Final Chapter: Reincarnated Prince and the Kingdom of Sorrow

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Final Chapter: Reincarnated Prince and the Kingdom of Sorrow

Today was the celebratory banquet in honor of Greisis Kingdom’s 7th Prince’s 5th birthday.

(There really is a 7-5-3 tradition here…..)

He and his father, the king, greeted the guests who arrived.
Incidentally, the greetings from the royal family just concluded. The queen, princes, and princess had somehow evolved to become even more beautiful than they were two years ago, and meeting them face-to-face again landed the same critical blow to Herscherik’s pride as last time, smashing it to dust.

(I’d thought that after being unable to win against them two years ago, I would finally be able to climb onto the same stage, but it really is impossible!)

It would be inevitable for any person’s feelings to turn sour at that.
He was still plain compared to his father and brothers. There were no flowers around him. Additionally, he had neither magical power nor motor reflexes. It might be because the basis of his comparison was wrong, but from other people’s perspective, he was acknowledged to be the disappointing prince.
Incidentally, while his other siblings participated in this banquet, it was customary for someone as young as him to be quickly returned to his room as soon as the greetings were over.

“Master Hersche.”

While the prince was lost in his thoughts, Kuro called out to him from behind. Herscherik’s gaze was led by Kuro’s line of sight and fell upon the person he wanted to see the most at the banquet.

“Father, I wish to excuse myself for a bit.”

Receiving his father’s permission, Herscherik went forward. Of course, with Kuro following a few steps back.

“Count Grimm, thank you for last year.”

The prince showed a carefree smile at the count who was cowering in the corner of the venue, wary of all the surrounding gazes.
The prince looked like he had a shining halo around him as he smiled, but the count trembled and retreated a few steps away. He had on a face drained of all hope, as if he just met the devil.

“Count, are you in bad health? Shall I have Schwartz bring you something?”

Herscherik looked up at Kuro. Now aware of Kuro’s presence, Count Grimm trembled even more, his complexion moving past pale into pure white.

“Count, you truly aren’t feeling well. I had asked about the situation from everyone on your land. Meria’s letter said that you’ve treated them so well. There may be troubles on your land in the future, so please do you best.”

The count nodded again and again like a doll to the smiling Herscherik. After a quick valediction, he hurried away from the venue.

“…..It looked like he was really unnerved until he heard me speak.”
“You had such a splendid smile on, Master Hersche. Count Grimm’s face looked like he’d just met the Gatekeepers at the Depths of the Earth.”
“Kuro, that’s definitely not a compliment.”

(Well, it’s not like he’s wrong. The count turned pure white when he saw Kuro’s face. He’d lost more hair compared to last time. And I don’t think I was just imagining that he’d thinned as well.)

Herscherik had saved Count Grimm two-fold—from both his crime and obesity. He thought that this was something worthy of praise.
He thought so, but was called by his father before he could voice his assessment, and returned to his seat.

And right before his eyes was a man, one who still had the same presence as two years ago: Minister Barbasse. Barbasse looked the same as last time and hadn’t gained any excess weight, unlike Count Grimm.

“It’s been a while, your Highness Herscherik. I’m glad to see you in good health.”
“Minister, you also haven’t changed.”

(Fatten then lose your hair, you damn geezer.)

Hiding his feelings, Herscherik responded with a smile. The business smile he’d cultivated in his past life still had uses here.

“I was informed not that long ago by Count Grimm that you had visited his land last year….Did something happen?”

The Minister resembled a raptor eyeing his prey as he looked at Herscherik, but the prince pretended he hadn’t noticed.

“Yes, I had some private business to attend there. But I was attacked by burglars in the middle of the night….Fortunately, my life was saved, thanks to the Imperial Guards and Count Grimm’s efforts. However, I feel guilty that some of the knights were sacrificed in order to protect me.”

Herscherik avoided the Minister’s eyes that were searching for a light by plastering on a sorrowful expression.
He really did feel bad for the knights, but he felt an even worse sense of guilty for using them like this.

