Perfect Superstar Chapter 16

Greetings from DRZ and DSS!

We are a new translating team to Blob Translations and will be releasing chapters of Perfect Superstar on here. DRZ originally picked up the book and hosted it on her own website but the old chapters will be shifted (and edited) onto Blob Translations. We are incredibly honored to join the group and hope that all the readers will enjoy this book~!

DSS: I originally had the novel on my reading list on NU and all but forgot about the novel. Much to my delight, the novel resurfaced on my feed and I re-read the earlier chapters. Eager to help, I offered my services as a novice translator and editor to speed up the progress and here I am now. I originally began reading the book since I was craving modern, slice of life novels. I thoroughly enjoyed the concept of this story, and anticipate an amazing read.  I hope that I do this novel justice. A giant thank you to all the loyal fans that have supported the novel thus far and I hope that you all continue to support Perfect Superstar

Alright, enough said! Here’s the new chapter of the week! –> Chapter 16


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  1. Ventas · Nov 14, 2017

    Where's the chapter 1 - 9? I can't find them

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    • DRZ · Translator · Nov 14, 2017

      Hey hey~ We've yet to translate the chapters 1-9 but we're working on it! Just the recent chapters would be prioritized more~

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  2. HeadDerp · Nov 14, 2017

    Ahhhhh I actually really like this series. Thanks for translating it :)

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    • DRZ · Translator · Nov 15, 2017

      ME too! You're Welcome

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  3. Faye · Nov 14, 2017

    in case everyone is missing the link

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    • Blooming Frost · Nov 14, 2017

      Thanks for that! It has been edited in quick snap

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