FIM (Teaser)

Hello everyone! I had some free time and wanted to translate a few chapters of a novel I enjoyed. This novel was dropped awhile ago and has not been picked up yet, I will not be translating the full novel and will only release chapters if and when I have the time. In other words, hopefully someone else will pick this up soon! Enjoy chapter 13 & 14. 


I prefer to lurk…passively judging everybody and everything from the safety of my computer screen but decided to step out and try my hand at translating. 🤓 I hope you all enjoy reading along as we follow our female lead’s story and cackle as she gets her revenge! 😈 (Yes, I’m THAT person) Enjoy!!! 🤗

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  1. Anonymous · Dec 20, 2018

    Woww thank you!!!!

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  2. Jeremiah Kuroudo · Oct 11, 2018

    I hope that you'll change your mind and continued to translate this novel...though its not really a well known story but i am hooked to this one and i enjoy your way of translating it and the other stories. Thank you so much and more blessing. :)

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