Blob Translations Welcomes: Zero and DSS

Shrieks and screams
Gripping your heart
As your breath disappears

Eerie silence of death
Welcomes the braves
Who passed the border

Gatekeepers of hell
Hides in the shadows
Burning those who dare

The perfect duo of death and dark
United with their love of sparkly


Oops, I meant

Perfect Superstar

Blob Translations has done it again! I don’t know how we keep finding these translators but we’re welcoming another polyblobs (that’s translator in non-blob) to our team!

We’ll be debuting an idol duet unit, D&D. Not D&D as in Dungeons & Dragons, but DeathRZero (Zero) and DarkShadowScorch (DSS). The duo — proudly wearing the names of their chuuni period — are translating the wonderful one FL story of Lu Chen in his journey to be THE one.
But I can aleady tell you Zero and DSS are already my THE two


Well, please welcome with open arms (and open phones / laptops) Death, Dark, and the Perfect Superstar!

Start reading here!
P.S. the screams and shriek are definitely not kyaa kyaa or anything like that!

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  1. DarkShadowScorch · Translator · Nov 13, 2017

    Hello world, DSS here! Like the post said, I will be translating Perfect Superstar along with Zero. I hope that everyone enjoys the book as much as I do. Looking forward to a great project!

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    • Anonymous · Nov 13, 2017

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