“Is that so? But it is quite deplorable to know that there are such burglars in our country. I must take countermeasures against them immediately.”
“Yes, please do that!”

Herscherik’s sorrowful look turned into a relieved one.
But if the inside of his heart were to be spoken as words, it went without saying that he would let loose a storm of curses that would need to be censored.

“…..Hersche, aren’t you tired?”

After the minister left, Herscherik’s father asked, worried.
Rather than in being a question about fatigue, he seemed to be referring to something else. As such Herscherik finally showed a real smile.

“I’m fine! ……Father, if you’re tired, please tell me, alright?”

To relieve his father, Herscherik gripped his cold hand and continued to speak.

“While I’m still young and unreliable, as long as I’m next to you Father, I can handle it.”

The primary butlers standing behind the king and prince exchanged looks with each other at those words.
Luke nodded in approval and Kuro smiled proudly, but their voiceless conversation went unnoticed by Herscherik due to his position.

The mature words from his youngest prince made the king’s eyes open wide for a second, but he immediately smiled and nodded. He used his free hand to lovingly run it through his son’s blonde hair.

If this was an otome game and Herscherik was his past life’s self Ryouko, there was no doubt that this would be when the king would propose. Without a doubt, she would buy all his figurines and illustrations; this was the kind of smile Soleil had right now.

Herscherik released his father’s hand and surveyed the venue.

When he was three, this was where he found himself before a crossroads.

He gripped the outside of the pocket holding the old, beautiful silver pocket watch.

He had thought that he’d grown a bit within these two years.

(Count Luzeria….I’ll protect them. Everything you wanted to protect, I’ll do it.)


He would protect this great Greisis Kingdom, known as “The Kingdom of Sorrow” from the sneaky neighboring countries.

In his past life, Hayakawa Ryouko died at the age of 34.
In his new life, he had become the 7th and youngest prince of the Greisis Kingdom, Herscherik Greisis, now aged 5.

What awaited him in the future was by no means an easy path.
But, future historians would write that his existence to the country was but a faint light, like a strand of his blonde hair falling from the dark clouds shrouding the sky, but certainly a ray of hope.


Reincarnated Prince and the Kingdom of Sorrow (End)

Author’s notes: Thank you so much for sticking with me this far.
Truthfully, the plan for uploading this novel was going to take double the amount of time, but so many people have visited it, registered it as their favorite, rated it, and gave their impressions. While doing that may be something so simple, I’m delighted so let’s keep going strong until the end! Thank you for letting me get this pumped up.

For the time being, the volume “Kingdom of Sorrow” is complete, but I plan to return at any time to correct any typos and make revisions.
Currently, I am in the middle of working my butt off writing the next volume.
It may take some time, but I intend to give it my all so that everyone here can see the hard-working protagonist, his butler, and the other characters again.
Since I want to tie up loose ends, reveal princes who haven’t shown up yet, and make you speechless with things like the other country and the villains.

I hope to see you all again in the next volume!
Everyone who’s cheered me up till now and everyone who’s enjoyed it, thank you very much.

PS: I decided to accept impressions on completed works. Those who wish to write their impressions, I ask to first take a look at my page.

2014/1/26 Kusunoki Nobiru


Translator (Caelum): Guys, we did it! Volume 1 is completed! Just like the author mentioned, I want to thank you guys for tolerating with my slow pace and hope that you continue to stick with us for the volumes to come. All the comments and praises brought a huge grin to my face whenever I read them, so here’s my turn to bow my head in return.

Editor (SimoB): Guys, guys, guys =_= … real talk! How excited are you for the next volume? If you’re not CRAZY excited, then GET OUT!!! I’m joking, I’m joking! *grabs your legs* OAQ PLEASE DON’T LEAVE!!! Thank you so much for enjoying this volume of the story with us! Let’s find out together what happens next!!!! See you in the next chapter! \o/

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