Perfect Superstar Chapter 6

Hey guys!

Sorry for the late update again… I swear I’m not doing this on purpose… My brother went back to college today and I was distracted because of it. This chapter was just finished and no proofreading was done just yet. However, we will update the chapter as soon as it is done.

On a different note, we have a new guest proofreader that was actually a reader! Olivia will be helping proofread and bully me into editing faster. Please join me in welcoming her!

Chapter 6 

Translator: DSS, MZDriggle
Editor: DSS
Proofreader: Olivia

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  1. Nope · Jan 8, 2018

    I mean it's quite sad but you do know the novel's original publisher is Qidian, right?
    Or at least it is, if what NU says is true.
    It's just a really good novel, too good to be wasted by QI, which it definitely will, once the novel gains enough attention. They definitely will swoop in and pick up all your hard work and then continue ahead using their sub-par quality translations, giving like 20 chapters a week.

    Because the novel itself is really great. Once it gains more attention it will most likely be up there in the top 50s.

    I suggest you do something about it now.
    I'm not sure how though. Maybe you can contact Wuxiaworld or volarenovels?
    I don't suppose you'd want to transfer the novel to another site then maybe you can ask those sites how they got the licensing and stuff.

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  2. Leo · Jan 7, 2018

    Welcome, Olivia! Thanks so much for picking up Perfect Superstar!

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    • Olivia · Jan 10, 2018

      Thank you Leo

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  3. Anonymous · Jan 6, 2018

    Almost there, thanks for the effort.
    Welcome Olivia.

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    • Olivia · Jan 10, 2018

      Thank you <3

      I will intensify the bullying of DarkShadowScorch :3

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      • DarkShadowScorch · Translator · Jan 10, 2018


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        • Olivia · Jan 11, 2018

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