Liu Yao Volume 1 Chapter 20

Yoshii is out traveling for a few days, so nanming looked around the room, pointed at me, and said, “You, post it!”… Am I a delivery boy now?  Am I even qualified to be here? Well, if something accidentally breaks —  I didn’t do it.

Happy Valentines Day! If you’re like me, you’re having a swell time reading sappy romance stories while crying into a bucket of ice cream all alone– I-I mean, going out  and having a romantic, movie-worthy date with a 10/10 hottie. But, actually, isn’t February 14th a great night to spend inside? There’s no reason to see other people. It’s fine to just stay inside and relax, right? It’s fine to be alone, right? It’s fine to just read another chapter of Liu Yao while waiting for the BL to show up, right?!

(The answer is yes.)

Chapter 20

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Translator: nanming
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