Herscherik Vol.1 Ch.6-2

I saw that everyone was worried about our little prince, but this chapter will reveal what happened. (੭ु ›ω‹ )੭ु⁾⁾♡ Hope you enjoy! Chapter 6: Smiling face, Grief, and Black Dog II Translator: Caelum Editor: Nightcache Proofreader: SimoB

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Herscherik Vol.1 Ch.6-1

Interesting fact from SimoB about “gaps” (if you don’t know what this is, I explained it in one of the footnotes):There’s this theory of psychology that people tend to like things that are generally the opposite of most of their lives. like a construction worker has a house filled with porcelain and frilly pillows, or

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Herscherik Vol.1 Ch.5-1

A couple of announcements to make: 1) I’ve changed all instances of “Earl of Luzeria” into “Count Luzeria”. I’ve recently been learning more about aristocracy and ranking, so I’ve corrected my mistakes. 2)I’m thinking of changing the release schedule again. Everyone’s busy, so “a release every other week” makes a return. I apologize for this,

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Herscherik Vol.1 Ch.4-2

School takes a lot out of a person…..Glad that I’m not in school anymore xD. But unfortunately, the rest of my team is plagued with studying for their tests. So let’s cheer them on! As for this chapter, we get introduced to a new character~ Hope you guys like him as much as I (and

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