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Volume 5, Chapter 5
Work In Progress

(ETA: Temporally suspended)

orz…  I screwed up and saved over the Translation…..QAQ I’m sorry.
I’m going to have to redo this chapter, but with classes, my time taken up for the next period.
I’ll be working on it a bit by bit, but its better to think this is suspended until I can get the momentum back.
Its won’t be a long time, but even still, sorry for the trouble…..
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Innocent Puppy

Amateur Poet and Wanna-be-Writer looking to make your day a little Brighter.

"A kind word, a gentle smile, they're Infectious things. Why not go and get someone sick on Kindness?"

[No matter was life throws at you, remember to Keep on Smiling.]

Comments (13)

  1. That lurker over there · Mar 7, 2018

    any estimations on how long it will take until this chapters translation is complete?

  2. Sadness · Mar 5, 2018


  3. Q.Q I know I am making you guys way. Sorry about the trouble. Been harder to catch up with everything than i thought. That being said, I AM making progress, little by little, I've not stopped completely......orz....

  4. Luci · Feb 22, 2018

    Will you be back anytime soon?

  5. Shelwyn · Jan 29, 2018

    My beloved translators where is the donation link for this story? While I won't promise to give much a small token of appreciation sounds okay too.

    • unfortunately not! This is purely a Fan translation! If you really want to donate, I suggest donating to the Author instead!

      • Le Bleu Soleil de l'Ange · Feb 2, 2018

        Ah, translating for a search of experience for writing your own story?

  6. jupsten · Jan 15, 2018

    great chapter, thank yous for translating

  7. orz.... Gonna be delayed again, I'm working on some fixes try to get it running again.

  8. McGroarty · Dec 11, 2017

    Wonder what creature Kirby ate to become a construction worker/carpenter?

    • *smg* Poor guy, and he only had a few days before retirement, too.

      • Skryln · Dec 27, 2017

        is Kirby now a death flag like truck-kun

    • Asdf · Jan 15, 2018

      Bob The Builder? Tim the Tool Man Taylor?