Chapter 43: Shizi Pays a Visit

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Since Shen Jingshu’s goal had been reached, naturally she was happy to leave. Just before leaving, Shen Jingshu noticed someone’s eyes on her and looked over, it turned out to be Duan Wang shizi! At that moment, Duan Wang shizi saw Shen Jingshu looking at him but did not avert his eyes. Instead, he nodded politely at Shen Jingshu and smiled. Although his smile was slight, it looked like dazzling spring flowers, blinding one’s eyes.

Quickly averting her gaze, Shen Jingshu had never doubted this person’s charm. She recalled the glorious glimpse she had caught of him in the past life. Even though Shen Jingshu had only seen this man once, it was unforgettable!

Did he also come to Jiangnan in the past life? However, with Duan wangfu’s 1situation like it was, and since he was still young, it was also good to avoid it.

In her heart, she could not help but feel some sorrow for Duan wang shizi. Shen Jingshu instructed the carriage to leave, before leaving she smelt a burst of elegant plum blossom fragrance glide past. Shen Jingshu looked through the curtain saw that a black clothed man straight across from her. With the other person facing her, Shen Jingshu couldn’t help but duck away. Perhaps it was because she felt that the other person’s eyes were too bright and too piercing.

Although Duan wang shizi seemed like an outsider today, Shen Jingshu had a feeling that the other person was aware of her actions. When she was confronted by Duan wang shizi, she felt somewhat guilty.


After Qi Shaodong’s birthday, the matter of Qi family’s people’s lusting after the Shen family’s wealth was exposed. It was also Qi laoye’s bad luck, there were always many people who were skeptical of him, and as a result, they grabbed ahold of Qi laoye’s mistake this time and used it to keep discrediting him. In the end, Qi laoye had to bring Qi Shaodong and apologize to the Shen family and also send a lot of valuables. Only then could this matter be considered over.  

However, Qi laoye also suffered his superior’s dissatisfaction because of this matter. That superior took the things that Qi laoye had gifted him and personally delivered them to Shen Wenhua. Qi laoye was also given a bad review on his evaluation, rendering it hopeless for Qi laoye to get a promotion. It was hard for Qi shaoye to avoid some blame, and even Qi furen was affected. Qi laoye doted on the maids and concubines even more, making Qi furen miserable.

After learning of all this, Shen Jingshu was particularly happy. The things had all been recovered and she had also received many other good things. Fiddling with the things in her hands, Shen Jingshu felt at ease.

“Haha, it was all Xiaojie’s plan. Now that laoye has gotten those works of calligraphy and paintings, he has been smiling much more in the past few days.” It was natural for a scholar to like these things, Shen Wenhua was also a collecting enthusiast. If it weren’t for Shen Jingshu’s coaxing and pestering before, how would Shen Wenhua be willing to give them away?

“As long as daddy is happy! “How could Shen Jingshung not know that Shen Wenhua was actually reluctant to part with those items? But everything was fine now.  Qi laoye tried to steal the chicken but ended up losing the rice and now his reputation could be considered ruined as well. Because of this incident, his boss was also dissatisfied with him, Qi laoye’s official route was bound to be bumpier.


As the days passed, some people were happy and some people were worried. Since it would soon be New Year, Shen Jingshu watched as her courtyard became more and more festive. Everything was in order and Dan Yuerong’s stomach was growing bigger and bigger. Shen Jingshu never thought her family would be so happy and satisfied.

It would be good to be able to feel this all the time. She would surely guard her present happiness!

Xiaojie, a lot of snow has fallen. Xiaojie, quickly come and see!” It did not snow very much in Jingnan, although it had snowed sporadically this year, it still was not much. However, waking up this morning, the whole world had become white.

“Haha, very beautiful!” Having woken up early, Shen Jingshu wanted to laze in bed. After putting on a thick cotton jacket and washing her face and rinsing her mouth, she went to see Dan Yuerong. However, Dan Yuerong is a bit busy today.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Watching the various things being prepared, Shen Jingshu felt somewhat confused.

