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A Large increase in Population: It’s time to get started


At last, the fateful day had come.

This is the day he promised Ed and Raymond: the 200th day.

Georg and the others arrived at the promised place in advance, playing some simple games while they waited.

After a while, the afternoon finally arrived.

“Oh my God…” one of the demi-humans said.

“Ama-… Amazing…” another said in awe.

From the southern side of the plain, as far as the eye could see, they saw a large number of carriages and people moving towards their location.

After confirming this in the last briefing, Georg had heard that between the two of them a number of no less than 1,700 demi-humans would be set free. But leading that many demi-humans certainly required a large amount of personnel, so probably 500 to 600 humans accompanied them as well.

[TR: it’s strange they say “no less”, but later it’s actually short…..]

Most of those humans were soldiers led by Raymond, but there were probably also employees of Ed. Normally, it would be better to hire mercenaries or adventurers and the like, but the lips of such people were very ‘light’. It’s said that their mouths are like a feather; all it takes to move them is a little wine, women, or gold.

The two agreed not to use mercenaries, as they considered that it would be troubling if their positions were ultimately jeopardized by loose lips. While Georg was considering such matters, the flood of people that had swelled to over 2,300 drew close enough for him to make out each of their faces.
Georg and Ferris got off a carriage loaded with the town’s surplus goldcrafts and waited for the group to approach. Georg’s eyes shined with excitement, while Ferris had an uneasy look on her face, greatly troubled by thoughts of what would come after today.
[TR: *pats Ferris*]

A horse-drawn carriage approached the siblings, whose opposing attitudes looked a bit amusing. When the carriage horse was frightened by Georg and would no longer get closer, two men got off and walked towards Georg.
“Would I be wrong in assuming you are Georg Stanford-sama?” a young man asked.

Of the two men who had arrived, one was in his mid-20s and the other man in his late 30s or early 40s.

“That’s right, I’m Georg. May I ask who you are?”

In response to Georg’s question, the two men straightened their posture.

“Excuse me. I work for the Goldberg trading Company, I am Welkin. I have been called here today as a representative of our president.”

“Likewise, I am Henry, and I have come to represent Raymond Cruewell Grefenberg, the Lord of Nidea. I’ve been entrusted with passing this message along to you: ‘I’m sorry that I cannot be there to meet you personally, today’.”

Georg thought that the two of them were probably retainers. He looked at them and nodded a couple of times.

“I see, I don’t mind. If both of them left the city now together, it would become difficult to hold back the church and other curious, prying eyes. More importantly…” [Georg]

After saying that much, Georg glanced at the crowd gathered behind him, then turned back to the two men.

“Sorry to cut to the chase, but let’s get to the topic at hand. Both of you tell me, how many demi-humans did you manage to gather?” Georg asked.

“Yes.” [Henry/Welkin]

Following Georg’s orders, the two men took a piece of paper from their respective coat pockets and began to read them.

Welkin went first. “Our Goldberg trading company has gathered 644 Beastmen, 63 Elves and 57 Dwarfs, for a total of 764 demi-humans. Here is a detailed breakdown.”

“The Lord has gathered 598 Beastmen, 75 Elves and 68 Dwarves, totaling 741 demi-humans. This is the breakdown,” Henry reported.

Both presented the number and the breakdown of the demi-humans collected, and handed Georg the documents with that data recorded. Georg gave a satisfied nod as he accepted the documents, and said to them:

“In total, 1,505 demi-humans, huh…That’s amazing. As we discussed, report to your bosses that I don’t mind doing what you please with the products I’ve handed over before.”

“Sir.” [Welkin]

“Yes.” [Henry]

“The additional cart here belongs to the Goldberg trading company, as promised. Although it was a close call, a bet is a bet. I’ll ask both of you not to cause any trouble in the future.” [Georg]

“I understand.” [Welkin]

“The Lord also would not use such ill-mannered behavior.” [Henry]

“I’d hope so. Anyway, the number of Beastmen alone exceeds 1,200, huh… Could it be that their value in this country will start increasing?” [Georg]

At those words, the two men gave a wry smile.

“Yes, after all, over 10% of the Beastmen population is said to be in this country.” [Welkin]

“Their supply will not exceed demand for a while.” [Henry]

Georg nodded at the two men again and gave a laugh as he spoke.

