MYBWLY Chapter 5: Crushing on the Mensao Man (5)

When looking for more pictures of hot chocolate and talking about it with Cloudy, I realised it really wasn’t that pretty when stared at for too long.  Too bad Chen Mo only drinks hot chocolate!

So I was like; ‘Let’s see if espresso are prettier!’. Lo and behold…I found something else instead! (No they weren’t any better in the looks department.)

Know your coffee

Now, I don’t really know my coffee but I can say one thing.

The long back sounds like one sad coffee.

I wonder when they will drink something more visually appealing. Image searching is harder than it looks. But here is today’s chapter!

What drinks look as good as they taste?

Translator: Blobber
Editor: Cloudy, Blooming Frost
Translation Checker: Blobber

Blooming Frost

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