Lord and Dragon Chapter 6

Yo yo yo it’s Shady Agent Psyx, in the house with chapter 6!   

Also, a round of applause please for our newest i̶d̶o̶l̶ ̶u̶n̶i̶t̶ translation pair Mingli! They’re translating another shounen ai novel, Liu Yao: The Revitalization of Fuyao Sect, so do check them out if you need more BL goodness~  

Oh, and Blob Transations is always open to anyone who wants to join as translator/translator-checker/editor/proofreader, so just pm us in NUF or send us a message if you’re interested!  

What I really like about this group is how warm and kind and funny the people here are — it’s like being in a family!~  There’s also the laid-back and chill aura (it was created just for fun afterall lol), and there’s no strict rules or super-high professional standards or anything. (Besides, I’m the type of editor who’s a wee bit too liberal with re-arranging phrases and adding in stuff to make it easier to read/understand, so…)

It’s totally cool and peachy if you’re new to the translation scene, so come join us~!  


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Agent Psyx o7

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