how could she not understand?

She clenched her small hands into fists. Shen Jingshu hated that she could not immediately put an end to Xi Que, but she knew that there would be even more trouble later on if it was done without a reason, so…

It seems it was time for her to use that person.


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