Liu Yao Volume Ⅰ Chapter 10

Hello, mina-san! Nanming desu~!! It’s my first post here on blobT. I am here to bring you Chapter 10 of Liu Yao: The Revitalization of Fuyao Sect, a xianxia novel which also involes shounenai.

Hope you enjoy it!



… Wait, why is my announcement so short?

Ummmm, I suppose it’s because I am a little shy >.< But thanks to all these warm and kind blobs, I am having a good time here. Especially my editor, Alice, she is a very lovely and warm-hearted girl. She helps to make my translation smoother and gives many suggestions. I think I have learned a lot from her. *Heart*

It has been raining recently in my city, it’s soooo chilly. I just want to be sealed in my quilt with my smartphone… I think I can stay all day long in my bed with my smartphone and won’t get bored… \o/ *serious face*

… I really appreciate it if you read to the last. Enjoy this chapter!!!



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