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Volume 5, Chapter 7
Work In Progress

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Innocent Puppy

Amateur Poet and Wanna-be-Writer looking to make your day a little Brighter.

"A kind word, a gentle smile, they're Infectious things. Why not go and get someone sick on Kindness?"

[No matter was life throws at you, remember to Keep on Smiling.]

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  1. Amodock · Jun 29, 2018

    Did this get dropped?

  2. Hmm · Jun 10, 2018


  3. That lurker over there · Mar 7, 2018

    any estimations on how long it will take until this chapters translation is complete?

  4. Sadness · Mar 5, 2018


  5. Q.Q I know I am making you guys way. Sorry about the trouble. Been harder to catch up with everything than i thought. That being said, I AM making progress, little by little, I've not stopped completely......orz....

  6. Luci · Feb 22, 2018

    Will you be back anytime soon?

  7. Shelwyn · Jan 29, 2018

    My beloved translators where is the donation link for this story? While I won't promise to give much a small token of appreciation sounds okay too.

    • unfortunately not! This is purely a Fan translation! If you really want to donate, I suggest donating to the Author instead!

      • Le Bleu Soleil de l'Ange · Feb 2, 2018

        Ah, translating for a search of experience for writing your own story?

  8. jupsten · Jan 15, 2018

    great chapter, thank yous for translating

  9. orz.... Gonna be delayed again, I'm working on some fixes try to get it running again.

  10. McGroarty · Dec 11, 2017

    Wonder what creature Kirby ate to become a construction worker/carpenter?

    • *smg* Poor guy, and he only had a few days before retirement, too.

      • Skryln · Dec 27, 2017

        is Kirby now a death flag like truck-kun

    • Asdf · Jan 15, 2018

      Bob The Builder? Tim the Tool Man Taylor?