Hadn’t all the New Year’s gifts been delivered? What……

“Your dad told me yesterday that Duan Wang shizi was still here. As the second-ranked provincial magistrate, it is important for your dad to go over and greet him.” It was originally believed that Duan Wang shizi would only be there for a short stay and Shen Wenhua had already met him. However, now that the New Year was soon ending and the other person was still there, this display of etiquette could not be avoided.

“Is he still here?” He did not return to the capital to celebrate the New Year the entire time?

Shen Jingshu was originally somewhat surprised, but when she thought of Duan wangfu ’s affairs, Shen Jingshu thought that this was also understandable.  

With his status, he was afraid to stay in the Wangfu around this time of the year, right? After all, Duan Wangfei 2had already passed away and Duan Wang had already remarried. It was currently New Year’s celebration and Duan Wang and the new Wangfei were celebrating New Year’s together. Was he afraid that this scene would invoke too many emotions? Not to mention…

“En, Duan Wang shizi has been here for some time, I have heard that he intends to go to school here. I’m afraid that he will not leave for a while. Your daddy intends to let me send a gift, otherwise, it will not look good on the surface.” The other person actually represented Duan wangfu, and Duan Wang shizi was here celebrating the New Year alone, Dan Yuerong also felt some pity.  

That child was actually a good child, what a pity…

“So it’s like this! ”  Shen Jingshu understood, even though Duan Wang shizi had a fabulous appearance, nobody knew the true situation at Duan wangfu. But, no matter what, for a child who did not have his mother’s protection and a stepmother with her own child, Duan Wang shizi’s days were not very easy. Most of all, that stepmother would not be easy to deal with.

Wasn’t it like this in the past life? He was a magnificent person that people used to scramble after. However, in the past life, right until she died, she had never seen that person marry. This was probably that stepmother’s doing!

“Alright, it’s snowing today. You must not run around. Obediently stay in the room, you cannot catch a cold. Do you understand?”

“I understand Mom!” Watching Dan Yuerong and Ruan momo check the gift list, Shen Jingshu was not talkative, and only glanced at Ruan momo. These days, there had been no action from Ruan momo’s side, but she knew that Ruan momo had secretly sent several people to contact Qian momo. Towards those people in the countryside, Ruan momo had instructed for them to receive good hospitality. Shen Jingshu knew that Ruan momo would take action sooner or later. She was afraid it would be sooner.

Looking at Dan Yuerong’s stomach, there were still four more months before she would be able to meet her younger brother. Shen Jingshu was very much looking forward to it, she was not afraid of those troubles in the future!


Dan Yuerong’s gifts were sent out according to proper etiquette, they were neither too expensive nor too light. Dan Yuerong originally believed that this matter was done, but she did not expect that Duan Wang shizi would personally come to deliver a return gift the next day.  

“Did you say that Duan Wang shizi came?” When Shen Jingshu heard this news, she was very surprised. Duan Wang shizi was what kind of person? Although she did not have much contact with him, she also knew that the other person’s temperament was somewhat cold. Furthermore, it seemed that he did not like to have too much interaction with other people, how could this happen?

“Isn’t it? Xiaojie, Duan Wang shizi is already in the hall. Furen has already sent someone to ask Laoye to come and sent nubi to bring Xiaojie over!” Duan Wang shizi’s arrival seemed to have made all the people in the household very happy. After all, it was rare to see such a magnificent man, not to mention one of Duan Wang shizi’s status. It was uncommon to see a person with such a high status stay in Jingnan for such a long time.

“Then let’s go and see!” Why did he come?

From the bottom of her heart, she had always felt that Duan Wang shizi’s cold eyes could see through everything.  Shen Jingshu subconsciously wanted to avoid the other person.

She did not like this feeling of being seen through by others!


  1. Prince’s Household
  2. Royal Concubine/Official Wife of a Wang
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