“I see, I see. That’s fine… Well, I will disappear from this country for a bit, as well. I probably won’t be able to make any flashy moves for a while.” [Georg]

“Yes, even now, the people in the church are reacting quite nervously about the sudden movement of demi-humans.” [Welkin]

“The nobles as well. In fact, even merchants and the common folk have been speaking about this migration of demi-humans. My Lord has been preoccupied with suppressing the news while covering his own tracks.” [Henry]

“Hehe, Ed and Raymond have had a hard time. I would like to repay them, but it looks like that will have to wait for a few years.” [Georg]

“Is there perhaps some grand project you are working on, Georg-sama?” [Welkin]

“Well, something like that… you’ll understand after a decade or two. Until then, I’d like the people here to stay completely silent on these matters.” [Georg]
[TR: This mean we’ll be seeing a Timeskip here soon, I wonder?]
[ED: *Narrator voice* And so, these two side characters were never heard from again.]

“Of course, we’ll not mention a word.” [Welkin]

“Everyone, consider this a matter of life or death and do not thoughtlessly make this public,” Henry ordered the servants of his side.

“I hope you’ll do so… Well, even if they learned I was gathering so many demi-humans, I don’t think there is anything anyone could do about it, but I’d still like as little trouble as possible. Can I count on you? ” [Georg]

“”Yes,Sir!”” [Henry/Welkin]

Georg continued to speak as the two bowed their heads deeply to show their acknowledgment.

“Now, I can hand over this carriage to the Goldberg Company.
…… though I would like the horse returned, is that possible?” [Georg]

“Yes, you brought it here after all.” [Welkin]

“It’s good to be prepared… But I’m glad. It was fairly hard to make the horse accustomed to me. I’d be a little disappointed if you took it away.” [Georg]

“That’s understandable,” Welkin said with a sympathetic tone, recalling how his own horse pulling the carriage had become frightened.

“Even horses understand if you put in some time and compassion. It would be a lie if I said that it wasn’t a lot of work, but this isn’t something that I’ll insist on. Well then, isn’t it about time I let your people return home? ” [Georg]

“Eh? But, are you going to be able to manage this many people on your own?… ” Henry asked apprehensively.

“Not a problem; it doesn’t matter if they run away since they probably don’t have anywhere to go, and I didn’t come here without considering it. Rather, it’s more difficult when there are humans around. It would be helpful if you withdrew as quickly as possible.” [Georg]

“……I …see.” [Henry]

“Henry-sama, the President mostly likely also said not to trouble yourself with this. Perhaps Georg-sama has a method we aren’t able to consider.” [Welkin]

“There you have it. As expected, Ed’s fast on the uptake.” [Georg]
“Since we’ve done business twice already, we have been told that it’s not necessary for us to needlessly interfere.” [Welkin]

“If you say so, then I shall lead the Soldiers back to town immediately.” [Henry]

“Stanford-sama, Grefenberg-sama said that ‘If we’re destined to work together from now on’, he wants you to please do as you see fit.” [Henry]

“Agreed. Please tell him I am the one who is grateful for all his hard work. Also, let him know that I will return this debt, though I don’t know when that will be.” [Georg]

“Yes, Sir!” [Henry]

“The President also said that he would like you to feel free to ask him for anything whenever you like.” [Welkin]

“Oh, not for a while, but…
…That’s right! if you hear any good gossip or rumors, have Ed collect it.” [Georg]

“I understand, I will pass on your message.” [Welkin]

“I see, let’s meet again someday. I pray that you’ll stay healthy until then. ” [Georg]

“Yes Georg-sama. Take care.” [Welkin]

“Please, by all means, visit the Lord when you find yourself in Nidea again. Know that you will be welcomed as an honored guest.” [Henry]
[TR: @A@ most of this chapter was just them talking!]

The men said farewell to each other. Georg watched as they departed.

With their numbers as large as they were, it took awhile, but eventually the humans disappeared from sight.

At that moment Georg let out a small relieved sigh, then looked up towards the sky and muttered,

“Well, the next few years will most likely be the busiest.”

The voice he used seemed a bit tired, but on his face was a brilliant smile.

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